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Spice Restaurant @ Mayang Sari Beach Resort


Mayang Sari Beach Resort dinner at Spice Restaurant

Spice Restaurant is located in the main lobby of Mayang Sari Beach Resort, which is part of the Nirwana Gardens in Bintan, Indonesia.

The restaurant offers a variety of popular dishes, including Chicken Tandoori, Butter Chicken, Aloo Gobi Masala, and Ayam Bakar. It is known for its Indian cuisine and provides both dine-in and takeaway service options.

Mayang Sari Beach Hut is a rustic beach bar located right beside Spice Restaurant. It offers al fresco seating and serves guests with a beachfront ambiance.

Spice Restaurant Dinner Time

Another night, another dinner. This night we opt to go for Indian and pop over to Spice Restaurant @ Mayang Sari Beach Resort. We’d seen this on shuttle bus drop-offs to other venues. We had to have a look, and a food try out. Always in to variety as you know from previous blogs. Whilst here you can now check out all the previous dining experiences we had at this resort, at;


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Spice Restaurant @ Mayang Sari Beach Resort
Here’s the chicken tandoori – sorry chaps, tasted like no chicken tandoori I had had before (in a weird way)

This was not like the smoky chicken tandoori I am used too. It was way way up on citrus. Very lime and lemon tasting. Not to say that’s a bad thing, just not what I was expecting at all. 

So there was me thinking yummy here we go some nice blackened chicken tandoori, smoky flavours, deep set spices etc. and I ended up with some citrus infused chicken pieces with a hint of tandoori spice. We did finish it, so truly it was not a terrible dish – just a little of a surprise.

Spice Restaurant @ Mayang Sari Beach Resort
This was the outstanding dish for this evenings foray in to Spice’s menu – Ollie’s Butter Chicken

Ollie chose the winner in my reckoning. His butter chicken, was more chicken tandoori than my chicken tandoori. The gravy was literally to die for. 

This one is a die die must try. The Naans by the way were excpetional, we had plain, garlic and butter. With this dish and with this supreme gravy, you have a match made in heaven. This one dish should have the Chef’s hat next to it on the menu – stellar work Spice Restaurant @ Mayang Sari Beach Resort!!!

Spice Restaurant @ Mayang Sari Beach Resort
A tad trades description here folks – from the menu photo to this – the Lamb Rack Tandoori

I have to be honest. We have eaten some of the world leading Lamb Tandoori in my reckoning. I have been lucky to have that in India, but also places like Penang and Singapore of course, major Indian influences with local nuances. This sadly did nothing for me, and neither for my Mary. 

It was brown in colour not the usual orangey colour you’d expect. Perhaps a different region’s version – who knows? It was not smoky in taste, again as you’d expect. I was not wanting to suck the bone, and constantly lick my fingers with this one, again as I usually do. We did not end up with a family fight for the final piece, as we usually do.

To finish – I have to mention this a couple of times. The menu photo shows lamb chops, the rack of lamb chops. It looked amazing, I want it. We order it. What turned up was above. So far from the photo it is not funny. So disappointment just for the eyes. Sorry Spice Restaurant @ Mayang Sari Beach Resort, some work needed for this dish for us to re-order this.

Spice Restaurant @ Mayang Sari Beach Resort
Aloo Matar – a wee choice from yours truly from the vegetarian section of the menu. Check this bad boy out, tres bien!!!

From the vegetarian selection comes this rather cracking dish. Again more tandoori flavoured than the tandoori dishes, and again a gravy dish that was amazing with the Naans. 

I wanted to try this from the menu description and very glad I did. This was also a cracker. Nicely up there on the spice-o-meter too, nice burn on the tongue. Peas and potato curry, who’d have thought it. Wonder what Bourdain would think of this veggie dish? I really got in to this one – dip, dip, dip – this get a big recommendation!!!

So folks this an honest opinion from yours truly. Living in Singapore we are so so spoilt with 4 and 5 out of 5 * rated restaurants, for half the price, and on our doorstep. I would also say direct to Spice, caution re the menu photos of things like the Lamb Rack Tandoori in comparison to what arrives on the plate – that could have been two separate dishes if given a side by side comparison. It was nice food, it truly was. The Chef was a top guy, always out from the kitchen interacting and checking all was OK. I liked that.

Worth a look, for sure, adds variety to the other options you have here. Just I have had better, for considerably less. And just one other annoyance – all the restaurants I have reviewed are part of Nirwana resort “enclosure”, so why is a Bintang \$8 SGD here at Spice compared to \$7 SGD at other restaurants – only \$1, but it’s a principal thing and a piss off for yours truly. Spice Restaurant @ Mayang Sari Beach Resort though provided a really nice dinner, it’s a worth a look if you’re here, just pick your choices carefully – ENJOY!!!

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Spice Restaurant has received positive reviews on platforms like Tripadvisor, with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. It is praised for its tasteful food, great atmosphere, and excellent service. However, some reviewers have mentioned that the prices are relatively high, even for a restaurant located inside a resort area.

The Mayang Sari Beach Resort is a rustic beachfront resort nestled on a secluded cove overlooking the Singapore Strait. It is situated about 4 kilometers from Laguna Bintan Golf Club and 13 kilometers from downtown Lagoi. The resort offers comfortable rooms, two outdoor pools, and helpful staff.

Spice Restaurant, Bintan Address & Telephone

Address: Sebong Lagoi, Teluk Sebong, Bintan Regency, Riau Islands, Indonesia

Telephone: +62 770 692505 

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