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Wakuda Review – 2nd Tetsuya Wakuda MBS Restaurant


Tetsuya Wakuda - Wakuda MBS Review

About Wakuda MBS

Located in the iconic Marina Bay Sands, Wakuda is more than just a dining destination; it is an experience that embodies the culinary genius of one of the world’s best chefs, Tetsuya Wakuda. With an innovative and beautiful fusion of Japanese tradition and ingredients, Wakuda provides gastronomic delicacies that take diners on an unforgettable journey.

This luxury dining spot boasts a capacity of over 260 guests who are all the hands of the proficient Tetsuya Wakuda and his incredible team. Chef Tetsuya has earned accolades and critical acclaim, further contributing to its globally renown brand. Lavish interiors, carefully curated menus, and brilliant presentation create a symphony of elements that make you feel fortunate that you’re dining at Wakuda.

About Tetsuya Wakuda

Tetsuya Wakuda Wakuda Review - 2nd Tetsuya Wakuda MBS Restaurant
Tetsuya Wakuda c/o Marina Bay Sands website

Tetsuya Wakuda’s culinary journey is as remarkable as his renowned dishes. Born in Hamamatsu, Japan, he migrated to Sydney, Australia, in 1982, beginning his gastronomic saga. His deep appreciation for the freshest produce driven by a natural deftness in the kitchen led to his rise in the gustatory world. He made a name for himself with his fusion of French and Japanese techniques, mesmerizing food connoisseurs worldwide.

Adding a feather to his culinary cap, Wakuda debuted in the fine dining scene of Singapore in April 2022 with Wakuda MBS, a restaurant located in the opulent Marina Bay Sands. The restaurant reflects Wakuda’s philosophy of using the virgin essence of the ingredients to explore their versatile forms. The unique blend of Western and Asian influences that characterizes Wakuda’s approach to cooking is mirrored in the menu of Wakuda MBS, serving as an endearing tribute to its founder’s pioneering culinary vision.


  • Awarded two Michelin stars for Waku Ghin in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023
  • Awarded Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019 – No. 40
  • Forbes Travel Guide 2015 – 2021 (Five-Star Restaurant)
  • Meituan Dianping Most Popular Restaurant Award 2017
  • Received Lifetime Achievement Award – Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2015
  • Waku Ghin made the San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2012
  • Tetsuya’s was named Restaurant of the Year in Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide in 2008

The Decor of Wakuda MBS

Stepping into Tetsuya Wakuda’s famed restaurant in Marina Bay Sands unleashes a medley of aesthetics that instantly catches the eye. It masterfully demonstrates a blend of traditional Japanese minimalism with an added dash of contemporary sophistication. The dining space brims with an organic atmosphere, echoing the central theme of the globally recognized chef – a philosophy of maintaining the essence of ingredients in their natural form, a principle mirrored in the decor itself.

Intricate wooden installations are the predominant elements of design that lend a rusticity to the surroundings. Beyond merely being visually pleasurable, the touch of timber translates Tetsuya Wakuda’s homage to his Japanese roots. The gentle lighting combined with the grandeur of the Marina Bay Sands view elevates the ambiance to a sublime level, where every diner is enveloped in an authentic and intimate experience. This plays a significant role in transforming a meal at Wakuda MBS into a memorable sensory journey.

• The restaurant’s design is a fusion of traditional Japanese minimalism and contemporary sophistication, offering an organic atmosphere that reflects Chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s philosophy of maintaining the natural essence of ingredients.

• Intricate wooden installations are a key feature in the decor, adding a sense of rusticity to the surroundings. These not only serve as visual elements but also act as symbols representing Wakuda’s homage to his Japanese roots.

• The gentle lighting within the dining space enhances the ambiance, further accentuated by the stunning view of Marina Bay Sands. This combination creates an authentic and intimate experience for diners.

• Dining at Wakuda MBS isn’t just about enjoying exquisite food; it’s also about embarking on a memorable sensory journey. Every detail in its decor plays a significant role in transforming each meal into an unforgettable experience.

• The use of natural materials such as wood resonates with Chef Wakuda’s cooking philosophy – keeping things simple yet sophisticated, letting nature speak for itself without unnecessary adornment or alteration.

• Aesthetics aside, every element used in decorating this famed restaurant has been thoughtfully selected to reflect not just beauty but meaning too—each piece tells a story related to Japan’s culture or history or represents some aspect of Chef Wakuda’s personal culinary journey.

In conclusion:

Wakuda MBS stands out not only because of its exceptional menu but also due to its unique decor which masterfully blends traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern elegance. It offers diners more than just fine dining—it provides them with an immersive cultural and sensory experience that leaves lasting impressions long after they have left the premises.

The Food at Wakuda

The culinary adventure at Wakuda is one that intertwines traditional Japanese flavors with a contemporary twist. The Wakuda Menu is meticulously crafted by the revered chef Tetsuya Wakuda himself, offering a lavish spread that unravels the nuances of modern Japanese cuisine. It is a harmonic symphony of textures, tastes, and aesthetics, subtly showcasing the chef’s expertise and finesse with every bite.

The Wakuda menu is not one to shy away from seasonality and quality, thereby there’s a palpable freshness and innovation in each dish served. A variety of sushi and sashimi served on elegant tableware, aesthetically pleasing arrangements of tempura, and subtly nuanced kaiseki dishes are some of the highlights of the spread. The food at Wakuda is more than just about satiating the palate; it is about embracing and celebrating the artistically profound ethos of Japanese cuisine.

How much is the Wakuda Omakase?

The Wakuda omakase, a signature offering at the esteemed restaurant, is often the topic of conversations in culinary circles and frequently mentioned in Wakuda reviews. It refers to a complex and meticulously curated menu, a gastronomic journey, where the chef chooses each dish based on seasonality and the freshest ingredients at hand. This makes each visit to Wakuda a unique culinary adventure.

As a culinary experience of such high caliber, the Wakuda omakase naturally commands a premium price. The cost varies slightly depending on the ingredients of the season and the specific details of each plate, but usually ranges between SGD $600 to $800. This price, whilst steep, is generally regarded as a worthwhile investment by gastronomes from around the globe according to prevalent Wakuda reviews. Remember, with omakase, you aren’t just paying for the food, but also the creativity, experience and dedication that the chef brings to your table.

Is Wakuda a Michelin star?

When discussing the prestige and acclaim associated with Wakuda, it’s necessary to consider its standing amongst the stars – the Michelin stars, that is. Such an accolade is seen as the ultimate recognition in the culinary world, awarded for exceptional quality and consistency in cooking and presentation of dishes. As for Wakuda – it shines brightly in the distant Michelin constellation but remains but a dream at this point.

Undeniably, the proof is in the pudding, or rather, in the award-winning cuisine served in this gastronomic haven. Renowned chef Tetsuya Wakuda has been rewarded for his culinary mastery with not one, but two Michelin stars at Waku Ghin. This exceptional rating acknowledges the supreme craftsmanship and finest quality ingredients characteristic of Wakuda’s establishment. The pursuit of culinary excellence that drives the tireless Wakuda is both palpable and enjoyable in each meal served.

Looking back at Waku Ghin

How much is the lunch set at Wakuda?

The dining experience at Wakuda is an immersive culinary journey, with a range of sophisticated dishes, each crafted with precision. For budget-conscious gourmands, the lunch set serves as the perfect introduction to the masterful creations of Chef Tetsuya. Money-wise, the lunch set menu might be considered a lavish affair by typical standards, but in the context of the pure artistry and quality of food it proposes, it offers an impressive price-performance ratio. Prices do fluctuate, but the price generally hovers around SGD $100 – $150 per person, depicting nothing but a worthwhile indulgence.

Included in this price is an array of exquisite dishes that redefine modern Japanese cuisine. The lunch set is usually comprised of an appetizer, main course, and dessert, each plating demonstrates Tetsuya’s commitment to high-quality ingredients combined in a delectably innovative fashion. It’s an affordable way to treat oneself to the magic of Wakuda’s culinary prowess, yet keep in mind that it’s ideal to reserve in advance due to the restaurant’s high demand.

Which hotel is Wakuda in?

MBS Restaurants

Wakuda Singapore is situated in a destination that is as stunning and sophisticated as its culinary offerings – the iconic Marina Bay Sands. This luxury resort, known for its unique architecture and stunning views, hosts this celebrated restaurant. Its location within this resort promises a continuous flow of informed international food enthusiasts ready for an exclusive dining experience.

The trifecta of Marina Bay Sands’ architecture, entertainment, and gastronomy offerings makes it a hot spot for locals and tourists alike. Being located amid such a vibrant ambiance, Wakuda does not only serve its customers exceptional dishes but also offers them an experience that ties together exquisite culinary delight and the mesmerizing allure of the resort. Being in Marina Bay Sands ties Wakuda to a certain stature of luxury and grandeur resonating with the esteemed chef’s culinary reputation.

How much is Tetsuya’s degustation?

Entering the culinary world of Tetsuya’s is much like stepping into a fortune trove of gastronomic adventure. While the experience is unparalleled, the cost of the degustation menu can be a significant factor that potential diners need to consider. The price varies depending on the day and the specific menu selection, but diners can generally expect to pay around $210 – $250 per person for Tetsuya’s famed degustation. This may sound hefty, but given the caliber of the culinary experience and the use of premium ingredients, it is a justified cost for many food enthusiasts.

Further, an additional variable cost would be the wine pairing option. For those who wish to enhance their dining experience, opting for the paired wines is an excellent choice. Wine pairing at Tetsuya’s can range anywhere from $125 to $175 per person. The final price for the degustation depends on these factors and can fluctuate based on the particular season, the ingredients used, and the selection of wines presented to accompany the food. Despite the cost, Tetsuya’s degustation experience is viewed by many to be an investment in exquisite taste and culinary innovation.

What is Tetsuya’s degustation?

Tetsuya’s degustation is a specialty dining experience offered by Chef Tetsuya Wakuda at his restaurant. It consists of multiple courses, each designed to showcase a particular ingredient or cooking technique.

How much does Tetsuya’s degustation cost?

The price of Tetsuya’s degustation can vary based on season and availability of ingredients. Please contact the restaurant directly for the most current pricing.

What is the ambiance like at Wakuda MBS?

The decor at Wakuda MBS is a blend of modern and traditional Japanese aesthetics, providing a serene and elegant dining environment.

What type of food is served at Wakuda?

Wakuda serves Japanese cuisine, with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients and a creative blend of traditional and modern culinary techniques.

Can you explain the concept of Wakuda Omakase?

Omakase at Wakuda is a unique dining experience where the chef decides the menu based on the freshest ingredients available that day. The diner places their trust in the chef to present an array of exquisite dishes.

Does Wakuda hold a Michelin star?

No, Wakuda has not been awarded a Michelin star but Tetsuya Wakuda has 2 Michelin Stars for Waku Ghin.

How much does the lunch set at Wakuda cost?

The cost of the lunch set at Wakuda can vary, but starts at as low as $72++ per person but please contact the restaurant directly for the latest pricing information.

Where is Wakuda MBS located?

Wakuda is located within a luxury hotel called Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Does Tetsuya’s degustation require advance booking?

Yes, due to the popularity of Tetsuya’s degustation, it is recommended to book your dining experience well in advance.

Wakuda MBS Address & Telephone

Address: MBS Lobby, Hotel, Bayfront Ave, Tower 2, 018972

Telephone: +65 6688 8885


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