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β˜• Kenangan Coffee Jewel: Brewing Memories, One Cup at a Time! 🌟


Kenangan Coffee Jewel Changi Airport

Welcome to the newest coffee haven at Jewel Changi Airport – Kenangan Coffee, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the excitement of new beginnings. As the first new retail F&B unicorn in Southeast Asia, Kenangan Coffee brings the rich legacy of Kopi Kenangan, one of Indonesia’s fastest-growing grab-and-go coffee chains.

Kenangan Coffee Drinks Menu

Kenangan Coffee Drinks Menu β˜• Kenangan Coffee Jewel: Brewing Memories, One Cup at a Time! 🌟

From Top Left to Bottom Right as per below

  • Kenangan Latte – A harmonious blend of Indonesian coffee beans, luscious gula aren, and our signature milk, creating the memorable sip
  • Creamy Latte – Creamy milk and bold espresso perform a perfect duet, leaving your taste buds in awe. Prepare to be charmed by its smooth and irresistible symphony of flavors.
  • Pour Over Black – The richness of Bumi Flores beans extracted with Pure Brew technology
  • Salted Caramel Macchiato – Rich caramel and a hint of salt meet Indonesian espresso. Elevate your coffee experience and dive into the irresistible allure of this sweet and salty sensation.
  • Mocha – The bittersweet goodness of our Indonesian Espresso meets decadent chocolate, all crowned with a luscious cold foam topping and a tantalizing chocolate drizzle.
  • Ice Blended Mocha Chips – A nice blend of coffee, chocolate, and choco chips in a cool and creamy delight. Indulge in the perfect balance of sweetness and boldness that will keep you energized and smiling all day long.
  • Ice Blended Kenangan Latte – A harmonious blend of espresso, signature milk, and the sweetness of gula aren, blended into the icy delight that will transport you to coffee bliss with every sip.
  • Ice Blended Signature Double Chocolate – Cocoa and ice unite in a freezing dance of decadence. Brace yourself for a double dose of chocolate bliss that keeps you cool and craving for more.

🌍 From Jakarta to the World: What began as a small kiosk in Jakarta in 2017 has transformed into a global coffee phenomenon. Kopi Kenangan’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, with a mission to share their passion for Indonesian coffee with the world. In 2018, 26 stores graced Indonesia, growing to a remarkable 579 stores by 2021, earning them the prestigious title of the first F&B Unicorn in Southeast Asia.

πŸ† Award-Winning Excellence: Recognized as the Brand of the Year at the 2020-2022 World Branding Awards, Kopi Kenangan’s commitment to quality and excellence has garnered international acclaim. With more than 800 stores in Indonesia and the launch of their first 5 stores in Malaysia in 2022, Kopi Kenangan has become a symbol of exceptional coffee experiences.

β˜• The Journey of Kenangan’s Coffee Beans: A Tale of Passion and Excellence

In the realms of Kenangan Coffee, the odyssey of coffee beans unfolds as a tale woven with passion, expertise, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. Grounded in the fundamental belief that true dedication transcends the ordinary, every facet of the coffee-making process, from bean sourcing to the final drop, resonates with an unwavering commitment to going above and beyond.

Kenangan Coffee takes immense pride in establishing direct connections with coffee farmers across Java, Sumatra, and various regions in Indonesia. More than a mere transaction, this is a journey of building relationships and delving into the intricate nuances of each locale’s coffee profile. Long before the beans grace the doors of the roastery, a meticulous tasting process unfolds, ensuring that only the most exceptional beans make it to the threshold.

The pursuit of excellence does not conclude with the sourcing phase. Ever-attuned to the quest for perfection, Kenangan Coffee contemplates ways to enhance even the minutest details, pushing the boundaries of quality, and seeking that 0.1% improvement in the Probat P60’s consistencyβ€”a testament to the brand’s unswerving dedication.

At the core of Kenangan Coffee‘s operations lies a dedication to exploration and innovation. Employing the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle and Mythos One, two espresso machines celebrated for their precision, the brand transforms the simple alchemy of water and coffee into an extraordinary symphony of flavors. It’s not just brewing; it’s a celebration of taste and a pursuit of crafting memories in every drop.

In the ethos of Kenangan, the notion prevails that quality coffee should be a constant companion, accessible to everyone, everywhere. Whether enjoyed within the cozy confines of the cafes, on the move, or in the quiet interludes of one’s day, every drop of Kenangan Coffee bears witness to the brand’s expertise and love for the craft. Each sip encapsulates the essence of dedication, with coffee not just served from hands but from the heart, leaving an indelible mark on every soul. This isn’t merely a coffee journey; it’s a symphony of passion, turning every sip into a cherished memory. β˜•πŸŒŸ

Other Kenangan Coffee Singapore Outlets

Now Brewing in Singapore: Kenangan Coffee has made its mark in the Lion City, with outlets at Raffles City Level B1-K10, Takashimaya Shopping Centre B2-31 and Changi Airport Terminal 2 Departure Hall #02-12. And now, the coffee sensation continues with the grand opening of their fourth outlet at the iconic Jewel Changi Airport.

Outlet NameLocationContact Number
Kenangan Coffee T2Changi Airport T2, Departure Hall, #02-12 North Lot
Kenangan Coffee Raffles City252 North Bridge Rd, B1-K10, B1 Raffles city shopping centre+658892 5477
Kenangan Coffee Takashimaya Shopping Centre391 Orchard Rd, B2-31 Takashimaya S.C., Ngee Ann City+65 8768 6929

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό In the Words of our Founder, Edward Tirtanata: β€œCoffee is deeply ingrained in everyone’s daily life, and our coffee will be there to accompany your daily activity. Whereas ‘Kenangan’ stands for ‘memories,’ that’s why one of our mottos is β€˜Let’s make good memories together.’”

At Kenangan Coffee, every cup is a journey, every sip is a memory, and every visit is an invitation to make good memories together. Join us at Jewel Changi Airport, where the legacy of Indonesian coffee meets the vibrancy of Singapore’s culinary scene. β˜•

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