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Perle Noire @ Siglap

We haven’t been back for a while. Since the last time of coming Perle Noire @ Siglap has even changed address. OK don’t panic, as it is literally next door to where it was originally. Here is my review of Perle Noire @ Siglap when they were at their old address, click here. A new menu too, or perhaps just that we chose new items to eat today. You still have to love this place, the food is incredible. ALWAYS good. And the new items we ate today were following in that vein too. Absolutely wonderful food.

What did we eat at Perle Noire @ Siglap;

Garlic bread;

Perle Noire @ Siglap
Not bad at all, not bad…

Truffle fries (no picture – pretty boring is a picture of chips);

Truffle scented mushroom velout;

Perle Noire @ Siglap
Veloute, soup by any other name. And what a soup it was. Absolutely stonking soup, love that little truffle edge in there. Delicious.

Chicken Karaage with Roquefort blue cheese sauce;

Perle Noire @ Siglap
Oh boy…
Amazing dish. Breaded and deep fried chicken pieces, with a melted blue cheese dipping sauce. Holy cow, this is a cracker – you HAVE to try this one!!!

Pan fried foie gras with apple chutney and balsamic reduction;

Perle Noire @ Siglap
We have had this every single time we come here, and without wishing to break tradition of course we had it again. Unctuous goodness. I love this stuff!!!

New Zealand rack of lamb with jelly mint sauce;

Perle Noire @ Siglap
Yummo – Mary decided this had to be cremated and chose well done. Even cooked like that, this lamb was succulent and juicy – nicely done Perle Noire, this was so good…

Roasted chicken with shallot reduction;

Perle Noire @ Siglap
How they get this so succulent is beyond me. The only way I can cook chicken like this is beer bum style, but I doubt they do that. Some of the best chicken you’ll eat and the gravy is BOOM!!!!

Chaumes Le Cremier cheese fondue with French loaf.

Perle Noire @ Siglap
Stop the bus. Simply a Chaumes cheese in its skin, popped in to a bowl and roasted until melted. Dip that French bread in and hey presto you have an absolutely amazing flipping fondue. This was sublime, even Baby Jude had a really good go at this dish…

So folks there is my review of the new Perle Noire @ Siglap. New menu and new address. But that is all that has changed. The food remains at the highest quality. It really is just so bloody good. We loved it here. Staff are great too. You will not be disappointed believe me. I also love the fact that the reason we ate here this night was because my 8 year old, Amy chose it. Good work Amy. You chose well. And so should you – ENJOY!!!

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