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Black Pudding with Coarse Cheese and Horseradish: Best Recipe 2023


Black Pudding with Coarse Cheese and Horseradish: a rather good recipe, it has to be said

Black Pudding with Coarse Cheese and Horseradish
I think that looks pretty damned good! I’d order that if I saw someone next to me have it served up. And it was so tasty! Woof!

I just got back from The Philippines for a conference. As usual awful food on the plane, so a little peckish What can I eat? A quick rummage in my food fridge, and I spot the stuff I bought last week at The Cheese Shop @ Joo Chiat. And what did I create, well I created Black Pudding with Coarse Cheese and Horseradish.

All items were bought from his joint. I am so happy now, knowing that this is going to taste so good. I’m loving the thought of this dish, Black Pudding with Coarse Cheese and Horseradish. But what went into this one plate wonder?

  • 4 slices of black pudding (I’ll just add, a must-have in anyone’s fridge) – keep the skin on;
  • A good 5″ chunk of Boern Trots cheese (probably one of the best cheeses I have ever had);
  • A good dollop of horseradish; and
  • Some smoked paprika.

How to make it?

  • In a pan add some oil and throw in the black pudding;
  • The reason for keeping the skin on is that it will keep the pudding together as it fries;
  • Leave for a couple of minutes, and you’ll see it should have crisped and slightly shrunk. Turn it over and repeat on the other side;
  • Now peel the skin off carefully;
  • In parallel, cube the cheese up and get that in a pan on the heat – yep it’s mini fondue time. Lowish heat and watch it melt.

That is it my friends. Plating time for Black Pudding with Coarse Cheese and Horseradish. Lay the puddings on top of each other, like in the photo. Spoon over the melted cheese. Dollop some horseradish, and do the Chef thing with the back of a spoon to make it look nice. From up high, sprinkle all over with some smoked paprika. Ta Da finished. How good does that look?

So there it is guys a new wee recipe for you to try out. My Black Pudding with Coarse Cheese and Horseradish. Many thanks as always to the produce from The Cheese Shop, Joo Chiat, truly inspiring as always. This was stellar. What a great combination of ingredients. And also so very simple, I think you’ll agree. And it looks great! Everyone got into this when I cooked it, even Baby Jude was giving thumbs up and came back for seconds and thirds. Such a nice dish. Try it. I guarantee you will – ENJOY!!!

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