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Heston Bloomenthal Bacon Sandwich

Brian Kennett

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Heston Bloomenthal Bacon Sandwich

Heathrow Terminal 2


Returning to Singapore after a brief trip home. Having stood squeezing every bit of liquid I had on me in to a clear plastic bag before boarding, taking off my belt, shoes, hair, trousers, bracelet, gold tooth etc. I was feeling a bit annoyed with this new place.

Yes this was my first time to the new Terminal 2 at Heathrow, and after all that queuing I am now feeling a tad peckish. Where to go, what to have – hmmm what’s that I spy. A Heston Bloomenthal restaurant in the bloody airport. Righto have to give that a go right. How could you not.

What he chucked out was actually pretty damn good.

Note though it is inspired, which possibly means he has never stepped foot here, but maybe acted as a consultant for the menu. But funny even the wifi password is nitrogen. Keeping it real in Heston stylee.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present you with the….

Heston Bloomenthal bacon sandwich!

Heston Bloomenthal bacon sandwich
Heston Bloomenthal inspired restaurant The Perfectionists Cafe at Heathrow Terminal 2

Heston Bloomenthal inspired restaurant, The Perfectionists Cafe at Heathrow Terminal 2 is banging out all day breakfast dishes as one of the specials. Yes peckish but not starving so lets have a look there. Oh yeah baby a bacon sandwich. But not just any bacon sandwich. It comes with black pudding and mayo and tomato sauce. Yeap bring me one of those my good lady and a large Budvar please. Now that is not a bad way to start a 13 hour flight. Thanks Heston, good inspiration my friend – that was a belter of a snack. I truly enjoyed that one.

Heston Bloomenthal bacon sandwich – Heathrow Terminal 2 – Enjoy!

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