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SCANPAN : best cookware on the planet 2023


SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ = Foodie Heaven

It’s official, ChillaxBBQ has partnered up with our new BFFs at SCANPAN. The relationship extends back some 20 years without us even knowing it, until an opportune meeting at Jag’s, in Siglap, after a golf game when I met Jesper the Global CEO. Jesper, in turn, introduces me to the APAC GM, Jakob whom I met today. Read on folks this is SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ 

You may have seen I have refreshed the website and we now have our partners nicely listed down there. All of them have helped us get ChillaxBBQ to where it is today and we cannot thank them enough for their ideas and support and produce of course. It makes us quite unique as a proposition for BBQs. We have also now refreshed our cooking appliances – ding dong!!! We also have had a logo refresh and new Chef coats. All coming to a ChillaxBBQ near you soon folks.


SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ = Foodie Heaven
Here are the new Chef coats that we will be wearing at our next foray on a superyacht on 28th March. OllieWood and The Beard will be doing that one. I am now thinking of a new logo to go on the right breast now for our mates @ SCANPAN.
SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ = Foodie Heaven
This is my 1st SCANPAN. I bought this something like 18 years ago. She is a stunner. Their lifetime guarantee surely stands up – look at this. She looks brand new. This is the very pan that we do our infamous 3-cheese fondue in. She has certainly worked a lot of late since the conception of ChillaxBBQ. Long may she last, and now she can rub shoulders with relatives of the modern era of SCANPAN. She is the Matriarch.
SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ = Foodie Heaven
My new BFF, Jakob, APAC GM for SCANPAN. The crazy small-world stuff happened again. I explained I live in Siglap. “I know someone that lives in Siglap @ Flamingo Gardens named Steve,” said Jakob. “Not Steve Eldridge?” said I. And yes it was one and the very same, a mutual mate to boot. A meeting that clearly was meant to happen!

Get yourself to Bishan if you like to get your hands on it before choosing (AKA me), or get yourself online and get some gear, it really is top-drawer Chef stuff. Hey, there’s a sale on right now, so a perfect time too.

Call 6276 3263

SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ = Foodie Heaven
I am feeling a little giddy in this amazing showroom, Pots and Pans everywhere, saucepans, fry pans, skillets, knives, chopping boards, steak knives, fryers, and griddles. You name it, it is here. It’s like a foodie’s treasure trove.

Have a look here for some Vlog footage of the showroom at Bishan. I was like a kid in a sweet shop. I wanted to touch and sample everything and could not stop talking (as Wifey continually reminded me). Give the guys a call or drop them a line and get yourself up and get stocked up with new stuff from the showroom. Pretty much everything here that I saw and bought had a special. price, and upstairs they have a warehouse full of goodies. You’ll see my shopping later. This was a classic case of out with the old and in with the new for me, but also some SUPER SEXY. new stuff for ChillaxBBQ including a new kit for new menu ideas. As you will see later in this little blog of SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ = Foodie Heaven.

The passion ScanPan has for its product and company is unsurpassed. Jakob even sat down and walked Wifey and me through some company slides and a video or two. He reeked of pride, and I love that immensely. I remember days of supporting Rolls Royce as a client when I was still with BT. Horrible trips to Crewe, but amazing insights into the factory, where artisans built Rolls Royce automobiles by hand. Literally, by hand.
I know all that has changed now with automation and the BMW influence, but SCANPAN has not changed. Each pan is manually made with a ‘hint’ of automation. It is full-on artisans practising their craft. And it works. I have had that 1st pan for something like 18 years now and she is as good-looking as the day she was born. It’s exceptional. And the employees clearly love it too with everyone being +10 years in the company pretty much. Not many companies in the world can stake a claim to that employee loyalty.
Let’s hear from ScanPan, shall we? I love this, and if you are a true foodie so will you;
SCANPAN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cookware with its roots deeply anchored in traditional craftsmanship. Made in Denmark.
The core of the core

With deep roots in traditional craftsmanship, we create functional and timeless tools for modern kitchens, from households to professional kitchens. Our brand is constantly evolving and we can proudly say that we are always at the forefront of innovation and technology. Since SCANPAN’s inception in 1956, our hand-cast aluminium products with patented ceramic titanium coating have formed the core of our business. Today, we still cast all of our non-stick aluminium products at our own factory in Denmark.

Environmentally friendly kitchenware

At SCANPAN we strive to make a difference – in the kitchen and in the environment. The way we see it, good food deserves quality tools made with the same commitment, respect and care that we exercise when producing and handling our food. This means that all of our die-cast aluminium products are made from environmentally friendly reutilised aluminium at our factory where we control all stages of the manufacturing process.

This is so important for us at ChillaxBBQ. If you have ever been entertained and fed by us at a BBQ you will know we use ZERO plastic and only use re-useable ceramic spoons and wooden platters. So the green agenda lives in our DNA as it does in SCANPAN so a match made in heaven there. I even acquired some SCANPAN bamboo carving boards and serving platters today to show more environmental awareness in ChillaxBBQ.

Liquid aluminium is poured by hand into a mould and die-cast under 250 tonnes of pressure. In the following processes, 30,000-degree-hot titanium is bonded to the compressed aluminium and a non-stick coating is applied and tempered. This unique casting technique ensures maximum durability and perfect heat distribution across the entire surface. Quality is controlled in every detail throughout the production process.

As part of our ongoing product and technology development, we have developed a coating 100% free of PFOA and PFOS toxins. Combined with our patented ceramic titanium technology, it is one of the market’s most resilient non-stick coatings.

An extensive range featuring the highest quality

SCANPAN makes uncompromising kitchenware for modern kitchens. In addition to the popular non-stick products, SCANPAN‘s range also includes refined design series and professional series in stainless steel and copper, special products for daily cooking and colourful kitchen knives and accessories. To ensure great quality, user-friendliness and aesthetics, we continuously develop our concepts with our partners and professional Chefs.

DaddyPedia time. Did you know a certain Chef called Gordon Ramsay is a SCANPAN user, and also MasterChef Australia has been using SCANPAN in the competition for years now?

The company

SCANPAN A/S exports to 45 countries. The export business is constantly growing and now represents more than 75% of the total turnover. SCANPAN is 100% Danish-owned, with the company’s headquarters and factory located near Aarhus, Denmark. SCANPAN A/S also has offices in Finland and subsidiaries in Norway, Singapore, China and the United States.”

I love these two facts that we saw in the slides that Jakob shared with us.

SCANPAN HQ is in a Danish town that has a population of circa 3,200.

SCANPAN manufacturing location is in a Danish town that has a population of circa 2,000.

SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ = Foodie Heaven
I have discussed with Jakob that ChillaxBBQ takes this over one night and we do a Chef table for selected guests that are our foodie buddies. That will absolutely include our BFFs. Fancy coming? Ping me, and bring an empty stomach and a shopping bag haha!!!
SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ = Foodie Heaven
Our new uniform for the ChillaxBBQ serving crew. Love it. Like the Chef coats, I now need to get the Culinary Gangsta BBQ logo on the other side.
SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ = Foodie Heaven
Be still my aching heart. All SCANPAN. Did you know they do knives and the like? I am a devout Japanese Chef knife fan and will never change that. BUT!!! When I saw this bread knife I could not help myself and we do need one. I need a new knife sharpener too as one of the crew lost my other one. I am showing them off on the new bamboo carving board/serving platters. And saving the best for last, check out that slicing knife. It’s really bendy and designed for thinly slicing salmon, Jamon and the like. I am using this on the 28th for carving our Japanese Wagyu Tenderloin Crostini ‘w’ Horseradish Cream (Toasted bread with thinly sliced Wagyu and creamy horseradish). How sexy is that knife? The handles are very Japanese in style and handling too, loving them!!!
SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ = Foodie Heaven
Beautiful bamboo serving platters to replace some of our more beaten-up ones.
SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ = Foodie Heaven
A new pan for some new ideas. Yes, we can deep-fry now as ChillaxBBQ. This is going to be insane. I already have a number of ideas for new recipes. And yes ChillaxBBQ lives on for pushing the boundaries of BBQ, now offering fried fare. Bring it on. Who wants some?
SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ = Foodie Heaven
If I wasn’t already married to wifey I think I would be on bended knee to this stunner. Actually, I got two of these so it would be a threesome, nice!!! Chef pans and the very latest non-stick technology from SCANPAN. These can be used anywhere, hob, oven, BBQ, on a Volcano if you like. These bad boys are 12″. Wifey heard me say 12″ and said she wants one too. This is made from a trademarked material called Stratanium – non-stick without compromise. Can’t wait to get going with these bad boys on 28th March. Scallops, Octopus and the like will all be going in this and onto the grill. No oil is needed as this is the very best non-stick you can get, but it feels like it is a cast-iron griddle pan. It weighs about the same too. It’s official, I am in love! Check the pans on that!
SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ = Foodie Heaven
My booty from today’s little shopping trip. I’m going for a laydown, my head is spinning haha. I am one VERY happy camper today. I have new toys, and I love em!!! Can’t wait to get them on some coals…

So there you have it, folks. What a day for me and ChillaxBBQ. SCANPAN & ChillaxBBQ = Foodie Heaven was an hour of my time well spent. We now have some of the very best gear for our little company. More to come I am certain. Just need to do some ChillaxBBQ to earn some coins to get back to the shopping haha. There’s a thought. Give us a bell to have ChillaxBBQ do your party using our new gear, or go do some shopping and use the gear to cook some of our recipes from the website, either way, folks please do – ENJOY!!!


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