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Jalapeno Citrus Butter Rib Eye


Jalapeno Citrus Butter Rib Eye

Remember the blog for the recipe for Jalapeno Citrus Butter? CLICK HERE to see that. If not, I previously showed you how you can make flavoured butter and pop that in a zip-lock bag in the freezer to use whenever you want at a later date. Today was that day for my Jalapeno Citrus Butter Rib Eye. The family needed feeding. I had defrosted a steak. A big bugger. I will now apologise in advance for the medium-well/well-done cooking of said thick steak, but I was driven to this by wifey; “it’s for the kids and they don’t like blood….” JESUS, seriously!!! The last time Jude and I shared a steak it was full-on medium-rare. Hey Ho. I did what I was asked to do – you just need to drop an hour from the cooking time to get medium-rare perfection. Read on through the medium of photos!!!
Jalapeno Citrus Butter
So here is that pre-made Jalapeno Citrus Butter, in a frozen form. I literally just snapped off a 1/3 of it for use on the big bad steak today.
Jalapeno Citrus Butter Rib Eye
I stabbed the steak all over with my tenderizer tool. You can use a fork or a small sharp paring knife or something to do the same. No oil is needed as this is reverse searing. Give this a bloody good going over with cracked black pepper and sea salt to make a crust all over. You can see this steak is 2″ or so thick so it can take the seasoning. I then laid that lump of still frozen Jalapeno Citrus Butter on top.
Jalapeno Citrus Butter Rib Eye
In the oven, she goes at 90 degrees for 3 hours for medium-well or 2 hours for medium-rare. That Jalapeno Citrus Butter is going to slowly melt into all those little stabby holes you made. OMG look at that already starting to happen after only 20 minutes or so. This is going to be soooooo good.
Jalapeno Citrus Butter Rib Eye
3 hours later she comes out looking like this. I instructed wifey to dry pan sear and baste with some additional frozen butter. How good does that hunk of beef look? Heavenly!!!
jalapeno citrus butter wagyu ribeye
And there she is folks. Way overdone for me. But still pink to pink with no sodding sous vide in sight. You could call this a perfect steak for your cooking doneness preference of medium-well if you like. A stunner in any book.

And that was that. I love this frozen flavoured butter concept. I’ll be trying a few more out and will absolutely experiment on different meats, fish and fowl to ratchet it up. This was 1st go to deliver Jalapeno Citrus Butter Rib Eye. Feedback from the gang was that it was superb. I didn’t even get a sniff of it as they consumed the lot in one sitting. I did have a wee try of the butter though so I get where they are coming from. That butter with the salt, a little heat and herb – yeah that rocks for me. Bring on the next recipe. Watch this space. But try this concept as I think it is bloody brilliant. Frozen packs of ‘jazz-up food butter’ in your freezer – ENJOY!!!

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