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Best Brekkie from The Cheese Shop 2023


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Travelling Foodie Extraordinaire

Brekkie from The Cheese Shop, just the best for 2023

So the kids were treated like Royalty again this morning for brekkie. A brekkie that came courtesy of our BFFs at The Cheese Shop on Joo Chiat. I had a little delivery yesterday which inspired me to pull the brekkie tother for them this morning. That inspiration initially came from seeing crumpets on the online delivery portal. My kids have never eaten crumpets. I am such a terrible English parent. Today I will rectify that shortcoming from their foodie lives with Brekkie from The Cheese Shop.

The Cheese Shop Singapore Brekkie on a Platter

I’d take that any day of the week at a fancy hotel for breakfast. Simple but so good-looking. Let’s get stuck in The Cheese Shop brekkie platter…

Nothing for me to do apart from plating. So what did I plate?

Brekkie from The Cheese Shop

  • English Crumpets ‘w’ the incredible French Janier raw cream salted butter
  • Burrata – so stunningly creamy. I did a wee sprinkle of some cracked black pepper
  • Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar with Truffle – holy moly, a stunner of a cheese
  • All nicely paired ‘w’ Bloody Mary Salsa (soooo good!!!)

And that was all I had to do for brekkie this morning from The Cheese Shop. Toast some crumpets, cut some cheese, and spoon some salsa. So easy and so absolutely delicious. Incredible in fact. Great work from our BFFs at The Cheese Shop. You made my job easy today. This was Brekkie from The Cheese Shop – ENJOY!!!


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The Cheese Shop Singapore

The Cheese Shop Singapore is a specialized store that offers reasonably priced, high-quality cheeses and other natural foods. It is a retail and online store with physical sites in the east and west of Singapore that specializes in fine cheeses, wines, and food.

The Cheese Shop Singapore Address

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