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Asian Corned Beef Hash

Asian Corned Beef Hash

You seriously have to have a go at this one. It’s a relatively easy one to make and I have done the video for you to show just how simple it is. A bit of a gradually throw stuff in a fry pan concept. Now that’s not hard is it. This is my Asian Corned Beef Hash. It’s quite complex though in flavours with the Dijon, soy, garlic, ginger, lime, chili etc. But mix all that together and you get something that tastes just damn good. Sprinkle the deep fried shallot on at the end and you get a nice crunch to it too.

Asian Corned Beef Hash
Have to say that doesn’t look half bad now does it

Come on, come on – you want to eat it right? But first you have to cook it. The Semi-Naked Chef’s Asian Corned Beef Hash.

We did. A huge plate of it in fact.

Gone in minutes.

One for the boys now – if you’re a suffering with the old hangover… This would sort you out in seconds and you’ll be set for your hairy dog. Come on lads you can cook this surely?

I encourage you to try this. My gang and I had this today and loved it, so I reckon you and yours will too. It’s a Semi-Naked Chef suggestion that you do, so go on have a go at my Asian Corned Beef Hash – ENJOY!!!

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