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WellSpent Sunday Luxe (June 2024)




I arrived early at the Sunday Luxe Experience to be met by the Antonio García Rebollar Economic and Commercial Counselor and Antonio Sánchez Martínez Specialist in Corporate Internationalization from the Embassy of Spain in Singapore who had invited Is Life a Recipe to the event! I previously did a tour of the Culinary Institute of America in Singapore (CIA Singapore for short) before and saw the high level of excellence they teach their students, so was looking forward to this event wholeheartedly.

With this event being held at the Sakae Holdings building You know Sakae Sushi? Yep, that’s the guys. I did not know what to expect and came with low expectations but boy was I blown away by what came next!

Sakae Holdings

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

I had heard of the At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy when they were at Fort Canning but this space they currently occupy is mind-blowing! The expansive space offers such creative opportunities for events around Dr. Tan Kwan Siu – Founder & Director’s vision and there will be more on that in another blog I have planned.

I had the pleasure of sitting opposite Dr. Kwan and heard so much from her about the At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy and the WellSpent products, what an absolute pleasure!

Tan Kwan Siu – Founder & Director, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

The biggest question for me was what is WellSpent?

WellSpent Gourmet2Go, is an initiative of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy managed by WellSpent Upcycling, is revolutionizing sustainable food production in Singapore. This innovative venture transforms spent ingredients from food factories into delectable upcycled offerings. Their product range spans from enticing snacks and pastries to delightful cakes and convenient ready-to-eat sous vide pre-packaged meals.

By repurposing ingredients that would otherwise go to waste, WellSpent Gourmet2Go is at the forefront of the food sustainability movement. This aligns perfectly with Singapore’s 30 by 30 initiative, which aims to produce 30% of the nation’s nutritional needs locally by 2030.

The company invites food enthusiasts and environmentally conscious consumers to experience their tasty, upcycled creations. By choosing WellSpent Gourmet2Go products, customers can not only enjoy high-quality, innovative foods but actively participate in Singapore’s food security mission.

I tried the biscuits made with spent coffee and tea and can report they are great, so much better than Aunty’s Chinese New Year dry biscuits and tarts! They suit the Western palate as they are both buttery and sweet.

This venture demonstrates how culinary creativity can intersect with sustainability, offering a practical and delicious solution to reduce food waste while supporting local food production goals. More on them in the next blog with Dr Kwan herself!

An event of high-end Collaboration

On Sunday, June 23rd, from 12 noon to 3 pm, the At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy hosted an exceptional foodie event as part of THE WELLSPENT SUNDAY LUXE EXPERIENCE. This sold-out affair brought together WellSpent, Gaig Restaurant, and Restaurante Pura Brasa, in partnership with the Embassy of Spain in Singapore.

The three-hour event was an incredible food journey through Spain‘s rich gastronomic heritage, expertly curated into a three-course meal. Attendees were treated to an exquisite dining experience crafted by Chef Lluc Brossa Argany from Pura Brasa Singapore and Chef Martí Carlos Martínez from Gaig Singapore. The menu showcased classic Spanish dishes, beginning with a refreshing Salmorejo as the starter.

The main course featured a gourmet interpretation of the iconic Jamón Sandwich, elevating this traditional favorite to new heights. The meal concluded on a sweet note with a perfectly executed Crema Catalana for dessert.

Throughout the event, the chefs shared insights into the history and preparation of each dish, allowing diners to appreciate the depth of Spanish cooking traditions while savoring each meticulously prepared course.


This mashup took two Spanish Chefs working in a Collab to bring this menu together and adding WellSpent ingredients to bring this together into this incredible 3-course meal!

Chef Martí Carlos Martínez from Gaig Singapore and Chef Lluc Brossa Argany from Pura Brasa Singapore
Chef Martí Carlos Martínez from Gaig Singapore and Chef Lluc Brossa Argany from Pura Brasa Singapore


  1. Salmorejo Cold Soup: Tomato cold soup with quail’s egg, hard-boiled egg, and WellSpent Jamon Eggshell Sea Salt
  2. Crystal Bread with Tomato and Ham: Bread with tomato and EVO and Vallespini Moromi Eggshell Sea Salt
  3. Jamon: Iberico jamon, 36 months cured
  4. Jamon Croquettes: Croquette of bechamel and jamon iberico – Paired with Sparkling Wine: Cava Agusti Torello Mata – Brut Reserva – 2019

Salmorejo Cold Soup
Tomato cold soup with quail's egg, hard-boiled egg, and WellSpent Jamon Eggshell Sea Salt
Crystal Bread with Tomato and Ham*
Bread with tomato and EVO and Vallespini Moromi Eggshell Sea Salt
Iberico jamon, 36 months cured
Jamon Croquettes*
Croquette of bechamel and jamon iberico
*Paired with Sparkling Wine: Cava Agusti Torello Mata - Brut Reserva - 2019


5. Galician-Style Charcoal-Grilled Octopus: Galician-style octopus with potato and Mallorqui Sobrassada foam

6. Seafood Rice: Seafood rice paella with Argentinian prawn Paired with White Wine: Bodega Valtea Montevideo – Ribadella – 2022

7. Crispy Boneless Suckling Pig: With its own juice and WellSpent Orange Peel Mayo Paired with Red Wine: Bodega Vina Real Rioja – Tinto de Toro – 2020

Chef Martí Carlos Martínez from Gaig Singapore and Chef Lluc Brossa Argany from Pura Brasa Singapore Crispy Suckling Pig


8. Torrija with Vanilla Ice Cream: Homemade Torrija soaked in cream caramel and vanilla ice cream

Torrija with Vanilla Ice Cream
Homemade torrija soaked in cream caramel and vanilla ice cream

Spanish cocktail-making class

Adding to the immersive experience was a Spanish cocktail-making class that showcased innovative upcycling techniques. Mr. Faizal Zainudin guided attendees through the art of crafting exquisite Spanish cocktails using repurposed orange peels, infusing the session with a festive Spanish flair.

Full House

The turnout was impressive, with the event reaching full capacity well in advance. The popularity of this collaboration was evident, attracting a diverse crowd of food enthusiasts, aspiring chefs, and cocktail aficionados.

What stood out was the exceptional level of expertise on display. The chefs and mixologists seamlessly blended traditional Spanish techniques with contemporary sustainability practices, creating an educational experience that was both authentic and forward-thinking.

IMG 20240623 115020 WellSpent Sunday Luxe (June 2024)

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy Tour

The At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy proved to be the ideal venue for such an event, with its state-of-the-art facilities accommodating both the cooking workshop and cocktail class with ease. The professional kitchen setup and well-equipped bar area allowed participants to fully engage in the hands-on experiences.

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy Hall of Fame

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy Hall of Fame

Meat & Co.

Meat & Co., a Singapore-based online butcher, showcased their premium Spanish cured meat selection at the event. Known for sourcing directly from trusted producers and partners worldwide, Meat & Co. prides itself on selecting only the highest quality produce for its customers.

The company operates a Food Safety Management Certified meat processing plant, where they freshly prepare, pack, and deliver products six days a week. Meat & Co. manages every step of the delivery process, using temperature-controlled vehicles to ensure customers receive the finest quality products consistently.

At the event, Meat & Co. presented an impressive array of Spanish Iberico ham and cured meats for attendees to sample. The selection included:

  1. 52 Months Aged Jamon De Bellota Iberico (Hand-Sliced), priced from $38.00
  2. 24 Months Aged Serrano Jamon (Grand Reserva), available for $11.00
  3. 30 Months Aged Paleta De Bellota Iberico, priced at $18.00
  4. 36 Months Aged Jamon De Cebo Iberico, offered at $32.00
  5. Salchichon De Bellota Iberico, available for $12.50
  6. Chorizo De Bellota Iberico, priced at $12.50

Check their selection here!

This diverse range of Spanish cured meats allowed event-goers to experience the rich flavors and textures of authentic Iberian charcuterie, showcasing Meat & Co.’s commitment to bringing high-quality, international gourmet products to the Singapore market.

Closing Speeches and Appreciation

As the event concluded at 3 pm, it was clear that this wasn’t just a typical Sunday afternoon – it was a comprehensive exploration of Spanish gastronomy and mixology. The collaboration between Wellspent, Gaig Restaurant, and Restaurante Pura Brasa, supported by the Embassy of Spain Singapore, delivered an unforgettable experience that celebrate cooking expertise, cultural exchange, and sustainable practices.

Dr Kwan gifted her book A Symphony of Taste to Chef Lluc Brossa Argany and Chef Martí Carlos Martínez to show appreciation for today’s event! We heard a speech from Olga Baniandrés Rodriguez – Counsellor for the Office of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for the Embassy of Spain covering Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Next Sunday Luxe Series

For those who missed this sold-out event, there’s hope on the horizon. A similar experience featuring traditional Catalan cuisine with spent ingredients by Chef Carlos Montobbio is scheduled for July 28, 2024, in collaboration with Esquina Singapore. Given the success of this event, early bookings are strongly recommended for future instalments of the Sunday Luxe Series.

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