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Lunch with Wifey @ Etna, Siglap


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Lunch with Wifey @ Etna, Siglap

I am making a point of having this title as Lunch with Wifey  Etna Italian Restaurant Siglap. With a focus on the word Siglap, not Duxton Road haha! All my blog reviews of the past may not have been seen by the Siglap crew, so I am consolidating them here to one post, after our lunch today. Here is hoping the Big Boss of Etna Group forwards this blog to our BFF at Etna, Siglap, Alessandro – so he can see and share. There is no Etna Siglap WebSite or Facebook site so I have to post to Duxton and hope… Again, be proud Etna, Siglap as lunch today was rocking.

Can you tell you’re a favourite of the family Kennett???

#1’s IB Diploma Celebration @ Etna (of course)

Etna @ Siglap for lunch

Etna @ Siglap

Etna @ Upper East Coast Road

Wifey’s Birthday Etna Stylee

I have a 2200 call on a Friday night for work today, so that warrants me taking a lunch break again today. Hell yeah! So here comes Lunch with Wifey @ Etna, Siglap. As the Grover Washington song goes; “Just the two of us, we can eat it if we try, just the two of us, you and I…” Or something along those lines… And yes, as always, we hit the specials… Well, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t right?

etna italian restaurant

Off to Opera Estate 1st today in Grab Business Class. The only way to go for Wifey and me on lunch date…

Lunch with Wifey @ Etna Siglap 3 Lunch with Wifey @ Etna Siglap Lunch with Wifey @ Etna, Siglap

1st went to Swan Lake Road. A long story. Then we walked through the Siglap Linear Park connector to get to Etna, Siglap. We spotted this rather cool cafe on the way. A little similar to Potato Head in Bali methinks, without taking anything away from it as it is UBER cool.

Lunch with Wifey @ Etna Siglap 4Lunch with Wifey @ Etna Siglap Lunch with Wifey @ Etna, Siglap

My rather gorgeous lunch companion today…


Even the bread here is a stand-out. Today it is the super light and fluffy bread version with some fresh tomato. It’s absolutely cracking. Get this in a little Olive oil and Balsamic and it becomes killer. And to add, it is sooooooo fresh!!!

italian restaurant east coast

Like an old family friend, we had this one over for lunch with us. The Carpaccio di Manzo. Angus beef carpaccio, rocket salad, raw shaved asparagus, some shaved Parmagiano cheese and drizzle of their lemon sauce.

italian restaurant near me

Wifey gets straight into a fish option with Tartare di Tonno, which is raw Yellowfin Tuna served with avocado cream, shallots and tomatoes. Come on, that is a seriously pretty stack of Yummy!!!

Lunch with Wifey @ Etna Siglap 8 Lunch with Wifey @ Etna Siglap Lunch with Wifey @ Etna, Siglap

I put this in, despite it being a staple food item on an Italian menu. It’s just Bruschetta Pomodoro, right? You know, toasted bread with some chopped tomato on top. I kid you not this is just a special version of that. The produce is just so fresh. The Olive oil is premium. The bread is fresh and perfectly toasted with an insane crunch, whilst waiting for the tomato juices and Oil to make the centre gooey. The garlic and herb balance is sublime. I do love this with some sea salt and cracked black pepper on top. It’s a stunner of a bread course.

etna italian
And we hit hard the Specials for a shared main. And holy cow (well Veal) I am so glad we did as this is an absolute belter. As it menage a trois style. I know some will moan and groan due to some of the ingredients, well two specifically when I tell you. But I don’t care. This is superb food on steroids. What a wonderful to look at and dreamy to eat dish. It’s on the Specials so hurry up if you want some too. This is the Carne Special, this is one hell of a plate of food. Ladies and Gentlemen I give to you; Veal Tenderloin with Black Winter Truffle and Foie Gras. Shit YES!!! #FOODPORN

So my Wifey and I had another lovely little food foray again today. We love a good graze together. More of that coming to a blog near you soon. But today was to an old favourite, a family favourite. This was Lunch with Wifey @ Etna, Siglap. We hope BFF gets to read it and the others. Come on Big Boss be caring and sharing. And Big Boss again be proud of the amazing quality that is being served up here and the wonderful staff you have in back and front of house. We keep on coming back time and time again and always will, and would always recommend your place to every and any. It’s an East Coast legend. Get your bums down here, those who have not tried, and – ENJOY!!!

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