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Incredible Thow Yen Seafood 2023 Update


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Sorry We're Closed

With a heavy heart, ISLIFEARECIPE is announcing the forthcoming closure of our dear friends at Thow Yen Seafood, Teck Ee @ Siglap. From April 2023 we will no longer see the smiling faces and be able to dine on their incredible cuisine. Anne and the team are moving back to Malaysia. It is literally like saying goodbye to family.

We have been dining here on their incredible hawker cuisine for 10 years since moving to Siglap. They have seen my kids grow. They have fed my kids amazing food to help that growth. They have met our family and friends from all over the world. They are our friends. Why do you ask? Because Teck Ee is being greedy and slamming the rents sky-high. It’s criminal and causing food heritage to did in Singapore. It seems the Govt has taken its eyes off the Unesco Heritage alignment and support to our hawkers. It’s incredibly sad and we will miss Anne and her team massively.

I would encourage you to get down here to have one last meal, say goodbye and thank the crew for their amazing service to our little community of Siglap. A sad day for the hawker scene in Singapore.

Cheap and good food in the East – Siglap

We have been coming here for nine years or so now since our very first visit to Siglap and enjoying the Cheap and good food in the East – Siglap. We had the good fortune to watch some live music at what was then called LTN Food Village. We have seen many new hawker stalls open and many close, sadly thru Covid,  but one constant is our BFF Anne and Thow Yen Seafood. It is a family favourite, so we’re giving the blog a facelift and a bejazzle… Thow Yen Seafood 936 Food House Siglap 2022.

Thow Yen Seafood FoodPanda

Our mate Anne working the counter with her fun and frolics pre Covid and recently in 2022. Not much has changed at all apart from the mask...

thow yen outside 2022
thow yen front desk old

Let's check the Thow Yen Seafood Menu 2022

thow yen menu fish Incredible Thow Yen Seafood 2023 Update
Thow Yen Seafood Menu Meat Side

Watch our little video reel of the incredible 936 Food House Siglap, including our BFFs at Thow Yen Seafood

Let's check some food out, but 1st let me APOLOGISE for the shocking photo quality

Thow Yen Facebook 1 Incredible Thow Yen Seafood 2023 Update

Above you have Jude Jude’s favourite Prawn Paste Chicken Wings @ $10, their Sweet & Sour Pork @ $10, Sambal Sotong @ $12, kicking Onion Omelet @ $6, 3-Egg Spinach @ $10 small. The food really is just no-frills BUT stunning!!!

We will eat at LTN 2-3 times a week, and at Thow Yen Seafood @ LTN Food Village, at least once a week. If you want consistently good quality, extremely fresh, cooked from scratch, tasty every so tasty, and extremely affordable food then this is the place. We love the food from here. I have written before about here, but we received some inside information that there was a new dish they were trying out – so here we are and here it is. You are so going to like this, especially if you live in Siglap, so next-door neighbours to this place.

thow yen egg fried rice
thow yen claypot chicken

Some of the best Egg-Fried Rice you are likely to have – smokilicious… This is delicious sigh little bits of shrimp and char siew too. Absolutely amazing!

@ $4

Claypot Chicken  – slow slow braised and baked in a claypot – yum. Like holy moly yummo yum…

@ $25

thow yen baby kai lan
thow yen broccoli Incredible Thow Yen Seafood 2023 Update

Up next with their Kai Lan Steamed in Garlic, likewise, this has to be up there with the very best consumed by the mouth of Kennett. Simply steamed and maybe a quick wok stir with garlic. Goodness me.

@ $7 small

Broccoli Steamed in Garlic This was another new one for us tonight. I tell you what this was superb. Steam and a quick fry with garlic, even thinly slicing the stalk so as not to waste anything. Usually, that stalk would be tough and woody, this was sweet, with a little crunch, but certainly not woody. Seriously good food experience for something so simple.

@ $8 small

thow yen sliced thai fish

Thai Style Sliced Fish Mary’s Thai Sliced Fish – mmmmm Jammy. Mary loved it because it was deep fried, very fresh, and came with this gooey chili jam as you can see from the photo. Combinations of texture, and flavour. Oh yeah, and it looks amazing!

@ $12 small

beef claypot thow yen

So this is the best til last. This is the new dish. This is not yet on the menu and is only served on Saturdays and Sundays if you are lucky. We also recently tried the chicken version and man that is so good too. I am not even going to try to guess what goes in this, but it is clearly slow-cooked for hours as the meat falls apart it is so so tender. The flavours are intense, but the broth is super light. It is really just so damned good and worth a trip to Thow Yen Seafood just for this, believe me. The vegetables are super soft too. Carrots and Winter melon, with ginger, Spring Onions, a little parsley, and secret stuff too. Secret stuff I very much doubt they will ever share with me, and doubtful I could recreate it myself.

Yes, we’ll be back for more!!! This is Thow Yen Seafood @ LTN Food Village and this is their new Claypot Beef @ $18

Additional family favorites, that I cannot quite believe I have not got photos for that I can use are;

  • Spring Onion Sliced Fish $12 small

  • Sesame Pork Ribs @ \$10 small

  • Spring Onion Sliced Beef @ $12 small

  • Black Pepper Beef @ $12 small

Also, ask Anne for Brian’s Noodles (literally ask Anne for Brian’s noodles) – Beef Hor Fun that is not on the menu, but @ $6 for a small it is heavenly especially when you squeeze that Calamansi lime over… WOW!!!

Our conclusions of Thow Yen Seafood 936 Food House Siglap 2022

So my friends if you want a fantastic family meal at affordable prices. Get down to Siglap, and come see the lovely staff at Thow Yen Seafood @ Siglap 936 Food House. Ask for a big table. Get your friends and family with you. Order hard. Order variety. And eat and eat and eat. Wash down with some of those local beverages they call beer. I tell you what you’ll be happy, you’ll be full, and you’ll be licking your lips and planning your next dinner visit.


Address & Telephone Number

Yes, they do delivery and pick up from the usual suspects GrabFood and FoodPanda.

Or give Anne a call, be nice to her, on 9369 3688.

They’re open now 7 days a week from 11:00-14:00, and then 16:00-00:00

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