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Best Three Cheese Fondue Recipe


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ChillaxBBQ's Iconic Signature Three Cheese Fondue Recipe

Am I seriously giving this one away? ChillaxBBQ’s Three Cheese Fondue Recipe. It’s turned into a favorite. Maybe you won’t need us anymore. But can you be arsed to prepare and cook, I doubt it, my friends? So as a tease and tantalising challenge to get cooking with cheeses here is ChillaxBBQ Cheese Fondue.

We used to buy our cheeses down at Joo Chiat Road, but now in Siglap at The Cheese Deli Siglap. Also, you have to hire ChillaxBBQ or you won’t get our secret three-cheese recipe and skilled preparation and cooking execution. But give it a go, this is ChillaxBBQ Cheese Fondue recipe.

Best Three Cheese Fondue Recipe

OK, I need to make this complex you will never try to copy ChillaxBBQ Cheese Fondue. Or shall I just be nice and spill the beans, or cheese in this case?

Here we go; The Best Three Cheese Fondue Recipe.

Cut a French Stick into thin slices, cut those into quarters, and get them on the coals for a light toasting. Just brown them until crispy, as you can see in the picture. There are your dipping utensils for the Three Cheese Fondue – yes this is a sharing platter, it’s rustic-like.

To the fondu. I use my big copper bottom pan to cook and serve as you can see. In to that follow these instructions for a huge pan of ChillaxBBQ Cheese Fondu:

  • On the heat, as in the BBQ coals, goes the pan,
  • Melt a big lump of Ghee,
  • Fry off a good tablespoon of finely chopped garlic with two finely chopped chili padi,
  • Get about 4 different types of wild mushrooms in the pan, chopped into bite-sized pieces,
  • Add in:
    • 5-6 sprigs of fresh Thyme,
    • a good pinch of sea salt and cracked black Kampot pepper,
  • 2 Kg of three different types of cheese grated or cut to small cubes (here is where we keep our secret – you choose which ones you want – make sure you have a blue, and a melty one),
  • Before you throw that in the pan, dust the cheese with corn flour,
  • In the pan with the cheese and a glass of white wine,
  • Let the cheese melt down slowly until it is liquid, and you can have your punters dipping it with the toasted bread,
  • Serve from the pan with the toasty bread in a bowl, as per the picture.

And there you have it folks: ChillaxBBQs Best Three Cheese Fondue Recipe. If you want the best results, please buy quality cheeses from The Cheese Deli Siglap! This dish is an absolute belter and has so far got RAVE REVIEWS, so give it a go, or call ChillaxBBQ and we’ll do it for you. I guarantee you will – ENJOY!!!

Three Cheese Fondue

Three-Cheese Fondue is a delectable dish that brings together the rich and creamy flavors of three different cheeses, creating a luscious dip for bread, meats, and vegetables. This fondue typically features a combination of cheeses like Gruyère, Swiss, and Cheddar, which are melted into a smooth and velvety consistency. A classic recipe often includes ingredients such as dry white wine, cherry brandy, and various seasonings like nutmeg and cayenne pepper to enhance the flavor profile.

To prepare Three-Cheese Fondue, you’ll need to start by shredding or cubing the selected cheeses. Then, you’ll create a base by combining ingredients like white wine, butter, and flour to make a roux. Once the roux is ready, you gradually add the shredded cheeses, stirring continuously until they melt and blend seamlessly into the mixture. The result is a decadent cheese sauce that’s perfect for dipping a variety of dippables.

Whether you’re planning a fondue party or a cozy night in, Three-Cheese Fondue is a delightful and interactive dish that is sure to please cheese lovers. It’s an ideal option for communal dining, offering a fun and delicious way to enjoy a flavorful cheese dip with your favorite accompaniments.

People also asked about Three Cheese Fondue Recipes

1How do I make Three Cheese Fondue at home?To make Three Cheese Fondue at home, shred Gruyère, Swiss, and Cheddar cheese. Create a base with wine, butter, and flour. Gradually melt the cheese into the mixture.
2What are the best cheeses to use in Three Cheese Fondue?The best cheeses for Three Cheese Fondue are typically Gruyère, Swiss, and Cheddar, creating a rich and flavorful blend.
3Can I make Three Cheese Fondue without wine?Yes, you can make Three Cheese Fondue without wine by using alternatives like chicken or vegetable broth, apple juice, or non-alcoholic white wine.
4What should I serve with Three Cheese Fondue?Serve Three Cheese Fondue with bread cubes, boiled potatoes, vegetables, and cured meats for dipping.
5Is Three Cheese Fondue suitable for vegetarians?Three Cheese Fondue can be suitable for vegetarians by using vegetarian-friendly cheeses and vegetable-based broth instead of wine.
6Are there any variations of Three Cheese Fondue recipes?Yes, variations of Three Cheese Fondue include adding seasonings like nutmeg, cayenne pepper, or different herbs for unique flavors.
7What is the origin of Three Cheese Fondue?Three Cheese Fondue has Swiss origins and is a variation of traditional Swiss cheese fondue recipes.
8Can I use a fondue pot to make Three Cheese Fondue?Yes, a fondue pot is ideal for making Three Cheese Fondue, as it keeps the cheese warm and at a perfect consistency for dipping.
9What are some common issues and troubleshooting tips for Three Cheese Fondue?Common issues include cheese seizing or becoming too thick; troubleshoot by adding more liquid gradually while stirring.
10How can I store leftover Three Cheese Fondue?Leftover Three Cheese Fondue can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container. Reheat gently and add a splash of wine or broth to maintain the desired consistency.

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