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Brekkie Cups Recipe | Breakfast | Recipes


Brekkie Cups Recipe | Breakfast | Recipes

It’s Sunday morning and the kids are wandering around and they are hungry. Time to cook some brekkie and time to get creative to make an interesting breakfast recipe that they will eat. And this recipe is on the money for that. It’s quick and easy. It’s super-yummy. It looks pretty special too. Holy trinity. The kids wolfed this down, so I have to assume they loved it. Good work Dad!!!

Brekkie Cups Recipe.

Brekkie Cups Recipe | Breakfast | Recipes
Looks good right? Breakfast in one hand. OK, this is on a platter, sat atop some dippy sauce made from tomato sauce and Japanese mayo. Squirly and swirly yumminess.

This is 100% #BillWallaceFriendly, but massively lacking on the #KnibbsyKiddleWagyuFriendly.

I came up with this idea for making breakfast you can hold in your hand. Naming them Brekkie Cups because you bake them in cupcake tins. I only made 2 today, but you could easily have a whole baking tray all going at the same time. It is seriously so very easy.

Read on below for the recipe, or watch it on;


Ingredients per person;

  • 1x slice of bread
  • 1x egg
  • 1x rasher of streaky bacon
  • Olive oil (black truffle if you have it)
  • Sea salt & cracked black pepper

Here we go;

  1. Cut the bread slice into a circle – easy if you have a Chef stacker ring, but if not just cut around a glass or cup
  2. Spray the inside of a cupcake baking tray with the Olive oil
  3. Push in the bread circle to make your cup – pushing it into the edges
  4. Place the bacon rasher around the bread cup – as this cooks it will release all its fats into the bread, making the bread bacon fat fried bread – super-yummy
  5. Crack an egg into the remaining space
  6. Season with sea salt & cracked black pepper
  7. Into a pre-heated oven at 190 for about 10 minutes until the egg and bacon are cooked
  8. Pop it out of the baking tray and plate it up on a platter
  9. I mixed some tomato sauce with Japanese mayo as a nice dippy accompaniment

You could add some grated cheese into the egg if you liked.

It would also go really nicely with some grilled vine tomatoes – drizzle with a little olive oil and season with sea salt & cracked black pepper – on a baking tray and in the oven for 10 minutes, the same as the Brekkie Cup. So there you have it.

A great little recipe for the kids brekkie. My gang loved it this morning. Always a good sign when a 7 and 12-year-old completely clear the plate. Brekkie Cups Recipe – ENJOY!!!


You’ll see many many other recipes on the channel and heaps of restaurant and hawker reviews too. Hope you like this recipe, but more importantly, I hope your kids enjoy their yummy breakfast. Brekkie Cups Recipe | Breakfast | Recipes – ENJOY!!!

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