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Mook’s Mookata @ 936 Hawker Siglap


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Mook’s Mookata @ 936 Hawker Siglap

download Mook's Mookata @ 936 Hawker Siglap

Today was one of those days. Two new finds in one day. You may have read the other review from today of Beer Basket? Well for dinner we did this place. Right at the back of 936 Hawker in Siglap, the one next to NTUC.

It’s great when new stalls open up in your local hawker and it so turns out that this one is an absolute belter. We literally got the double whammy of superb food today. Now I will admit I have been a critical observer to date as this place has been open a few weeks now and I have sort of put it off. Mookata in a hawker??? But, how surprised we were and I mean pleasantly surprised…

Mook's Mookata @ 936 Hawker Siglap
This is the basic principle of Thai Mookata. A hot plate where you cook yourself, a drip tray that you put a chosen flavour stock into, and loads of little plates of your chosen food to cook. 
The concept is that as you cook all the variety pf little plates that all the fats and charring (which = flavour) drip into the stock. So you get incredible BBQ food with an ever flavour intensifying soup – the longer you eat the better the soup. It is just a bloody wonderful dinner!!! And superb for families as you all get involved in the cooking.

Mook’s Mookata @ 936 Hawker Siglap


What they say on their Facebook site is ‘cutesy’; “What is Mook’s? “Moo” means pig or pork and “kata” means pan in Thai & “Mookata” means Pork’s pan and as Mookata’s lovers, we called ourselves “Mook’s”.

As a family, we love Mookata. See our previous reviews of Mookata @ Katong, and Spicy Thai – Thai Cafe @ Bedok. So to have one of these in your local hawker is off the charts. Reminds me of days with Chef Greg and Khun Mookata in Siglap, the halcyon days of a Japanese Wagyu Mookata in a hawker… I have even bought my own and cooked this up a storm for the family at home – CLICK HERE.

Mook's Mookata @ 936 Hawker Siglap
My gorgeous girls all rather happy this evening. If you look behind the girls you will see another 2 tables soon to become Mookers – you can’t help it. If you sit next to someone eating this you get the wafts of BBQ aromas, it’s insane. It’s like a drug, more, more, more…
Mook's Mookata @ 936 Hawker Siglap
Yes, this little chap was having a ball too. We love our little hawker. It’s like a 2nd home. Everyone knows us and we know them – it really is like a little family eating place. Love it.

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Mook's Mookata @ 936 Hawker Siglap
This is a great shot to show you what goes on. It’s smoking, it’s steaming, it’s charring, it’s bubbling. It’s abso-bloody-lutely brilliant is what it is. You can see the concept in action here. All that flavour on top is all running down into the soup below… Heavenly!!! They had a unique one that I have not had before at a Mookata – Mozarella stuffed bacon, holy shit that was awesome as you get melted and charred cheese with smoky, salty bacon. WOW!!! Also at the end that has to be some of the very best chicken soup I have ever eaten and the Chinese cabbage in that soup was heavily. I kid you not, one of the very best soups I have EVER eaten and it was in a hawker!!!

So there it is folks Mook’s Mookata @ 936 Hawker Siglap. What an addition to the hawker. Our new BFF’s. All EastCoasters get your families in here and try this. The Mookata is incredible. And as an added advantage – we ate until bursting point. Beef Bulgogi, marinated pork, cheese sausages, Quail eggs, mushrooms, noodles, bacon, cheese, pork belly and and and… the list goes on and on – and when we got the bill it was… wait for it… $38. Holy crap. I nearly fell off my chair. Dinner for 4 in Siglap with some incredible food for less than a \$50. That’s insane. Oh yeah, and 1.5-pint long-necks for $6.50 Why would you go anywhere else? It’s a must-try – ENJOY!!!


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