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Incredible Chao Niu Hot Pot at Duo Galleria 2023 Review


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Incredible Chao Niu Hot Pot at Dua Galleria, 2023 review update

Chao Niu Hot Pot; We have not been since Covid, and since they moved. Yes, they are no more Katong, they are now Duo Galleria. An uber cool new location for Chao Niu Hot Pot, close to the bustling Haji Lane. It’s on the ground floor with some rather cool neighbours and a stone’s throw from MRT.

Location location, location; Chao Niu Hot Pot new location at Duo Galleria

chao niu hot pot duo galleria exterior

They’ve gone much more up-market now with the interior now at Chao Niu Hot Pot. I imagine they took this over from a previous tenant because the bar inside is not conducive to a hot pot I’d say unless they are trying to be a bar and bistro style.

A spanking new interior at Chao Niu Hot Pot Duo Galleria

chai niu hot pot interior
chao niu hot pot duo galleria

See what I mean? You need a table to put the hot pot on, so why the bar? Still, it is a cracking interior now at Chao Niu Hot Pot, with much more room and new options on the menu.

chao niu hot pot

I’ve seen a tattoo like that somewhere… That used to be on their menu when at Katong, but now all replaced with online versions.

chao niu hot pot interior

Loving the new look, including the bar area. Very nice ChaoNiu.

chao niu hot pot artwork

This stunning painting you can own for $18,888. Ouch!!!

And now to the incredible food at Chao Niu Hot Pot

chao niu hot pot menu 2023

We massively over-ordered, as usual. The meats range from $15-$22, the more expensive options being beef tongue @$25, and Flankat $22. We paid extra as well, $15, for the Beauty Collagen Broth because that is knockout on the flavour front. We also ordered the incredible Roll Ring Bean Curd at $3.80. You throw these in the broth, count slowly to five and they’ll be perfectly cooked.

My other favourite addition is Asparagus Lettuce at $5. That is one delicious vegetable that I have only ever had at Chao Niu. Another must-try at Chao Niu Hot Pot is Knife Sliced Noodles, at $3.90.

cha niu hot pot crispy beef

Chao Niu Hot Pot deep-fried crispy beef. An absolute stunner and a new one on the menu.

chao niu hop pot meats

I wonder why we rate this as our favourite, and best hot pot in Singapore.

chao niu hot pot
chao niu hot pot deep-fried mushrooms

Another new one on the Chao Nio Hot Pot Menu 2023, is deep-fried mushrooms. Boomski!!!

Chao Niu Hot Pot @ Katong

Back on 20th May 2019 we visited here for the 1st time, and have been back many times since. Remember that 1st blog?

Well, CLICK HERE TO HAVE A READ if you don’t. This is our absolute #1 favourite hot pot joint in Singapore. This is Chao Niu Hot Pot @ Katong. It is just awesome. The decor, the way you eat, the staff, the freshness of the meats, the sauces that are made for you, the sauces that you can concoct yourself, the stocks, the EVERYTHING. If you have not been yet then you are just missing out. This really is a MUST-TRY. We came back today after a suggestion from wifey and in unison, we all shouted YES!!! What a great suggestion by wifey and a very happy family before, during and after lunch today.

It really is SO GOOD here it deserves another blog mention, and my 1st VLOG is for them too.

Chao Niu Hot Pot is located in Katong at 195 East Coast Road. Bell them at 6909 8783. If any fancies doing a big family dinner gives us a shout and we’ll show you the ropes as you can do DIY cooking or the very helpful staff will help you out. I, of course, love the DIY cooking option at Chao Niu Hot Pot @ Katong. Getting yourself involved is a big recommendation, get that little strainer and cook your own meats. It’s really good fun actually and I am sure it will give a certain level of self-satisfaction to have cooked your own meal.

Chaoniu Hot Pot @ Katong
Check these little platters out. Just an amazing array of cuts of moo-cow. We had flank, neck, sirloin, chuck, and, and. Freshly sliced every day, there is nothing frozen here folks. Super tender and massive on the flavour front, especially once cooked in their special secret broth. That takes about 5 seconds by the way as this meat is super thin. I love this place.

I found this new App that allows you to record from both front and back cameras on your iPhone, so I have attempted my 1st VLOG. Be proud Chao Niu Hot Pot @ Katong you are the 1st restaurant to get this. And be proud of me for trying. The kids had to help me though, of course, haha. #technophobe. CLICK HERE FOR SOME VLOGGING ACTION.

Chaoniu Hot Pot @ Katong
This is their signature broth bubbling away vigorously. If only you could smell this. It’s intense beef. The stock has likely been bubbling away for days as within it you find little lumps of fall-apart meat and the occasional piece of tripe that is like butter. Super soft means low and slow cooking and intensified flavour. You can just tell this has been going on forever. Every now and then one of the staff comes and tops up the stock from a huge kettle full of nectar.
Chaoniu Hot Pot @ Katong
1st time I have ever eaten Asparagus Lettuce. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I got this pic from our mates at Google. It looks so much like Wasabi I think. Super tasty vegetable though, especially as it is cooked in the signature beef broth – blimey Charlie. What a cracking new find. loved it. Man, I have I had a vegetable fest this weekend.
Chaoniu Hot Pot @ Katong
See what I mean about the decor? It’s uber-cool. Images like my Tattoo adorn the bare concrete walls with artwork of cows everywhere. It’s like New York urban loft hot pot. I really love it here. I could sit here all day, and we nearly did actually with our usual 1st in last out position for lunch. Hey, you have to take your time and enjoy yourself, right?
Chaoniu Hot Pot @ Katong
Come on you have to agree this is on very cool restaurant interior. When wifey and I build our restaurant in the Philippines it really is not going to be far away from this. My tattoos will be on the wall, and we will have Mookata style BBQ devices on the table. One difference is that we’ll be doing al la carte cooking as well in a circular open-kitchen in the middle of the restaurant if guests want me to cook and watch me cooking their food.


In closing, I will say it again. Chaoniu Hot Pot @ Katong is the best hotpot I have ever had without a doubt. You have to try once, and I guarantee you will then be hooked, as we are. It has all the right ingredients of a perfect restaurant. The look, the ambience, the staff and of course the food. Brilliant lunch here, yet again. Be proud guys, you continue to knock it out of the park. Folks, get your bums on a bus or in a Grab and get yourself in here to exlore what we did today. You’re gonna love it, I just know it – ENJOY!!!

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