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KL Shao Roast, The Roxy @ Katong


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KL Shao Roast, The Roxy @ Katong

download KL Shao Roast, The Roxy @ Katong

KL Shao Roast, The Roxy @ Katong is where we went for dinner today. Came as a recommendation from a mate, but to be absolutely honest I was a little disappointed. We had to wait 20 minutes for the food, and 15 minutes for our drinks, no licences for no beer which is critical with roast meats, and we were the only ones in the place too. Also to be honest the food was not up to scratch, in my personal view, to others that we have experienced – in fact right on our doorstep in fact at LTN Foodcourt in Siglap. Sorry guys, you just didn’t do it for us today.

But a write up they will get as there are highlights, which I will explain, so here you go KL Shao Roast, The Roxy @ Katong a few words….

KL Shao Roast, The Roxy @ Katong
A funny little place poked away downstairs

Downstairs you go to order – all self serve. Yes folks they have baby chairs which is a major bonus. Quite a limited drink menu, with only milo, lime juice, water chestnut on the offerings if I remember rightly. Man could have done with that beer right now on this hot day ha ha.

KL Shao Roast, The Roxy @ Katong
You have to look for this signage at the front of The Roxy

We sat outside on the street, likely why they are not licensed. But there is seating downstairs too if you’d prefer. It was quite funny sitting there eating, the only ones doing so. Crowds of people walking past doing their shopping, and stopping/staring/chatting. Guys there is a big sign there with KL Shao Roast, The Roxy @ Katong, written on it, with a big arrow showing you where to order.

KL Shao Roast, The Roxy @ Katong
The 3 meat set meal

Maybe my standards have gone too high now, having lived here 9 years, and having consumed copious amounts of roasted meats from hawkers in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam etc etc. And I do have my favourite hawker stalls for roast meats, I’ll write re them one day. But sad to say the pork and chicken just didn’t do it for me. I liked the Char Siew, that was real sweet, and the charred bits were deliciously crunchy. Price is good for quite a big plate of 3 meats, noodles, wanton soup, and drink all inclusive. Pretty damn good actually.

KL Shao Roast, The Roxy @ Katong
And one more side of the roast pork

It all looked at KL Shao Roast, The Roxy @ Katong. The pork, my usual favourite of roast meat stalls, didn’t hit my spot. But a saving grace for this was something unique that I have never had before. One of the condiments was home-grown, and pickled butter mustard leaves. WOW!!! KL Shao Roast, The Roxy @ Katong I’ll give you a 10/10 for that, as that I loved. Put some of that with the pork belly and it was then OK. That condiment is genius. For that alone I’d give this a, pop a long to try marking. ENJOY!!!

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