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Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)


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Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)


Two very painful things for me today, as in very painful. One was queuing for a health-check that turned out to be irrelevant as the Certificate would only last 24 hours and as our flights are scheduled on 23/3 it would be null and void. Please come back tomorrow. Yes = painful. Second thing, equally painful, was being forced by the kids to go to Jollibee for lunch. God, I hate that thing. Yes = painful. But= Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again) did start very positively with my 2nd to last day of Daddy does brekkie for the kids. And today I made my very own version of a Filipina stable food, Sisig and. Christened it Daddy-Sisig. And to calm my nerves, even more, we go back to Cafe Racer for that burger again some other food sustenance. Here we go.

Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)
A veritable mountain of steamed rice. It’s basically food sand-castles. Scoop the rice from your rice cooker and press it into a cereal bowl. Press it down and then overturn onto a plate. The press more rice into a coffee mug, again press it down and carefully overturn that on the one you already plated. Hey, presto a rice tower. Chop up a little Spring Onion and sprinkle on the top and serve. Looks impressive does it not?
Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)
That skillet has been in the oven about 40 minutes on high. That would take your skin off if you grabbed it – so carefully does it. I was feeding 5 hungry mouths so I had to way overload the sizzling platter. Half at a time or two platters would have been ideal. But with the 5 carnivores outside waiting eagerly, I had no choice but to go in one sitting! In this, I have ground beef, Native Chorizo, onion, garlic, red Capsicum, some pork stock, Maggi seasoning (could be Soy sauce), 3 Tbsp lime juice and salt & pepper. Just cook it down until all nicely cooked through and crisping and then get her on the sizzling platter and serve as you will see below.

CLICK HERE to watch the Sizzling Sisig – Oh yeah baby!!!

Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)
Here she is. As I said, realistically half this amount would be ideal or 2 platters for this amount of Sisig. Crack a raw egg on top and stir through whilst the platter is still sizzling hot, sprinkle some sliced Spring onion on top and serve with some fresh Calamansi to get some citrus zing in there too. How good does that look? Quite proud of myself. Every single piece was GONE!!! Always a good sign.
Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)
I think the gang is happy. My little chicks in the nest desperate to be fed. Cheep, cheep, cheep… Well maybe Wifey is not, looks like she’s got some gastric issues…
Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)
Pain #1 today. Hour+ queueing here with United Colours of Benetton crew. Form filling. Itinerary booked. Awaiting the Dr, to then get; “Ah sorry your flight is 23/3, Dr Cert only valid 24 hours you need come back tomorrow. But we might not be open tomorrow as it is Sunday. We send you a message!” So yes pain in the process today, and pain the process or potential lack of process tomorrow. With no Dr cert = no travel on ferry = another cancelled flight.
Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)
Pain #2 = the Red Devil himself. AKA Jollibee. He’d look good on a Man Utd shirt. Horrible little thing. But some reason the kids have a fascination with it and the food. So I succumbed, 1v6. I sat in the corner with my Coke Lite and wrote some blogs whilst the kids and Wifey got covered in grease, added a few Kilos, and a few lbs of Cholesterol each. Thanks, Jollibee.

We also took an explore in the car in rain when Wifey went to see our Sister who is fit to burst with her new Baby. Sadly we were not allowed in to see her, only Wifey. Again must respect our Covid-19 position and God forbid anything got to the new babe, but we did see Chai Chai fleetingly on the steps of the Gyne offices. So off I took the kids past Bohol Tropics Hotel for the 1st time ever. There’s a whole other side of Tagbilaran over there along the seafront. We must go again another day when the virus has pissed off as there were some amazing looking restaurants over there.

Dinner time approached and so do YanYan and Mae – weee. So we all pile in the car, yes all NINE of us, for a HUGE family dinner at one of, my now Uber favourites on Panglao, Cafe Racer Diner. Bring it on guys. Let’s have a look.

Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)
A very typical Filipina family dinner – basically +5 is a normal size haha! Like a Medieval Banquet. “Bring me a flagon of Ale wench, and a roast hog whilst ye are at it.” AKA; “Can I get a Pilsen and some Lechon please Miss…”
Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)
Wifey goes for this 2nd time in a row. That means it is really good folks. Or as Wifey would say in a review; “It’s nice.” or even really pushing out the vocabulary with “Yummy!” This is the Sizzling Beef Tendon. The sauce is to die for by the way!
Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)
This is just our burgers. We had to shift to a male server so he had enough muscle to pick up the bloody tray. I think we order SEVEN The Racer Cheeseburger. I tell you again, best ever burger!!!
Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)
I have to try this whenever we go out to a new place, especially as I did my very own Brekkie version this am. This is Cafe Racer’s Sisig and a bloody good one it was too. Yeah, this gets VERY high marks on the Bohol Sisig League Table!!! There’s a thought… a League Table for Bohol for different menu options… Coming to a blog near you soon!!!
Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)
This is Cafe Racer’s version of Lumpia or Chinese Spring Rolls. I can’t remember the name but it was something Cebu at the end… Maybe the Cebu version of Lumpia. Holy crap this is beer food and a half. Super-crispy, savoury inside and beautiful chilli-dipping sauce to boot. Legendary!
Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)
Like being at Oktoberfest, only the Frauline is serving Steins of FreakShakes. Yep, we had an order go in for SIX FreakShakes. My gawd. Imagine the sugar-rush folks… I think we’ll just them to run home, loads of energy and more room in the car then.
Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again)
The final one for today. Chori Bombers (I think). A Chorizo sausage wrapped in bacon and bathed in a smoky BBQ sauce. Literally bathed. Maybe just a little too much sauce for my and Ollie liking. Great concept though. Like the ChillaxBBQ Bacon Lychee Poppers. I like it – could be stealing this one… AKA adapting a recipe to Singaporean local likes…

Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again) was our penultimate night here in paradise with the family, subject to health cert, ferry and flight tomorrow. Yeah, no pressure there then. We had another lazy day pottering about, washing before packing, changing a few light bulbs, doing some grouting in the bathrooms and kitchen etc. Almost like we live here proper activities. It’s been so very wonderful living at the house with the FULL family. Three times a day we’re all together chatting and laughing and what causes that…? Food.

To close I just want to go back to a statement I found once which sums it up for me perfectly.

It is over the dinner table that memories are made,

Deals are conducted,

Pain is shared ….

We romance,

We bond,

We fight,

We celebrate ….

And that folks was indeed the penultimate day. Wish us luck tomorrow with our exit plans and activities. Day #8 on Panglao, Daddy-Sisig & Cafe Racer Diner (again) was a lazy living here day and I loved it. Here is surely becoming our retirement home. Having the car for this trip has made a MASSIVE difference, so that is the next job on the next trip – buy a car. Of course, that was enabled by me passing my bloody driving license again at the age of 51 in Singapore haha. I. wish you all well wherever you are in the world. Don’t let this thing beat you down. Stay-at-home is a great excuse to cook and eat together, well you have to right.


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