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Homemade Thai Sriracha Sauce

Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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Make your very own Thai Sriracha Sauce


If you want to burn your cat a new one, just feed it some of this. My mate down in Melbourne, Craig, got me into this. I had just bought some from Cold Storage and thought this sauce a rather nice accompaniment for steaks, pork, fish and the like. It is a BELTER actually. Craig sent me some. snaps of his DIY version, but due to lockdown, the house-quarantine version after the Philippines, I could not get the raw ingredients. But I did manage to get them. I did manage to make it. I did manage to make my very own version too. So I did get to make Homemade Thai Sriracha Sauce for ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #25.

A little bit of Daddy-pedia 1st though. What on earth is Sriracha Sauce in the 1st place? The origin and history of sriracha are debated. I. love this stuff. This is like Pho and the ongoing fight between France and Vietnam for the origins. One report has it that the sauce was first produced by a Thai woman named Thanom Chakkapak in the town of Sri Racha, but according to The Si Racha Lovers’ Association (yes there is such a thing), the sauce was first made in Si Racha by Burmese sawmill workers. The Burmese workers came to the shop to buy chillies, salt, vinegar, and sugar to pound in a mortar to make their sauce.

Another report has it that the sauce originated in Sri Racha in the early 1930s by Madam La Orr Suwanprasop. La Orr was born and raised in Sri Racha. Upon getting married she and her husband moved to Bangkok where she would continually make batches of the famous chilli sauce for her friends. Her friends would encourage her to make the sauce for sale which ultimately motivated her to start her sriracha sauce business. After discussion with a monk, La Orr was given the blessing to start the sriracha chilli sauce business (double loving this version…).

La Orr and her family eventually entered their sauce into annual competitions where she was awarded several gold medals which is why their Sriracha sauce is named the Gold Medal Brand. I kid you not. Night, night children, bedtime story over. WOW, I love food history.

GET TO THE RECIPE I hear you shouting. It is seriously easy after all the hype above. I completely cocked mine up compared to how to do the recipe shared by Meister Rossetti. I also changed ingredients. So this is MY version of Homemade Thai Sriracha Sauce, keeping it real and keeping it Asian folks haha!!!

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Homemade Thai Sriracha Sauce. I’ll say it again if you want to burn your cat or dog a new one, feed them this. Ha Ha. Now you could beef this up and add birds eye or chilli padi. That would be awesome. I will also add some of my dried chillis to the next batch to make it smoky and dark in colour. Oh, the fun you can have to make your own chilli sauces…
ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #25
Here is where I deviate. No, not deviant, that is only on special weekends. I wanted to make this a mixed Asia experience so I used white vinegar from the Philippines. I am pretty certain you can pick this up from most supermarkets now. It’s the classic vinegar used in Native Sauce, the amazing Datu Puti as showed off by Sous Chef Jude.
ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #25
I also veered off-piste from using brown sugar and caster sugar and went for a combined sugar weight with just Gula Melaka, which I bought on our recent trip to Melaka. This has a molasses flavour and is going. to be KICKER in this Sriracha. More intense flavours methinks. Again, folks, you can get this in your supermarkets now, you don’t need to go to Melaka.

To make a monster batch like below, that will last months in your fridge get this and do that;

  • 600g of Jalapeno (my 1st attempt – next time a variety of chillies will be used) Peppers – simply de-stalk and rough chop
  • 10 garlic cloves – peeled and crushed
  • 6 Tsp sea salt (I like mine salty)
  • 6 Tbsp of Datu Puti vinegar (I like mine a little more on sour side)
  • 150g of Gula Melaka – I just shaved this off with a knife to help it dissolve in the liquids

Do that – funnily enough, this is where I messed up following Meister Rossetti’s recipe, up as you are supposed to do separate fermenting with different ingredient batches – I didn’t and it still came out cracking – so here is MY way haha;

  1. Put all ingredients into a bowl and blitz completely with a hand-blender
  2. Pour into an air-tight container and pop in the fridge to ferment for three days
  3. Every day take her out of the fridge and lift off the lid to refresh the air – you’ll smell the fermenting after day one, it’s pokey
  4. After day three take her out and give it another monumental blitz to get to a smooth sauce (you could strain I suppose but where’s the rugged street food then?)
  5. Pop that in an airtight container and consume three times a day, every day, with food – so says Dr Kennett
  6. You can mix it too. See the little bowl below – that is with some Japanese mayo. It took the heat edge off so the kids could eat some with their food
ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #25
And here she is finished. The very best Sriracha Sauce is YOURS. Your version to your taste or a messed up ‘recipe follow’ and ‘off-piste’ ingredients like mine. This is like Thai seasoning. It will go with anything and everything.

So finally I followed Meister Rossetti to create this amazing tub of spicy goodness. So far I have used to to make Sriracha Mayo, and it has gone with roast pork belly and steamed octopus. Or just spoon-feed yourself the stuff. It is AMAZE-BALLS. Thanks to Craig for pushing me haha. ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #25 is a class recipe and one that will last you for the rest of your Circuit Breaker in Singapore. MAKE THIS. YOU WILL LOVE IT. At least you get off your backside to the shops and into the kitchen.


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