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Chilli & Cheese, Stuffed Tomas

Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


ChillaxBBQ Chilli & Cheese, Stuffed Tomahawks


I told my mate and local butcher partner, Shaun at OrcaMarketing, that I was going to push the boundaries a tad today with a new concept I have for the Tomahawks. It’s also great to see a few of you have a crack at home cooking your own Tomahawks, and ordering from ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Delivery haha!!! Well done Mr Knibbs and Mr Caldwell recently for cooking at home!!! You’d be welcome on the ChillaxBBQ tools when this nasty stuff has passed us by. To the radical use of an OrcaMarketing Tomahawk though – this is ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #19. And this is ChillaxBBQ Chilli & Cheese, Stuffed Tomahawks.

You’re gonna get some stills and some video for this one. You MUST watch the video of you are into #videofoodheaven

ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #19
Is it just me or does this looks a bit Gyni? Anyways, take the Tomahawk and slice a pocket in the meat-side opposite the bone and stuff that with a packet of sliced cheese (of your choice) and about 8 or so dried chillis. Yes, I should have ordered from our partners, The Cheese Shop, but I was under the pump timewise due to work and calls about to start with Europe, plus this was an experiment – next time absolutely!!! Man oh man this is going to be good. I just have a feeling!!!
ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #19
These are the dried chillis I used. You can get these from any deli in Singapore, even NTUC I believe. Because they are dried they lose the fierce heat and give off a super-smoky warmth. Holy shit, this is going to be solo good!!!
ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #19
Give her the usual good stabbing with the tenderizer or metal skewer if you don’t have one. And again, as usual, a bloody good sprinkling of sea salt & cracked black pepper. I know it looks a lot but this is like 3″ deep of meat.
ChillaxBBQ Chilli & Cheese Stuffed Tomas
Then skewer the ‘slit’ with some cocktail sticks, as I have in the photo. This is to ensure the cheese and the chillis stay in the cavity and don’t fall out when reverse-searing or when charring in the pan.

Cook in EXACTLY the same way as our ‘normal’ ChillaxBBQ Tomahawks. 90 degrees for 90-120 minutes reverse-searing, depending on your doneness preference. 54 degrees core temperature for medium-rare. When she is done you don’t need to rest due to the low and slow cooking. Straight in your HOT SCANPAN with a big knob of butter and char that puppy up with a lovely crust on both. sides. Just like the photo below. Pop that on your carving platter and remove the cocktail sticks. It’s time to carve my friends. Here comes the finished article ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #19.

ChillaxBBQ Chilli & Cheese Stuffed Tomahawks

ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #19
I can’t ever get tired of cooking these. These are absolutely our signature dish at ChillaxBBQ. I think we have taken the humble Tomahawk to new heights. It is #foodheaven, and I LOVE IT!!! But, what’s it like inside???

This is some video footage. you must watch if you are a foodie. This steak came out PERFECTLY done to medium/medium-rare. The cheese was a perfect melt and the chilli gave an incredible smoky heat through the meat. I gave the carved meat another sprinkle of sea salt and Kampot cracked black pepper of course. This was OFF-THE-CHARTS amazing steak. I kid you not. This is up there with the best I have ever done personally, and have perhaps ever eaten too. This is ChillaxBBQ Chilli & Cheese Stuffed Tomahawks, and I am blown away.

ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #19 is a die die must-try for all you foodies. You will NOT be disappointed. This is one incredible steak dish for the family and a beauty for Stay@Home dining. If you. don’t believe words…

CLICK HERE and watch the carving of this beast!!! OMG!!! It really is #videofoodheaven

ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #19
Strawberry Blonde demolishing the Rib Eye bone. Packed with meat that has cooked to almost a jerky on the bone. Seasoned perfectly though. I love seeing this happen at the dining table. It surely does mean you have cooked something right!

ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #19 was a bit of a food epiphany. An idea that just popped in there. I wanted to cook the Tomahawk. She was out and at room temperature. But we had had so much steak and meat of late that I wanted to do something different. And boy did we get that with ChillaxBBQ Chilli & Cheese Stuffed Tomahawks. This is a cracking recipe. I’ll say it again, it is die die must-try. Amazing steak. It is not burning hot chilli, it is a slow warmth chilli and with the cheese it is KILLER, believe me. My fellow foodies, please give this one a go. Bell Shaun and get a Tomahawk. Ping The Cheese Shop and get some quality cheese and have a go. You will absolutely, categorically – ENJOY!!!

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