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Little Island Brewing Co Best Review (2023)


Little Island Brewing Co Best Review (2023)

Oh, dear. What happened in 2 years? Mary, the kids, and me thought we’ll scoot down today for lunch and then pop over to the beach afterward for the afternoon. What a great idea. I realized this was 2 years since we had visited so needed a review update, hence Little Island Brewing Co Best Review (2023).

Sadly things have gone bad. The BBQ pit was not working. No hot coals. The food was coming from the unseen kitchen. What’s happened?  The food still looked good today, but all was not so good.

Have a look back here at our very first review of Little Island Brewing Co – HERE.

Little Island Brewing Co Best Review 2023

Mary knows her fish very well. She said it was fresh but very dry. So it looks good on the outside, but it is majorly overcooked.

Little Island Brewing Co Brisket Sandwich

The brisket was again overcooked, and quite dry. Again it looks good, and it was tasty, but not a match on the brisket we had two years ago. The food really has dropped off the cliff, sadly.

Little Island Brewing Co Wagyu Burger

The wagyu burger was very overcooked. Well done at best. No juices flowing like last time at a perfect medium-rare. It was a rather disappointing effort actually. Is there going to be a good dish today?

What does Little Island Brewing Co have to say for themselves?

Fancy fresh, locally-brewed craft beers paired with tantalising 15-hour smoked beef brisket and melt-in-your-mouth pork belly? Then LITTLE ISLAND BREWING CO. is what you've been looking for! We are a 10,000 square feet, 400-seater microbrewery and smokehouse employing traditional methods to produce award winning world-class beers and awesome food! Our sylvan charm lies in the laid back rustic Changi Village vibes where shooting the breeze under starry skies and twinkly fairy lights is the order of the night! Dance on the tables, strike up the band, indulge in delicious bites, chug down the beer and soak in the atmosphere! Recommended by The New York Times as a must-visit destination in Singapore, LITTLE ISLAND BREWING CO now channels its breezy Changi Village vibe and crafty DNA to its classy outlet at South Beach, a tribute to the area's beachfront history. Savour our craft beers, freshly brewed and dispensed from 20 copper taps and 12 self-pour taps. Our team of seasoned chefs has carefully curated locally sourced and imported ingredients, with our traditional smoked and grilled meats in equally refined techniques. We've created a culinary tour de force in one bite!

Little Island Brewing Co Bruschetta

And finally, the bruschetta. Oh dear, again not a comparison to what we had two years ago. It was very soggy bread. I so wish we could have time-traveled back 2 years!

So, sadly, Little Island Brewing Co, you are getting massively marked down to a 3 out of 5 for this lunch trip. My Mary even said we’ll come to the beach, and just skip this place and go straight to Changi Bistro next time. Oh, dear. I have to say it was a massive letdown. You all know my operating mode now, it’s honesty and this is an honest review. I truly wish we could have time-traveled back two years. We won’t be visiting here any time soon. Little Island Brewing Co Best Review 2023. ENJOY!!!


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Little Island Brewing Co Menu

What is the address and contact details for Little Island Brewing Co?

Address: 6 Changi Village Rd, #01-01/02, Singapore 509907

What are the opening hours of Little Island Brewing Co?

Friday12 pm–12 am
Saturday11 am–12 am
Sunday11 am–10:30 pm
Monday12–10:30 pm
Tuesday12–10:30 pm
Wednesday12–10:30 pm
Thursday12–11 pm

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