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Wee’s Collection and Their Unforgettable Offerings


Rekindling Childhood Fun: Exploring Kampong Games and Vintage Props

Wee's Collection

The Wee’s Collection is not a traditional museum in the conventional sense. It is an event management company based in Singapore that specializes in providing various services for events and gatherings. Their website,, showcases their offerings and highlights their expertise in event setups, heritage services, emcee services, backdrops, launch mechanisms, games, snacks, and more.

The company prides itself on its experienced and creative team, aiming to serve clients holistically and provide them with the best possible event experience. They offer a range of services for different occasions, including community events, weddings, birthdays, corporate gatherings, and thematic events. Their services encompass everything from sound systems, lighting, and decorations to talent hiring, emcee services, and even vintage props and kampong games.

Wee’s Collection emphasizes its heritage setups, offering a nostalgic touch with characters like Samsui Woman, Mata, Majie, and old-school snacks. Their commitment to preserving history and creating engaging experiences is evident in their mission to “keep a slice of the past for the future.” The company has been active since 2012 and has successfully organized numerous public and private events.

Wee's Collection  Museum

Visiting their website, you can explore their portfolio, which includes a gallery showcasing their past projects and clients. They have a dedicated team of bilingual emcees who are skilled in hosting events of various scales. Additionally, their production team handles the designing and printing of backdrops and banners, and they even provide launch mechanisms for rental or fabrication.

While Wee’s Collection may not be a traditional museum, their focus on heritage, community engagement, and preserving the past adds a unique and enriching dimension to their event services.

Wee’s Collection Museum Operation Hours

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Wee’s Collection Museum Address & Telephone

Address: 512 Changi Rd, Singapore 419913
Telephone: +65 9173 7915

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