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Fat Boys The Burger Bar


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


Fat Boys The Burger Bar

Now it can be pure luck sometimes that causes an experience and here is one such example. Off goes The Semi-Naked Chef and family to Joo Chiat Road, right at the top near the main junction where I12 Shopping Centre is. The main reason for this journey was to go for lunch at Immigrants, a strong recommendation from my mate Spencer. But little did we know this was shut on Sundays, hello there what’s this next door – Fat Boys The Burger Bar, yep lets give that a try.

Fat Boys The Burger Bar
A pretty funky place that we have walked past many times

So what did we do. Actually something very very different with regards to burgers in a restaurant. I love this idea, so well done Fat Boys The Burger Bar. What’s different? How about ‘Build your own!’ Liking this very much, what a great idea.

Fat Boys The Burger Bar
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… OK and 4

What did we eat? Jude had Mac n Cheese, that came with a delicious BBQ’s chicken chop, and some bacon bits in the cheese. Real good. One of the nicest I have tasted, and Jude got well stuck in so I assume the same.

Fat Boys The Burger Bar
Yummy Jude – good choice
Fat Boys The Burger Bar
“What you eating Jude?”
“I am not listening to you Dad, I am eating!”
Fat Boys The Burger Bar
Marshmallow malt milkshake

Amy spots the malt milkshake menu, and dives straight in to the Strawberry Marshmallow one. Heart attack in a glass ha ha – man this was sugar-filled but really delicious. I actually didn’t mind this one at all.

Fat Boys The Burger Bar
One for the adults…

OK then how about an adult version of the malt milkshake? I know lets whack in a big measure of Bailey’s, that’ll sort the adults out from the kids ha ha. Man oh man this was DAMN good. I’d have this again. Nice one Fat Boys The Burger Bar.

Amy had a hot dog, Ollie had a burger and Mary shared Jude’s and elements of mine. Now I went over the top, come on you know me. You just have to sort of go with the flow when you can build your own and indeed that is exactly what I did. In the red corner weighing in at about 2 Kilos is The Semi-Naked Chef Burger created and constructed at Fat Boys The Burger Bar.

Fat Boys The Burger Bar
Holy cow, it’s like one of the Twin Towers

So what did I have with my plate?

OK I had the sesame bun, with the ground beef patty, add some streaky bacon, maybe some Jalapeno peppers, a little Swiss cheese, augment that with some Monterey Jack cheese, perhaps some roasted garlic aioli and to finish it off some delicious truffle mayo. What was this concoction like – absolutely sodding delicious. Really really good. Loved it.

Hey why don’t you decide – check this bad boy out!!!

Fat Boys The Burger Bar
Mmmmmmmm juicy – OMG a thing of true beauty

It was good, really nice in fact. I am not a burger boy at heart. But its definitely worth a look if you are in the area. So do come down to meet the team of Fat Boys The Burger Bar @ 465 Joo Chiat Road or all over the island actually, well worth a go in my personal reckoning – and that of my gang as we did have fun and real nice food.

And get this – they have just opened in Phnom Penh in Cambodia – next time I go for Tabitha House Building I think I’ll pop in for The Semi-Naked Chef Burger, Cambodia style.

Fat Boys The Burger Bar – ENJOY!!!

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