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Day 1 Cosford Container Park Lunch Review


Headed to Cosford Container Park for the Day 1 Opening! So, as a proud blogger who does not charge for reviews I jumped on the bus and headed to Cosford Container Park in an Ulu part of Singapore!

Cosford Road Bus Stop

Jumped off the bus at the Changi Baptist Church to walk up Cosford Road to the old 55 Thai Villa location! There is a new shuttle service being set up that runs from 5pm to 11pm as this is a driver destination (especially at night). For the shuttle bus pick up you will need to alight from the bus Opp. St. John’s Crescent. Bus Stop ID: 97079 Upper Changi road North.

Cosford Container Park Address

Address: 30 Cosford Rd, Singapore 499550

Telephone: +65 6734 7896

Cosford Road

The Road is Long….According to Google Maps its 10 mins walk, its in fact 700m and less than 5 mins albeit a light gradient slope to the venue!

Cosford Container Park Limited Parking

The parking looks like it might be a problem going forward, given its a go to driving destination the small car park quickly spilt over into the street. Our friends at the LTA seems to have recently added double yellow lines to the area, can’t think why!

Singapore's Largest Outdoor F&B Container Park - Cosford Container Park

Cosford Container Park sign board states clearly who are in the house, so lets get into it!

The Slice House Cosford Container Park

The Slice House

Address: 30 Cosford Rd, Singapore 499550
Telephone: +65 9047 7116

Tarts Man

Offering both hot and cold tarts Tarts Man (aka Wunderfolks) gives a delightful savory offering at Cosford Container Park. The price points 1 for $3.50 is overpriced for mere bite, it kind of pushes you into the box of 4 which costs $10 for 4 pieces, the next option is 10 for $25 which does not make it any cheaper.

I opted for the 4 and wanted to choose my flavours, however you can only choose if you order 10, so we went for a random box. The actual tarts do not represent the images displayed, the staff was untrained in what each tart was in terms of flavours.

I asked what the flavour were from left to right and was told completely wrong upon tasting. As per the image above I had 1st on left unknown and not as per staff informed me, no idea as there is nothing that matches this on the sign board but tasted like tuna, The Cypress (2nd from left), The Florentine (3rd from left), French Onion Soup (4th from left)

I’ll put this down to first day teething problems and will likely eat it again when I return with my wife but hopefully I can actually choose the tart I want or at least the staff know what the product actually is they are selling would be useful.

The tart shells are high quality, the flavours need some tweaking to intensify them, some were hit others were miss. Wish I could have chosen my preferred choices here for these prices, I would have opted for the Cheese & Steak, Smoked Bacon and The Chantilly. I did not get to try the French Onion which I would have wanted to eat as my friend opted for that one!

Streets of Bangkok Cosford Container Park

Street of Bangkok

I will certainly return to this outlet as we love Thai food, they have an outlet at One North but no other data online about this business.

Ishiro Cosford Container Park

Ishiro – Fusion Rice Bowls

Ishiro has 10 locations island wide and this outlet will do very well here, did not eat today but I will be back to check them out for sure!

Let's BBQ Bar Cosford Container Park

Let’s BBQ Bar 一起烤吧

Taiwanese BBQ skewers – so many choices so little time, a must come back to space!

Address: 30 Cosford Rd, #01-03, Singapore 499550

Telephone: +65 9899 0606

Luk’ers Drinks Stall

An extensive drinks list from Teh, Kopi etc. through to wines and Beers! They even offer Toast & Eggs and other local dishes which looks like its under Cluny but a bit confused with how Luk’ers and Cluny signage works! Luk’ers is a cyberpunk-inspired bistro-bar located in Alexandra, so I guess this is a mash up! Punk meets Kopi Uncle!

Teh & Kopi are city prices at around $2.30, beer prices are reasonable at $13 per 500ml but 2pm to 5pm its Buy 1 Get 1 Free! I will be back to take advantage of that!

Creamy Duck Cosford Container Park

Creamy Duck Cosford Container Park

Ice-cream and Waffles what’s not to love! Looks like they have some yummy milkshakes, $7.50 each, bit overpriced to be honest but I am sure the kids will bat their eyelids and get what they want here!

ETC (Eat the Chicken)

I threw down a challenge here to beat the Chicken Wings from Bark Cafe which are legendary in this area and so I opted for 1 set of Winglets & Boneless Chicken 10 pcs (I had a friend with me to share so don’t worry), we added tater tots.

Sadly the wings disappointed, the boneless one were slightly better but overall they were wet and not crispy, so its a miss on this for me plus the tater tots felt like cooked from a frozen bag I can get at any supermarket.

The Singapore Blue Lobster Cosford Container Park

The Singapore Blue Lobster

The Singapore Blue Lobster is a Breakfast style menu by day and a seafood menu by night, the signage changes to reflect that so now I am only covering the Breakfast lunch menus and will be back by night to check them out!

I arrived at Cosford Container Park at 12.15 and by the time I got to The Singapore Blue Lobster it was around 1pm went to order and was told have to come back in 30 mins as sold out and need to prepare. Another first day teething issue which is always forgivable so I waited.

30 mins later I go back and now they only have the Rosti’s! Gutted because those Brunch Sand options look great, Beef Sando $5.90 would have been my first choice. I opted for the Rosti Truffle Mushroom at $9.90 which as you can see below look great and tasted better than it looked! Can’t wait to get back for that Sando though!

Rosti Truffle Mushroom - The Singapore Blue Lobster Cosford Container Park
Cosford Container Park Stage for Live Bands

Cosford Container Park Live Bands

The old 555 Thai Villa live music was not for everyone so I can’t wait to see what bands turn up and perform here on that stage above, hopefully its not drowned out by the sound of planes landing.

School of Cambridge Bar Cosford Container Park

The School of Cambridge

This is the roof top bar you can grab a drinks to chill out overlooking Changi Airport, will be back for a drink or 12 when they are open at night!

Cosford Container Park Day 1 Conclusion

Cosford Container Park Artwork

Overall i think its a success, they had a good turn out for lunch day 1, despite some teething problems which will iron themselves out I think this can work out in the long term. Management were on site and meetings greeting guests and asking for feedback (which I obviously gave).

There are some missing logos here from earlier promos, Youngs and Rooster Club, I wonder what happened to them? I missed off Hello Butter Chicken, a new brand by Michelin chef Manjunath Mural, not deliberately but will return for an individual post on this one!


My only concern for them will be the parking situation which limited parking spaces inside and double yellow lines outside, I hope this does not kill the venue in the longer run! It’s so typical of Singapore not to help out companies looking to develop an area that’s not being used by anybody else and has no noise abatement issues!

Disclaimer: ** I paid for all the food above myself and did not freeload to promote the venue!

I wish the team at Tee Tree Investments the best of luck with this opportunity!

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