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Uncle Johns Makan Place Changi City Point


Coming Soon to Changi City Point!

Uncle Johns Makan Place Changi City Point

Exciting news for food lovers in Singapore! Uncle Johns Makan Place, a brand new food hall concept, is set to open its doors at Changi City Point. This culinary destination promises to bring together a diverse array of beloved local and regional dishes under one roof, offering diners a tantalizing taste of Southeast Asian flavors.

Among the highlights of Uncle Johns Makan Place are six carefully curated food outlets, each specializing in a different cuisine:

  • Tangkak Beef Brisket Noodle by Tangkak Beef Noodle: Savor the rich, hearty flavors of this Malaysian favorite, featuring tender beef brisket in a aromatic broth with silky noodles.
  • KL Kampung Baru Nasi Lemak: Experience the authentic taste of Kuala Lumpur’s famous coconut rice dish, complete with all the traditional accompaniments.
  • The New Ting Western Food: Enjoy classic Western dishes with a local twist, perfect for those craving a fusion of East and West flavors.
  • Uncle John’s Signature Fish Pasta: Don’t miss this unique creation, blending Italian pasta with Asian-inspired fish preparations for a truly memorable meal.
  • Cinta Hainanese Chicken Rice: Indulge in Singapore’s national dish, featuring succulent poached chicken served with fragrant rice and flavorful sauces.
  • Ampang Yong Tau Foo: Delight in this popular Malaysian dish of stuffed tofu and vegetables in a savory broth or served dry with sauce on the side.

Uncle Johns Makan Place aims to be a one-stop destination for food enthusiasts looking to explore the best of Southeast Asian cuisine. With its convenient location in Changi City Point, it’s sure to become a popular spot for both locals and tourists alike. Keep an eye out for the grand opening date and be ready to embark on a culinary adventure at Uncle John’s Makan Place!

Uncle Johns Changi City Point Location

Changi City Point B1 – Right next to MOS Burger

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