Kontiki Restaurant, Passion Wave @ Marina Bay


Kontiki Restaurant, Passion Wave @ Marina Bay

Mates who are still down Tanjong Katong Road, have told me about Kontiki Restaurant, Passion Wave @ Marina Bay. Today we get the chance to experience it ourselves. It was all Mary’s idea. We’d had a wonderful day at Satay by the Bay, and the kid’s waterpark there. Where to go for dinner though?

“How about a walk over the barrage, and have dinner at that place they built after we moved?” said my Mary. Which, of course, is exactly what we did do. We found Kontiki Restaurant, Passion Wave @ Marina Bay right next to our old condo. Why couldn’t they have built this place when we still lived there?

We ate like Kings and Queens for dinner this evening. It is such a great restaurant;

– The staff were just incredible – so friendly and attentive;

– Chef even stops you if you pop to the loo to ask how the food was;

– The decor is quirky, which I love. With guitar seats, anvil tables, deck-chair tables, driftwood statues etc. You have to see it;

– Pricing was not that bad. It certainly was not cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive;

– To the food. The food. Guys, you have to take a walk, as we did, or get a taxi here. The food is exceptionally good. It is fresh. It is perfectly cooked. A few additions you can add on just knock it out of the park for me. What a top restaurant on Upper East Coast.

I’d book as it get bloody busy folks; service@kontiki.sg or +65 6268 5225

They are located @ Passion Wave @ Marina Bay, 11 Rhu Cross, #01-02.

Go get ’em, I know you will not be disappointed. What did we eat today.

Kontiki Restaurant, Passion Wave @ Marina Bay
Amy’s mac ‘n’ cheese. I had a little taste of this and yep it was mac ‘n’ cheese but like an adult version of. Seriously cheesy and so flipping creamy. #1 performed well.
Kontiki Restaurant, Passion Wave @ Marina Bay
Be still my aching heart. If you come here, please make sure you order this. OMG this is the ‘Love-Eat Beef Short Ribs’. We added bone marrow too, as you can see. This is USA beef short ribs, cooked slow with the bone on, and served with a brown sauce. Holy cow, you just touch the meat and it falls apart. This has become an all-time favourite – what a dish! Great work guys, this is a CRACKER!
Kontiki Restaurant, Passion Wave @ Marina Bay
Oh good Lordy, check this out! Flame Grilled Thick Pork Chop. And that it was. USA bone-in pork with a fantastic, lightly spicy BBQ sauce, with Yukon mashed potato, and grilled vegetables. Yet another absolute cracker from this restaurant. Way to go Yukon. Oh yes, and we added bone marrow to this dish too. Sprinkle a little sea salt, and some of the gravy with the bone marrow, and heaven, I’m in heaven…
Kontiki Restaurant, Passion Wave @ Marina Bay
Here’s the gang, just after the rains had stopped, eagerly awaiting the food! It’s really nice here, check out the work-bench and anvil style tables, and then wait until you go inside, it’s insane.
Kontiki Restaurant, Passion Wave @ Marina Bay
This place really has the funkiest furniture and sculptures, like this horse made from driftwood in the garden. I should have taken more photos.
Kontiki Restaurant, Passion Wave @ Marina Bay
Old fashioned Pecan Pie was my choice of dessert. I am so glad I chose it. Sweet and savoury all in one little bundle. As you know I am not really a dessert guy, but this one may ‘convert’ me. Bloody good pie guys!
Kontiki Restaurant, Passion Wave @ Marina Bay
Mary goes for the chocolate lava cake. This was intense. You just know this is 90%+ cocoa content chocolate. An amazing balance of bittersweet that hit you all up and down your tongue as you demolish this. Bloody good Kontiki.

And then my Baby Jude decides he is going to try and outdo the Chef (sorry Chef, I think he might have had you with this dish), but creating his own dish at dessert. He has not named it yet, but it is basically cold chips, with a vanilla ice cream and tomato sauce marinade. Truly inspiring Baby Jude. Who’d have thought of that amazing match made in heaven Kontiki Restaurant, Passion Wave @ Marina Bay, watch out you have some competition, it seems. Watch him below.

There it is folks our amazing dinner at Kontiki Restaurant, Passion Wave @ Marina Bay. All for the sum of $161, for four of us. We had 1 starter, 3 mains, 2 desserts, 2 lagers, and 1 cider. I think that is damned good pricing, especially when you look at what was served up. Amazing. We’ll be back. You should absolutely go, and if you do – ENJOY!!!

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