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Wedding Anniversary @ Home – ChillaxBBQ


Wedding Anniversary @ Home – ChillaxBBQ

Covid is causing so many things apart from sad illness and death. Milestone events like birthdays and anniversaries are flying past, and some monumental like 50th birthdays and a 10-year wedding anniversary. Not to say they are forgotten, just scaled down to that magic number of 5 only allowed to your house.

And this is what happened this weekend. ChillaxBBQ was called in to perform two in a row. There’s a 1st. 4 people for dinner with the happy couple at home + yours truly being the 5th, and 3 guests plus the happy couple and yours truly actually being hired by the yacht as staff for the second event.

Yes, event #1 was at their house and event #2 was on a superyacht. How cool is that? Many cuts and burns later though…Living to the ChillaxBBQ mantra of Spotify for BBQ I met the client 1st and organised the menu playlist for both days. I love doing that – such a giggle.

Let’s have a look;

Wedding Anniversary @ Home – ChillaxBBQ

Here is the review 1st; “I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to experience Brian’s cooking for a few years so when Covid meant that our 10-year wedding anniversary would have to be a small occasion at home with just a few friends, it was just the excuse.

We made Brian’s job hard as we had a Jewish-Hindu mix in our guest list so we had to be careful to cater to everyone’s meat options. Brainstorming ideas with Brian was really fun. We ended up with four delicious courses – the ceviche was so fresh and tangy, we all wanted more!

And the lamb rack was so tender and melted in the mouth. It was such an amazing evening and so nice to be able to sit back and spend time with my guests and not worry about the food. It made the evening very special and we can’t wait to have Brian back again!”

I’ll take that any day of the week. OK, I missed some photos as was double busy doing this session alone today. But the menu was;


Main Course

Wedding Anniversary @ Home - ChillaxBBQ
Black truffle Tartufata mushrooms with sourdough crisp – yummo…
Wedding Anniversary @ Home - ChillaxBBQ
Tuna Tataki ‘w’ red salsa and lemon pepper mayo – double yummo
Wedding Anniversary @ Home - ChillaxBBQ
Signature cheese fondue – this is a belter. A little Thyme, corn starch, and white wine and slowly melt to silky perfection. Hell yeah!!!
Wedding Anniversary @ Home - ChillaxBBQ
Ceviche ‘w’ swordfish – my first time to make this. It got a mention in the review, so double happy with that.
Wedding Anniversary @ Home - ChillaxBBQ
Roast spuds with garlic & thyme, and delicious roast carrots with honey
Wedding Anniversary @ Home - ChillaxBBQ
Brussels sprouts ‘w’ chilli at special request by the client.
Wedding Anniversary @ Home - ChillaxBBQ
Perfect pink2pink Toma. Seriously how good does that look? WOW!!!
Wedding Anniversary @ Home - ChillaxBBQ
A stunning chicken. You can’t get how moist this is from the picture. The can of Fanta up its arse boils and then steams the chicken inside out and the oven roasts the outside. How amazing is that? Add some butter under the skin, and herbs in the cavity and you have a perfect chicken in about one and a half hours.

And that was Wedding Anniversary @ Home – ChillaxBBQ. Thank you to my clients for asking ChillaxBBQ to be trusted with your wedding anniversary meals. Orca & The Cheese Shop – just amazing produce as always, like incredible. Watch the blog for event #2 tomorrow to come. It’s superyacht time. Give me a bell if you also want to – ENJOY!!!

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