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The Meathouse Return @ Century Square


The Meathouse @ Century Square

Now Jude and I have been here before, remember the post? CLICK HERE IF NOT. The time when wifey and Amy were getting their hair done together, so Jude and I came to Century Square to visit Tott. Whilst here we espied this monster poster hanging from the ceiling of the centre of Chef Teo. So today, due to a birthday party for Jude at Bedok Reservoir, we were close to Tampines and off we trot again. This time to allow wifey and Amy to enjoy the fare at The Meathouse @ Century Square. And boy did they enjoy it, as did Jude and I again!

What amazes me about The Meathouse @ Century Square is the concept by 18 Chefs. Yes you should have a wee read on the amazing Chef Teo, or maybe Google search and watch one of his Ted Talks. Mr Oliver’s 15 helped Chef Teo. And now he is an acclaimed Chef, yes, buy his book as it is BRILLIANT, with now 13 restaurants. His crew is exceptional, especially when you appreciate some of the guy’s backgrounds.

The food is seriously off the charts and sits up there with the best of the best in my humble reckonings. This makes it even more of a stand out for me. Today we ate in a hustle and bustle of a local shopping centre, in a no-frills restaurant, with food that is beating many silver service food establishments hands down. You have to come and try. The photos may not do it justice, but East Coaster’s, it is a Die Die Must Try!!!

Here’s the address; 2 Tampines Central 5, #05-04, Century Square.

To find The Meathouse @ Century Square just follow the massive 30′ tall poster of the (as usual) un-smiling Chef Teo. Can’t miss it!!!

I hope you don’t mind me sharing this Chef Teo, but seriously folks also have a look at this. It’s an eye opener and really makes you humbled to listen and watch – foodie or non-foodie; WATCH CHEF TEO HERE. That aside though, go for the incredible food. Sad to say no beer (it’s 100% halal), but even yours truly will sacrifice that to get on that steak and eat that garlic confit. Heavenly, just heavenly. Chef Teo – your crew at Meathouse were superb this evening – major pat on the back to them ALL. Superb!!!

The Meathouse @ Century Square
Hell yes, let’s get that order in family K and get that food a coming. Loving our seat placement too, right next to the kitchen, which is open, so it is full on action! Love it!!!
The Meathouse @ Century Square
OMG!!! A new one for us today. I really do not remember seeing this on the menu before, but…. I will be ordering this EVERY SINGLE TIME I EAT HERE. This is the Garlic Confit – sorry that sounds too simple. Garlic bulbs infused with salt for 2 days, baked slowly in extra virgin olive oil (I hope I got that right), and served sizzling in the skillet pan.
The Meathouse @ Century Square
I popped all the garlic cloves out, removing the ‘skin’ and mashed them in to a paste. These are baked so they are soft and unctuous. I then spread this in the toasty bread that it is served with. Holy Shit, them angels are a singing as I drift away in to foodie heaven. I have never had anything like this, and it is a die did death row cuisine. One of my all time favourite things. WOW!!!
The Meathouse @ Century Square
Hmmmm, now what will go well with our yummy steaks soon to come out? I know, how about some mash potato puree with a wee drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and a big dollop of truffle. And here we go again, another absolutely knock-out dish. This was literally polished off before the steaks arrived. We all got stuck in to this in a big way. Again heavenly this is!!!
The Meathouse @ Century Square
Amy gets stuck in to the Lamb Rack with couscous and some delicious dips. Food heathen that she is, she went well done. Dear me, I am thinking of disowning her. But I have to say I did nick a little bit and flavour was off the charts. Gorgeous! And a 4 rack of lamb for $32 only. I don’t think you can buy it raw for that price in Cold Storage….
The Meathouse @ Century Square
I was going to say and here comes the star of the show, but the garlic confit has completely thrown me off balance. But hey, here comes the star of the show. I made my Mary have this too, but like Amy she decided to cremate it. Booooo! But having tried a little of my medium rare, I think she is converted now to go to at least medium. Good work wifey. So here is my medium rare Filet Mignon, with Cafe de Paris Butter on top, and a side of garlic sauce. What I love about these guys too is that you get a little pile of sea salt on your plate – yep these guys KNOW HOW STEAK IS TO BE COOKED AND SERVED. A thing of beauty is this not? I really think this is so up there with the very very best steaks ever eaten by your truly. The Japanese A grade Wagyus are of course best in the world in my reckoning, but add a zero to the number… This is such great quality and a bloody large lump too, all for $42. Amaze-balls value!!!
The Meathouse @ Century Square
And then let’s cut her open. If that is NOT one of the best medium rare steaks cooked to perfection I don’t know what is. It’s stunning. Flavours off the planet. Just cut a slice, dip in the salt and much on that beef butter steak. Oh my goodness. And every now and then the Cafe de Paris butter drizzles in there too. A-grade steak. See what I mean about silver service quality in a no-frills restaurant in a shopping centre. Incredible!!!

Chef Teo and crew, keep doing what you are doing because it is just fantastic. Be proud mate, it really is exceptional food, and such incredible value. For the whole meal I had them flipping Angels singing in my ears, and rightly so – heavenly food this is!!! Wifey and Jude fell in love with this place too. I think we will be frequenting Century Square much more now. The Meathouse @ Century Square Tampines gets a massive big-up from us. You simply must get down here and try it. I cannot praise it enough, just go, because you are absolutely going to as a destination but look out for more reviews of Century Square restaurants as we explore this part of Singapore.


The Meathouse

2 Tampines Central 5,

#05-04, Century Square Mall

Phone: +65 6260 1752

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