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Sushi Jiro on my mind! The bonus kicked in, so time to come to what we think is probably one of the best ‘outside of Japan, Japanese restaurants’ again, here we are at Sushi Jiro @ Siglap. Do you remember by previous blog for them? Have a look here, to see that. I’ll caveat that it was indeed an early blog from The Semi-Naked Chef, but not much has changed. The food is exceptional, and so is the bill ha ha, but therein lies your choice. You want the best, you pay for the best!!!

No doubt my friends. You want to eat the best come here. You want to impress come here. You want to sign a big deal with a client come here. It’s on the capital A of Amazing, but bring a big wallet is all I will say too.

Sushi Jiro @ Siglap
Are you ready to eat Baby Jude???
Sushi Jiro @ Siglap
“Hmmmmm Dad, I think I could become a connoisseur, this soy is just sublime….”
Sushi Jiro @ Siglap
I tell you what. If you want the best sashimi in your gob in Singapore – look NO FURTHER!!! This is a quality platter of simply the VERY best in my reckoning!!! Simply called; Assorted Tuna Sashimi. Man does that underplay this dish!!!
Sushi Jiro @ Siglap
Taku Su – an octopus salad on steroids – octopus sashimi with a little vinegar sauce – one for flavour and two for tenderising I assume…
Sushi Jiro @ Siglap
Ebi NZ – sweet prawn sushi basically with a little wasabi. I tell you three of these puppies rock up and they are the size of a lobster, sweet as a lobster too. AMAZING!!!
Sushi Jiro @ Siglap
More tuna sashimi please, a single serving of Oh Toro – this is like butter, not a single fish taste to it, so so fresh. A dip of soy & wasabi and let it melt in your mouth – OMG!!! Worth every single cent!!!!
Sushi Jiro @ Siglap
Up next Shabu Shabu – man oh man, could we not stop eating or what. Wagyu – well hello there!!! Check that meat out, OMG. My downside on this is the broth with seaweed which is not my friend. But the meat was exceptional. One complaint and one complaint only Sushi Jiro – maybe one with chicken stock for the non-fish conformists (but also I get – well then don’t order it dick-head!!!)
Up next guys is Shishamo – whole fish grilled, bones and all, skin and all, head & tail and all and for this one specific dish it includes EGGS and all – yep they are all “pregnant” and full of eggs. Interesting huh – I handed this plate over to the other side of the table strangely enough…
Yasai Tempura
Absolutely stunning tempura up next, another WOW moment. This was Yasai Tempura. Perfect batter, so light yet so crispy and no oil in sight. Dip and crunch and enjoy. Superb!
Fugu Ichiyaboshi
As we reach then end of the meal and we’re all puffing, what better dish to order than Fugu Ichiyaboshi – yep Puffer Fish. As I understand it Ichiyaboshi is dried fish – this comes out like little slithers of smoky, sweet, ever-so slightly fishy, candy sticks. It is incredible. Beer food on bloody steroids. I would come just for this, and being a non-fishy that is saying something right…

That is that folks. What more can I say. I don’t think anything. Let the pictures paint a thousand words and let me ensure you that you will indeed pay top price for a Siglap dinner here, but let me double up on that ensuring and promise you that you ain’t gonna get much better – believe me. This is top drawer. Worth a trip once a year (as in our case). It’s amazing. Get your bum down to Sushi Jiro @ SiglapENJOY!!!

Sushi Jiro Location and Contacts

695 East Coast Road

+65 6445 3055


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