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Baby Wagyu Sliders

Baby Wagyu Sliders

All the usual ‘must-have’ cooking parameters apply. #BillWallaceFriendly & #Here’sTheWagyKnibbsyFriendly. All came from a fridge or freezer today. So yet another made-up little recipe from what was in front of me for the kids. No burger buns so improv time. If you have cooking rings this will make this a darn sight easier to make in your own kitchen, or you’ll need to be cutting round glasses and the like for the circles. A spanking little brekkie for the kids that they both loved. So therefore happy Daddy & Wifey as well-fed and happy kids for the rest of the day. I love these.

Baby Wagyu Sliders

I think they look cute all stacked up there. The kids got meat, bread, egg, veggie and cheese all in one little stack too. A good balance.

Let’s have a looksie…

Baby Wagyu Sliders
So cute. I could have put some green leaves and/or tomatoes in there too but the kids are not big fans plus it would probably have fallen over anyway…

Baby Wagyu Sliders

I made 2x Baby Wagyu Sliders for each kid as per the picture – for that, you will need;

  • 4x slices of plain white bread (if you don’t have mini burger buns);
  • 1x Orca Wagyu beef pattie – or about 200g of minced Wagyu;
  • 1x Tsp garlic powder;
  • 2x eggs;
  • 1x small shallot;
  • Japanese mayo;
  • 4x slices of processed cheese;
  • Black truffle oil (any oil will do); and
  • Sea salt & cracked black pepper.

Pretty simple this one folks – love it, so quickly from concept to plate for the kids;

  1. Throw the meat pattie in a bowl and season with a good sprinkle of sea salt, cracked black pepper and the garlic salt;
  2. Get your hands in and mix it thoroughly and then divide into 4 equal balls – set aside;
  3. Now you will need your cooking rings and;
    • 8x circles from the 4x slices of bread
    • 4x egg circles from the fried egg
    • 4x cheese circles from the cheese slices
  4. Thinly slice the shallot;
  5. And now to the cooking part;
  6. Spray a pan with black truffle oil and crack your eggs in and fry them off – I used two little pans to fry the eggs individually, but together is fine;
  7. In a big pan spray some more black truffle oil and get it on the heat;
  8. Pop in the meatballs and flatten them down a little with a spatula until they are thick burger shape;
  9. Cook them off until nicely browned on both sides and then pop the cheese circles on to natural melt;
  10. At the same time have your 8x bread circles in the pan cooking in the oil and Wagyu beef fat – yep it is fried bread ‘buns’ – book both sides to golden;
  11. Assembly time folks;
    • Lay two fried bread circles on your serving platter;
    • Pop two burgers plus cheese on top;
    • On with some thinly sliced onion next;
    • Lay an egg circle on and top that with a dollop of Japanese mayo;
    • To finish pop two fried bread circles on top.

Come on – anyone could do that surely. A fantastic brekkie or lunch for the kids. Cheap as too. Get your patties from Shaun @ Orca, they are bloody brilliant. Great fat content so ideal for burgers and meatballs (remember the pizza). These were so very tasty, the kids loved them. Everything was gone from all food groups. Success!!! And they were set up for the rest of the day in a big way. Well, in a small way as these were Baby Wagyu Sliders – ENJOY!!!

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