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Paradise Dynasty at Funan Mall – lunch with wifey


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Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall - lunch with wifey

OK, OK this was not a school day albeit that we did go to Amy’s school and nearly went to Ollie’s too. But more as in it was not a workday. But anyways it was still lunch with the wifey (and all the kids), so it was ace. Funan has just opened its doors again with it’s newly designed concept in retail and residential and Ollie had spotted a new restaurant there that we all thought would be groovy to visit. So off we popped to Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall – lunch with wifey. These guys apparently have 100 outlets globally, that is monster.

Funan Mall was bonkers busy though, so I was delighted to sit down and get away from the chaos and constant barging. Take a shawl or jumper to this restaurant though as man oh man if you want to experience life as a Polar Bear here is where to do it. It is bloody freezing. I always question why. Imagine the $$ they would save by dropping a few degrees. Sweat from the walk to the restaurant was soon frozen on our faces. Anyways here comes Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall – lunch with wifey.

Before the food let’s check their ‘mission statement’ in the menu and see how the food compared shall we? I love doing this stuff. Eat your heart out Jerry McGuire.

Promising a sensorial experience with service from the heart, every concept immerses the diner in an atmosphere that captures the finer points of Chinese culture, particularly the finest from its rich array of culinary delights. True to our mission to improve, enhance and create for our customers’ ultimate experience enjoyment, the Paradise Group marries tradition with innovation – a match that is made in heaven.

Wow, that’s punchy. No mention of excessive Aircon enjoyment for their customers in there though…

Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall - lunch with wifey #workisover-rated
Crispy Vegetable Spring rolls were rather good. That super crunchy crunch and gooey and chewy inside. A little dip in some soy and heaven. Yeah I like.
Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall - lunch with wifey #workisover-rated
Egg-fried rice was nice. In fact, Amy ate most of it. But sorry guys, Din Tai Fung wins hands down on their egg fried rice, especially the one with the shredded pork in it. That one still has Family Kennett #1 vote to this day.
Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall - lunch with wifey #workisover-rated
La Mian with sliced pork in signature pork bone soup was the choice of Wifey and Jude. Old school signature dishes for them it seems. Bloody amazing broth, springy chewy noodles to die for. Yeah, this was a good choice by that partnership today.
Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall - lunch with wifey #workisover-rated
Chilled cucumber with minced garlic was OK but just OK. It really is a lovely refreshing salad. But, I am having to compare to our mates again at Din Tai Fung and our winner at #1 at the moment for this little dish from Treasures Yi Dian Xin @ Parkway Parade. That comes with a spicy, oily, vinegar dressing too – it’s off-the-charts.
Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall - lunch with wifey #workisover-rated
Poached beef in Szechuan Chil Oil – and we went for the mid-tier called ‘spicy’, not ‘very spicy’. OK, wow. What can I say? Well, nothing at all after the first spoonful of the broth. Fark me that is punchy. If you fed that to your cat I am certain his arse would drop out. My goodness. Ollie and I were the only ones to do some damage to this. It was sublime believe me, but it was a 3-4 person sharing bowl and it was seriously spicy. I mean come on I have gone close up and you can see the Szechuan peppers and the Chili Padis there. I was still singing Roy Orbison’s Ring of Fire for a couple of days afterwards. But I would say this is a MUST TRY here. It’s spanking – in MANY ways!!!
Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall - lunch with wifey #workisover-rated
Deep-fried Scallion pastries… Just lush. Buttery and flaky pastry, crunchy and then a lovely subtle onion kicker. I love these things. A little soy sauce and double BOOM.
Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall - lunch with wifey #workisover-rated
Signature original Xiao Long Bau. Come on you have to compare to the likes of Din Tai Fung. And these are also Jude’s favourites. Sorry Din Tai Fung is the winner, winner chicken dinner – get a virtually unanimous vote from Family Kennett.
Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall - lunch with wifey #workisover-rated
As a special treat, we get into their special versions of the former – this one being Black Truffles. Much more subtle to Din Tai Fung’s version. I am 50/50 on the fence.
Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall - lunch with wifey #workisover-rated
And this completely whacky one which is 8 different ‘specials’ that they even give you a little assist card to walk you through the order in which to eat (well their recommendation). As there were a few of us, excluding the ‘I won’t try anything new Amy’, we could not properly share so sort of ate one each randomly and gave verbal notes of the experience. Black truffles version superb, quite light and not overpowering. Original we voted on already. Ginseng was crazy, very herby, but accompanied the pork and gravy really well. Foie gras was an Ollie taste, and we nearly lost him for a while with his eyes rolling to the ceiling. Yeah good. The cheese was just bonkers. It was almost like a melted cheese broth in there with the pork. Crazy and crazy good. Crab roe I’ll leave up to Ollie of course. He said not fresh and fishy but really interesting. Garlic was very good and again not too overpowering but nicely punchy too. And then the end was Ollie again and he said this was his favourite. Same flavours as the hot pot without the after burn.
Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall - lunch with wifey #workisover-rated
Here is that very said card. I have to say this is unique to these guys. Nowhere else have I ever seen a tasting selection like this. What a magic idea.
Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall - lunch with wifey #workisover-rated
And then we had finished and went for a wander to walk the food off and then I saw these beauties. Just like the ones I have been looking at in China, and they look damned good. They are battery only so not really for driving around, but boy do they look cool as.

As you know I love writing these blogs. Nearly a thousand have been written by these old fingers now, and that is just the food ones. recipes, reviews etc. What I have learnt since doing them is that we are quite blessed living in Singapore to have such incredible access to stunning foods and such a variety to boot. So to review a dish and say it is spanking but there is a better version of the same at another place becomes bloody hard. I am not saying things like their Xiao Long Bao and cucumber salad were not good. They were. There is just better of the same dish. So this was our little foray to grazing pastures new today. This was Paradise Dynasty @ Funan Mall – lunch with wifey. It really is worth a visit to this one, just wear a coat and then you will.



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