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Sky High Hawker @ Ce La Vi 2020


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Sky High Hawker @ Ce La Vi 2020


You remember we did the Sky High Gourmet Fiesta with our mates from Salted & Hung & Burnt Ends. Well, the concept was back this weekend and just so happened to coincide with National Day and Singapore’s 55th Birthday.

This time it is to celebrate the Singaporean hawker scene (do check out our Hawker Review page for more of this type of food). It’s a must. They were only doing 1.5-hour sittings though, that it is so hawker-style – whereas we, the Family Kennett, graze and take a bloody long time doing it. So how about we book the latest gig available on Sunday and stay for fireworks – now that is a great idea. So became;

Family fun, amazing food, incredible views, great tunes and vibe, cool wafting breezes, sunsets, a countries birthday and fireworks from above. A special night? You bet your bottom dollar it was. It was amazing. Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Ce La Vi for a super experience. Thanks to the hard-working hawkers for continuing to feed Singapore some of the best food on the planet, and Happy 55th Birthday Singapore.

Let’s have a look, shall we?


We then sit and appreciate the views from the most amazing seating vantage point. We find out that they have moved where the fireworks are being let off from this year to make it easier for people to see them despite COVID crowd bans. Basically from the beach is that viewing point for 2020.

Believe me, there were hundreds of cars backed up trying to get into the car parks along East Coast Park. They should have come here. Just to say again thank you to our un-named Maitre d who sorted these seats out for us through some FB Messenger & WhatsApp chats when I booked. The best seats ever as you will see from the fireworks on YouTube later. We were almost directly above them which was just the best view ever.

But first, let’s grab some drinks and then get some entertainment from the Ce La Vi guest magician. He looks very much like Jude Jude…


Now let’s get some family snaps of us all sitting in the beautiful setting sun, taking in the stunning views from way up on high. Cool breezes and chillout tunes wafting around us. What a great start to a great night. Thanks, Cel La Vi – this was a cracker!!!

Sky High Hawker @ Ce La Vi 2020

Sky High Hawker @ Ce La Vi 2020
As that sun goes down it is blinding, but not for long. Just turn around guys and soak them views up… There’s our old condo at Costa Rhu, home for something like 6 years in Singapore when we 1st moved here. Great memories from up on high today some very sad though. #1 having the time of his life as he goes back to NS camp on Tuesday haha!!!
Sky High Hawker @ Ce La Vi 2020
Yes, I was actually there. My gorgeous wifey and I with our East Coast home for a background and a golf course that I might just be playing on Wednesday night with Lukester & Knibbsy… Whoop Whoop!!! Beautiful wife and beautiful views, and a fat beardy bloke…
Sky High Hawker @ Ce La Vi 2020
Jude Jude & Strawberry Blonde just soaking it all in… Lucky kids indeed!!!
Sky High Hawker @ Ce La Vi 2020
Wifey & Jude Jude just loving it, as we all are. Let’s get some food going, family…
Sky High Hawker @ Ce La Vi 2020
See even Jude Jude has turned Zombie on us because he is so flipping hungry. OK views over for a second, let’s get our BFF server over and get some grazing action happening…

Now to the food. Sorry to say the lights on our umbrella were not working so the latter few dishes were just too dark to really get a good snap. I tried though. Here we go. Our grazing experience at this wonderful event. A little different to the gourmet event as you ordered everything through your serving staff. I suppose again to stop any chance of COVID’ness. All good. We ordered a tonne of food to get a variety – come on you know us by now. We went LARGE!!! Here come the food folks.

First up though let’s introduce you to the fare we had on offer today, as each is different for the 4 days the event is happening. Our lucky lotto today was;

  • 2am: dessertbar (Janice Wong),
  • Miss Vanda by Labyrinth (LG Han),
  • Kek Seafood (Wayne Liew),
  • 51 Noodle House (Darren Teo & Chef Henry Yap),
  • Ratu Lemper (Carol Widjaya),
  • Bao by CÉ LA VI (Joey Sergentakis)
Miss Vanda by Labyrinth
1st up were these beauties – Miss Vanda by Labyrinth, Chef LG Han pull these amazing boneless crispy Har Cheong ‘w’ sambal belacan. Bloody brilliant. Love the no fuss with no bones, just genius. Super-crispy and so moist inside. Winner!!! You would expect so though, as I hear Labyrinth is a one Michelin Star restaurant.
51 Noodle House
Up next from 51 Noodle House by Darren Teo & Henry Yap was this beauty of a noodle dish. Bring on some Iberico braised pork roulade, a wee quail egg and then the noodles tossed in their signature Shoyu-laced sauce. Sadly for me, this was well up there on the fishiness scale so I could not partake but Wifey loved it so this became her personal property haha. She loved it. Stunner of a plating too.
Hainanese Sweet & Sour Kurobuta Tonkatsu Don
#1 gets stuck into Hainanese Sweet & Sour Kurobuta Tonkatsu Don. Word on the street from #1 was super pork quality with crunchy breading and a very flavourful sweet and sour sauce. Texture & flavour explosions all over apparently. Good work by Miss Vanda again.
Black Angus Bao Ce La Vi
Now, this was a belter. We had three of these bad boys. Joseph Sergentakis of Bao Ce La Vi is surely rocking. Check out two more dishes following from his station later. This is the Black Angus Beef. Off-the-charts good. Perfect cook to medium, more juice than you wave a stick at, seasoned to perfection and then some pickled chilis, coarse cheese, even a little bacon. It was INSANELY good. Great work. Loved this East-West fusion – and the Bao for the bun is just inspirational!!!
Ce La Vie MBS - Padang and Fullerton
The sun really is setting now over the Padang and Fullerton, and slowly Singapore goes to sleep – AKA dark enough for the fireworks – sadly not a human in sight like normal years for National Day. This COVID is relentless.
Sky High Hawker @ Ce La Vi 2020
Here is the 2nd offering we took from Chef Sergentakis of Bao Ce La Vi. How could we not? Plainly called Truffle Wagyu Sukiyaki. It really is an underplay to the quality of this wee little bao version of a burger. Shabu Shabu cuts of Wagyu, cooked Sukiyaki style in sauces normally that you’d do table-side but he has transferred it to a Bao and made it a hand-held dish. Dripping with sauce and topped with some crunch from the radish. This is a belter. We ended up with three of these as well. It’s an absolute cracker believe me.
Sky High Hawker @ Ce La Vi 2020
Strawberry Blonde chilling and eagerly awaiting the start of the pyromania-section of the evening…
Sky High at Ce La Vi
The final one I could take a decent picture of tonight with #1 standing behind me with his iPhone light on due to our faulty umbrella lighting. This is #3 from Chef Sergentakis of Bao Ce La Vi. Strawberry Blonde could not resist after her recent Golden Beach experience in Siglap. This is the Salted Egg Prawn Bao. She is not a spice lover so left the boa due to the sauce but got stuck into the prawns – almost tempura-esque but sith that salted egg in there to embellish the prawn. Bloody brilliant!!!


What a cracking night. A dinner with such variety. Variety of the view, of the food, and of the music. And top it all off with the fireworks. What an end to such a unique and perfect family dinner. I just wish we could have Jimmers and Jhea with us. That would have been double perfect. Sky High Hawker @ Ce La Vi 2020 was just a top night, an absolutely top of the world night. The themed events that Ce La Vi organise truly are unique. You absolutely must try one. In fact this very day we saw our mates The Campbell’s – kindred spirits. All I can say in closing is, we really did absolutely wholeheartedly



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