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Glass Potato Crisps: incredible recipe for 2023


Glass Potato Crisps

Glass Potato Crisps: My little Sous Chef, Jude Jude, and I have been holding an idea for a week and today was the day to make that idea a reality. We had seen this concept of making see-through potato crisps and decided we would make our own version. It was decided and it was down today.

Potatoes were purchased. Potato starch was in the bag. And I roughly had the vaguest idea about what we should be doing with my Sous Chef to make this thing happen. How the bloody hell do you make potatoes see-through and seasoned and crispy? Read on. Read on for how to make Glass Potato Crisps.

To make a little ‘side-plate’ of Glass Potato Crisps you will need 1st to make your potato stock;

And then do this – follow the ‘story’ of Glass Potato Crisps;

  • Stab the spuds all over with a sharp knife;
  • Throw the spuds in a big pot on the hob;
  • Drizzle with Olive oil;
  • Give a good pinch of sea salt;
  • Cover the spuds with water – 1-2cm over the top of them;
  • Bring to a boil and then reduce to simmer for 30-40 minutes;
  • Strain the spuds – making sure to keep the ‘water’ in a saucepan as this is your potato stock;
  • Keep the spuds for some other dish – they have released their flavour and starch for you, so say thank you!
Glass Potato Crisps
In kicks, my Sous Chef is now for the next part of the cooking process of Glass Potato Crisps. I am so very proud of him today as making this is rather complex and a tad ‘scientific’ and he got right in there.
  • When the potato stock has cooled a little pop it back onto low heat;
  • Add in 8 or so Tbsp of potato starch whilst continually whisking – see the Sous Chef above on exactly how to do this;
  • After about 5-10 minutes this will start to thicken to a ‘glue-like’ consistency as below.
Glass Potato Crisps
Gloopy and glue-like. Perfect. Transfer this to squeezy bottles. I just used a big spoon and dripped it on in. It’s super sticky and gloopy. I am worried if this is going to work or not. It doesn’t look very glass-like at the moment, does it?
Glass Potato Crisps
I put some baking paper down in a roasting tray and gave a little squirt of Black Truffle Oil all over. One reason was to stop the Glass Potato Crisps from sticking, but also so it adds some flavour to the crisps when baking. Genius. Squeeze out crisp-shaped ‘shapes’. Not too thick and not too thin. I am hoping you can sort of see how thick the photo. These will dry out in the oven and become much much thinner (I think) so don’t go super-thin.
Glass Potato Crisps
OK, ignore my 1st batch practice regards the oven settings. That is despite Sous Chef Jude Jude showing off how they have actually become glass-like and crispy. I am so impressed actually with our 1st practice attempt. These bloody things are amazingly seasoned already, and then add that little flavour punch from the black truffle oil – it is killer. My Sous Chef could not stop snacking on 1st practice.
Glass Potato Crisps
So, to 2nd ‘production’ creation phase. Squeeze out your crisps as before on a baking sheet that has a squirt-covering of Black Truffle Oil. Pop this in your oven for 7-8 hours at 80 degrees in your oven. Yeap, my lesson learnt was low and slow not fast and high. I want to keep the crisp shape this time, whilst still keeping the glass-like see-through style. You can also shallow fry this and they puff up like prawn crackers, but they do lose the glass-like qualities.

And here comes some proof of the outcomes Glass Potato Crisps… AMAZING!!! I love what Jude Jude and I made today. We took a potato, and we made soup. We turned that soup into a gel. We baked that gel into a see-through glass-like potato crisp. Holy cow. We amazed ourselves today.

Glass Potato Crisps
My very happy, and super proud Sous Chef Jude Jude eating some of our production batch of crisps. These are awesome and he kept going back for more and more. We had seasoned it perfect right at the start as that boiling water cooking the potatoes is that very point of seasoning.
Glass Potato Crisps
Strawberry Blonde heard the crunching and could not resist either – incoming…
Glass Potato Crisps
Here is the herbed version. I squirted some potato gel down, then sprinkled some dried thyme, and then squirted more potato gel on top. That was to stop the herbs from burning when baking but still to keep that beautiful herby flavour. See, it is like glass. It’s amazing!!!
Glass Potato Crisps
And this is a ‘virgin’ version. One of mine and Sous Chef Jude Jude’s production batch of Ready Salted Glass Potatoe Crisps. How about that? A thing of beauty. So crunchy, much more than even Kettle Chips. And seasoned to perfection saltiness. It’s a ball-ache to make but bloody brilliant outcomes and such fun cooking with my Sous Chef. He was legendary!!!

Glass Potato Crisps were just incredible. My Sous Chef Jude Jude was equally incredible. I could not find potato starch in NTUC, he did. I could not find the baking paper at home, but he did. He added ingredients, stabbed potatoes, whisked and, and, and… Oh yeah, and he ate, ate, ate haha.

These are such a giggle, especially when you share them with your kids as they think they are some plastic or hopefully glass. But then you bite and they are super-crispy, amazingly seasoned potato crisps. Worth a go – ENJOY!!!

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