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Tomahawk Best Roast Lunch 2023 ChillaxBBQ Cooking Lesson


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Travelling Foodie Extraordinaire

Tomahawk Roast Lunch; ChillaxBBQ cooking lesson via Zoom

Tomahawk roast lunch cooking lesson via Zoom, ws surely a first for ChillaxBBQ, but a good first. A wonderful first in fact.

At work, we’re using a lot of Unified Comms & VC to still stay in touch with our clients and colleagues around the world during Covid-19. A team-building idea came to us during our recent ‘water-cooler’ session a week or so ago and we decided to use those comms solutions to have a bit of family fun. And so ChillaxBBQ cooking lesson via Zoom for Tomahawk Roast Lunch came about. Today, on Sunday, I did a lesson for 4 colleagues to prepare and cook for their family lunch.

It was a cracking morning ending in 5 families having a rather splendid lunch methinks. Comments of ‘best meat I have ever eaten’ were shared with me after they had chowed. So it seemed to have worked. I organized it via Zoom and had my laptop as a table cam and had Amy on my handphone being the roving camera-person for close-ups and my moves from table to kitchen and back.

What a giggle it was.

Pete, my boss, made about 4 Litres of gravy.

Nigel couldn’t get a Tomahawk.

Hutch set the smoke alarms off.

Keith started drinking at 9 am.

But all in all, we prepped, cooked, and ate well. Noone burnt or cut themselves, so the right result! I could do this again. I recorded the Zoom too. Very long videos of the fun are below, but you’ll see how we all got on in them. Worth a wee look.

ChillaxBBQ cooking lesson via Zoom for Tomahawk Roast Lunch

tomahawk steak pink2pin. perfection

The finished article at Chez Kennett. Here you go, fellas, it needs to look something like this… This was the end of three hours with a couple of comfort breaks – yes we were low and slow reverse-searing these bad boys – Pink2Pink Tomahawk is the only way to go.

tomahawk pink2pink cooking lesson

Here we are on the table cam. 4 colleagues, myself, and Amy on the roaming-cam.

Here is what I gave as instructions in the email invite to the Zoom session at 9am this morning;

  • This assumes that you as a family will sit to eat a roast lunch at 12:30…
  • This assumes a family of four.
  • This assumes no VEGGIES or VEGANS…
  • This assumes NO HELPERS!!!
  • This assumes you have an oven.

INGREDIENTS – this is enough for a family of 4 (add more if you have pigs or more kids…);

  • 1.6Kg Beef Tomahawk (on the bone)
  • 1Kg of Cleaned Potatoes (skin on)
  • 4 bulbs of garlic
  • 0.5Kg of Asparagus (the thick-stemmed)
  • Olive oil
  • Pack of salted butter
  • Gravy granules
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Packet fresh Thyme
  • A packet of Parmesan cheese
  • Sea salt & cracked black pepper

You will also need;

  • Big fry pan
  • Roasting tin x2
  • Sharp knives
  • Tongs
  • Chopping boards
  • Serving platter
  • (probably a load of antiseptic for burns and plasters for cuts)

My mate Shaun & Orca came into their own today saving us a whole 7 rib, carving one off every time someone in the team accepted the email invite to join the fun.

CLICK HERE to watch Part I of Tomahawk Cooking Lesson ‘w’ ChillaxBBQ

CLICK HERE to watch Part II of Tomahawk Cooking Lesson ‘w’ ChillaxBBQ

tomahawk cooking lesson

1st up to show off is Mr. Shaw with a perfect ensemble of ingredients and a bottle of Gin. Oh Yeah!!! Good work Keith and family.

tomahawk cooking lesson

Nigel adapts to the ingredients he has. We stuck 2 sirloins together and he used Capsicums, mushrooms, and onions with his little bag of potatoes. Great improv from Nigel and his family.

tomahawk pink2pinkl cooking lesson

Hutch is rocking here! We’re slow-roasting at 90 degrees, AKA reverse-searing. As this slow-roasts the beef juices all drip into the spuds roasting below the steak on the grill shelf. Best spuds ever folks. Coming along perfectly Hutch.

tomahawk pink2pink cooking lesson

Thanks to Hutch for the next three snaps taken from the Zoom itself of his own culinary skills outcomes. Excellent. His Holy Trinity for lunch. Tomahawk, Spuds and Asparagus, and Beef Jus (AKA gravy). Roast spuds and garlic – looking lush!!!

1FA0B574 5150 43AD 8532 BD61AA7D299F Tomahawk Best Roast Lunch 2023 ChillaxBBQ Cooking Lesson

Pink2Pink Mr. Hutch!!! Awesome-looking Tomahawk steak my friend. Great work!!! Love the photos on the photos too…

roasted asparagus with parmesan cheese
Beautifully roasted asparagus ‘w’ a little butter and Parmesan cheese. Oh yeah!!!
roving camera person for cooking lesson
I have to say a big thank you to my Sous Chef Jude Jude and my roving camera-person; Strawberry Blonde for their support today. They were brilliant. Thank you.
tomahawk cooking lesson pink2pink
Aftermath at the home of the family Shaw.
tomahawk cooking lesson
Aftermath at the home of family Mitchell.

I think we all had fun at ChillaxBBQ cooking lesson via Zoom for Tomahawk Roast Lunch. I wanted to share a few of the comments; “It was great fun man, first time cooking live on YouTube”, “And that was that – 3 hours preparation and 12 minutes to eat”, “Well done everyone – Brian – hat off to you mate, honestly say best roast beef. think we’ve had… happy Shaw” I love comments like this. Food brought us all together today, despite being all remote. It was such a giggle. It really was. Thanks to my colleagues for committing, joining, and making this happen. For once it really was my time to just have a giggle!


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