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Freebird Katong Shopping Centre (2023)




Foodie & Drinker (the perfect combination)

Freebird - the one that got away!

Many of you remember the pub crawl we did Best Bars on the East Coast Road 2022 well I know my head certainly does! Well this little bar managed to escape us based on the fact it sits on Mountbatten Road and not East Coast Road yet to the naked eye it’s on the same road!

On that same night in question I ended up back here, don’t ask how, I really can’t remember but glad that I did! What a cool little hangout in the basement of Katong Shopping Centre, a building that has recently narrowly escaped and on-block situation! 

I had to ask why Freebird for a name? One who is totally unencumbered or unrestrained by any previous obligations. I’m a free bird this Friday!


Katong Shopping Centre

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

The façade of the Katong Shopping Centre hides a few hidden gems and Freebird is no exception. They have recently take a new space a few doors down to expand their outdoor area for people to enjoy the outside! A few doors down are Peters Bar (closed when we were there) and Babu’s Place which is run by Babu’s daughter, we were invited back to check out the place!

There so much Katong Shopping Centre food to choose from with its own little enclave of famous stalls, yong tau foo, chicken rice, you name it they have it and it’s packed at the weekend! Plus there  is a late night Mala stall for those who need something spicy after midnight and trust me its sooooo good, a must try if you are in the Katong neighbourhood!

Freebird 2nd Outlet
Freebird 2nd space

Freebird 2nd Space has changed

Freebird 2nd Space

Freebird - Craft Beers

We had already been to a few places along the East Coast Road and I wanted to head to Freebird again and managed to get one last round in before they shut! So we thought we’d make it count!

The guys we met running Freebird were really friendly, Jason was at the bar and Harry the co-founder came to greet us a bit later. Harry remembered me from the pub crawl night, I didn’t ask why he remembered me but it was all in good spirits apparently!

We ordered the Liquid Noise which was a Triple IPA that cost $22 by the Aussie Otherside Brewing Co. and the Locally brewed Let It Be by Pink Blossoms Brewing.

For me the Liquid Noise was less bout noise and more about its density, a thick and heavy beer that was hard work at the end of the night even for me but then I did choose it based on its alcohol content so what should I have expected. For my drinking buddy that night he opted for the lighter 6.8% beer Let It Be Leanna which is still above the average beer alcohol content, he chose that as its locally brewed and according to him fresher!

According to the team at Pink Blossoms BrewingJuicy stone fruits! Fruity and juicy with an accent of spice. Moderately-low bitterness

Freebird Craft Beers are constantly rotating, so what you see here today might be there next week, this keeps the beer buzz at Freebird very much alive and for those real ale drinkers like me thirsty for more (pun intended)!

Liquid Noise Triple IPA 11%
Liquid Noise Triple IPA 11% @ $22
Liquid Noise Triple IPA 11%
11% Alcohol was like a G-Force
Pink Blossoms Brewing
Let it Be by Pink Blossoms Brewing
Freebird Let It Be
Let it Be came in at 6.8% @ $19

Freebird Beers November 2023

Freebird Beers
tone Buenza Lager

Freebird Happy Hours

Who doesn’t like a Happy Hour when it comes to drinking, well Freebird offers the following Happy Hours are below, enjoy!

Freebird Happy Hours

Macho Mug!

No they are not referring to me ordering the 11% Triple IPA but these two prized mugs given to Freebird by a client who loves their bar so much! Kudos to the team for delivery on quality and authenticity for this place!

Freebird Macho Mug

Food at Freebird

Freebird Kitchen

Kitchen closed at 11pm and we had obviously missed that but from their online menu they do have a number of good looking dishes to choose from that will almost certainly wet your appetite for more beers!

Below are some images taken from their website that I would have ordered had the kitchen not been closed, guess I need to make another visit!

Peanut Butter Chicken Bites – \$7.90

Wasabi Mayo Chicken Bites – $7.90

Chilled Quail Eggs Steeped In Sekret Sauce – $6.90

New Menu at Freebird

Freebird Menu

Freebird Address &Telephone Number

Address: 865 Mountbatten Road #B1-09 /#B1-03/#B1, #66, Singapore 437844
Phone: +65 9668 1649


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