Red oil wanton @ LTN Foodcourt


Red oil wanton @ LTN Foodcourt

download Red oil wanton @ LTN Foodcourt

Red oil wanton @ LTN Foodcourt
Come on how good do these look….

Dinner for The Semi-Naked Chef and family last night was Red oil wanton @ LTN Foodcourt.

What are wantons? A doughy little wrapper usually round or square in shape, made with flour, egg, salt and water. Filled with minced pork and secret stuff (Spring onions, ginger etc…), and then the edges are folded to make the little pleats in the wanton. A little squeeze to remove the air to stop them puffling up and bursting when cooked. Then into boiling salted water to cook for circa 5 minutes. Sounds pretty simple right? I have had many and they all taste different. In fact even at this stall you can have the same wanton boiled and then fried and they are called Shandong dumplings, but today no, today was the perfect, sublime, and delicious Red oil wanton @ LTN Foodcourt.

Red oil wanton @ LTN Foodcourt
Here are the rest of their wonderful dishes for consideration

Now The Semi-Naked Chef cannot speak or read Chinese, but I have it from the owner that the name is simply Noodles. You’ll find them at the back of LTN Foodcourt, on East Coast Road at EC 936 Food Village.

You must come see the owner preparing your dish of choice, as everything is made from scratch. It’s incredible to watch as he takes a ball of dough and transforms it into noodles for the soups on offer (which are amazing) – see my Instagram on his 5-spice beef lamian. Or in this instance the wonton wrappers for Red oil wanton @ LTN Foodcourt.

These are so fresh and perfectly cooked via a boiling technique. Then it is smothered with his secret red oil sauce. A little slippery, slightly al dente parcel of meaty goodness. The wantons are sublime, truly, and the filling is just superb. The sauce is not so spicy, but it has a Szechuan characteristic of smoky chilli flavour. But of course, there are the usual condiments of chilli padi with soy and thinly sliced ginger with vinegar. Get those all over your wantons as well and the combination is truly amazing. You could seriously bath in this stuff it is so delicious – in fact, I think I will later.

Come see, come enjoy – you will NOT be disappointed.

Only one downside. You have to wait 5 minutes because he cooks them from scratch as explained earlier!!!

(Is that a downside?)

Red oil wanton @ LTN Foodcourt – come see the main man, and eat this food. It is on the special list. So says The Semi-Naked Chef – ENJOY!!!

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