A strikingly designed interior by award-winning Rockwell Group adds another dimension to this full-sensory dining experience. Savour Chef Tetsuya’s innovative takes on Japanese classics created with the finest seasonal harvests from Australia, Europe, Japan and New Zealand.

A perfect harmony of art, cuisine and culture, the unrivalled talent and refinement of WAKUDA has introduced a new calibre in Japanese cuisine. WAKUDA is Chef Tetsuya’s second restaurant at Marina Bay Sands after his two Michelin-starred


Transcend into a world where time and culture collide, sparking an artfully modern take on Japanese cuisine. Welcome to WAKUDA, the global collaboration of two-Michelin-starred Chef Tetsuya Wakuda and award-winning restaurateur John Kunkel of 50 Eggs, where Japanese cuisine is redefined. With a bold and inventive menu, Chef Tetsuya skilfully translates Japanese flavours steeped in culinary tradition with new world tastes through Omakase, Izakaya and all realms of fine dining.


Lobby, Hotel Tower 2 Nearest carpark: Central (Orange zone)

Tue – Sun: 5pm – 12am (Closed on Mon)

+65 6688 9992

Wakuda Food Menu: Japanese Flavours and Traditions

Wakuda presents a diverse menu that marries the rich traditions of Japanese cuisine with contemporary culinary techniques. Each dish, meticulously crafted with fresh ingredients, invites diners on an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. From savory appetizers to indulgent mains, Wakuda’s offerings cater to a wide range of palates.

Appetizers to Start Your Meal
Flan (\$18): A savory egg custard paired with grilled Japanese white corn, offering a delicate balance of flavors.
Mixed Salad ($15): A vibrant combination of red onion dressed in a soy and honey vinaigrette, catering to vegetarian preferences.
Eggplant ($18): Roasted smoky eggplant adorned with dengaku miso, presenting a rich umami experience.
Shishito (\$21): Fried Japanese sweet chili, topped with grated bonito and chili salt, for a spicy kick.
Organic Chicken ($21): Marinated and fried to perfection, offering a crispy, flavorful bite.

Sushi and Sashimi Highlights
Spicy Tuna Tartare ($24): Marinated tuna tartare on toasted bread, combining heat with the freshness of the sea.
Big Eye Tuna ($28): A sophisticated offering of marinated loin of tuna on toasted bread, enhanced with wasabi and Avruga caviar.
Toro Swordfish Carpaccio ($28): Thinly sliced with spicy miso vinaigrette and Calabrian chili, melding heat with delicate seafood.

Maki and Temaki Selections
Spicy Soft Shell Crab ($16): A spicy sauce and shiso leaf wrap this crunchy delight.
Angel Prawn Tempura ($18): A crispy bite with kaiware, wasabi mayo, and a hint of chili.
WAKUDA Temaki ($88): A luxurious hand roll featuring uni, botan ebi, and caviar, showcasing the pinnacle of seafood luxury.

Noodles and Rice for Comfort
Vegetarian Udon ($28): A warm, comforting bowl filled with seasonal vegetables, perfect for a lighter meal.
WAKUDA Signature (\$128): Sautéed Canadian lobster served with fried egg, kale, chili, and quinoa, offering an opulent dining experience.

Nigiri for the Sushi Connoisseur
Chutoro ($18): Medium-fat tuna belly, offering a melt-in-your-mouth texture.
WAKUDA Sendai Craft A5 Wagyu (\$28): A nigiri piece that combines the richness of Wagyu with the simplicity of sushi.

Wakuda’s menu stands as a testament to the art of Japanese dining, blending traditional flavors with innovative presentations. Each dish, whether a simple appetizer or a luxurious main, is designed to provide a memorable dining experience, making Wakuda a must-visit for lovers of Japanese cuisine.

Wakuda MBS Address

Address: Lobby, Hotel, Bayfront Ave, Tower 2, 018972

Telephone: +65 6688 8885

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