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Thow Yen Seafood @ LTN Food Village

Thow Yen Seafood @ LTN Food Village

Thow Yen Seafood @ LTN Food Village
Just so you don’t miss it, walk in the front and head over to the front left area – you should see this lovely lady standing there serving…

We will eat at LTN 2-3 times a week, and at Thow Yen Seafood @ LTN Food Village, at least once a week. If you want consistently good quality, extremely fresh, cooked from scratch, tasty every so tasty and extremely affordable food then this is the place. We love the food from here. I have written before about here, but we received some inside information that there was a new dish they were trying out – so here we are and here it is. You are so going to like this, especially if you live in Siglap, so next door neighbours to this place.

Let’s get to the food we ordered tonight from Thow Yen Seafood @ LTN Food Village? We ate like Kings & Queens this sitting, we tried a few new things too, variety is the spice of life after all. Here we go;

Broccoli Steamed in Garlic

Thow Yen Seafood @ LTN Food Village
Have a look at this stuff, damned fine – up there with the best ever broccoli eaten by these gums…

This was another new one for us tonight. I tell you what this was superb. A steam and a quick fry with garlic, even thinly slicing the stalk so not to waste anything. Usually that stalk would be tough and woody, this was sweet, with a little crunch, but certainly not woody. Seriously good food experience for something so simple.

Kai Lan Steamed in Garlic

Thow Yen Seafood @ LTN Food Village
Up next with their killer Kai Lan, likewise this has to be up there with the very best consumed by the mouth of Kennett. Simply steamed and maybe a quick wok stir with garlic. Goodness me.

Thai Style Sliced Fish

Thow Yen Seafood @ LTN Food Village
Mary’s Thai Sliced Fish – mmmmm Jammy. Mary loved it because it was deep fried, very fresh and came with this gooey chili jam as you can see from the photo. Combinations of texture, and flavour. Oh yeah and it looks amazing!

Yong Cho Fried Rice

Thow Yen Seafood @ LTN Food Village
Some of the best fried rice you are likely to have – smokilicious… This is delicious. Little bits of shrimp and char siew too. Bloody amazing!

And finally the new one, the best til last – The Claypot Beef

Thow Yen Seafood @ LTN Food Village
Slow-cooked beefy goodness, reminds me of stew back home, but with a broth like not other. This is the special, and it sure is that!!!

So this is the best til last. This is the new dish. This is not yet on the menu. This is only served on Saturdays and Sundays, if you are lucky. We also recently tried the chicken version and man that is so good too. I am not even going to try to guess what goes in this, but it is clearly slow cooked for hours as the meat falls apart it is so so tender. The flavours are intense, but the broth is super light. It is really just so damned good and worth a trip to LTN just for this, believe me. The vegetables are super soft too. Carrots and Winter melon, with ginger, Spring Onions, a little parsley and secret stuff too, secret stuff I very doubt they will share, and doubtful I could recreate – yes we’ll be back for more!!! This is Thow Yen Seafood @ LTN Food Village and this is their new Claypot Beef.

So my friends if you want a fantastic family meal at affordable prices. Get down to Siglap, come see the lovely staff at Thow Yen Seafood @ LTN Food Village. Ask for a big table. Get your friends and family with you. Order hard. Order variety. And eat and eat and eat. Wash down with some of those local beverages they call beer. I telly you what you’ll be happy. You’ll be full. You’ll be licking your lips. You’ll be planning your next dinner visit – ENJOY!!!

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