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Brian Kennett

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Chaoniu Hot Pot @ Katong

Chaoniu Hot Pot – It has happened again. Something new comes to East Coast to allow us to have another culinary adventure. And boy oh boy is this a cracker. Ollie spotted the ‘logo’ and we were then hooked, we had to go and reunite my tattoo with his long lost relatives. My little Wagyu Cow felt very at home despite mingling with a load of hacked up relatives that is. Are you getting the picture? Chaoniu Hot Pot @ Katong is a MEAT lover paradise. Yes, you veggies stop reading now. One if the very best hot pots ever consumed by this Ang Mo mouth. Just bloody brilliant concept and quality of flavours. It is genius folks and a die die must try.

You must book Chaoniu Hot Pot as this place gets rammed. We had 6 for dinner and were very lucky to get there early and they squeezed us in at a small table in between all the reserved tables. There were even people queuing outside. None walked away, they all waited. Yes, this place is bonkers popular at the moment.

So, yes folks give Chaoniu Hot Pot a call at 6909 8783 to avoid disappointment. They are located at No. 195 East Coast Road. I tell you that little stretch of road is now full of quality eateries. Have a look back at a few blogs I have done before. If you live near here you are very lucky, if you don’t who gives a shit, jump a cab. Chaoniu Hot Pot is a must try. Let’s have a look.

Animal Tattoos
You’ll see what I mean in a minute re the tattoo. Ignore my Lechon though. The Waygu Cow tattoo is very relevant, as it is on their logo out the front, it’s on the walls and it is even the menu itself. Let’s have a look at that, shall we?
Cuts of Beef
See what I mean. This is the menu and also the sheet you use to order the food on. There is a big option to order one tray of every single part f the beast. We went a la carte. You choose the cut you want and then write how many trays you want in the boxes in the cow. I LOVE IT!!! You can also choose the broth you want. We went with the top version, so non-spicy because of the kids. You can do a split pot too.

The Chaoshan Beef Broth is insanely good. It reminds me of the care and attention needed to make a Pho Bo. Hours of boiling and skimming to get the perfect broth. And yes in the broth you get bits of cartilage, bone and the like to show how they reach this stunning beefy concoction. It’s a beauty. We’ll be mixing it up next time for sure.

Chaoniu Hot Pot @ Katong
I even love the Chaoniu Hot Pot decor. It’s New York urban loft with bare concrete skimmed walls, with those brilliant cow cuts silhouettes. It is super cool. Believe me, this is when we sat down at about 1730. In 30 minutes time, this place was rocking. As in ROCKING!!!
dipping sauce
I assume the Manager or the Owner of Chaoniu Hot Pot comes and has a chat. What a lovely guy. He explained how you have the first bowl of soup with a little Scallion and Celery only. Almost like a palate cleanser. Then over comes a little bowl each of their signature dipping sauce. STOP THE BUS. This is just an incredible little flavour and texture explosion. It is superb, just superb!
But, if you do fancy making your own version up just pop to the back of the joint and get something going with this lot. Like a kid in a candy store I was. I made my very own up. In fact, we all did. You just cannot help yourself but try with this plethora of stunning ingredients to have a play with. Heavenly!
Chaoniu Hot Pot @ Katong
Nothing is frozen and they are very proud of stating so. You can taste the freshness too, as it is much sweeter. It’s amazing meat. Yes, I did massively over-order but every single last slide was consumed. We just could not stop eating and eating, slurping and slurping.
Beef Chuck, Beef Blade, Beef Sirloin and Beef Flank
We ordered; 2 x beef cheek, 2 x beef chuck, 1 x beef blade, 2 x beef sirloin, 1x beef flank. All very different in texture and flavour. Thinly sliced, so they cook in seconds in the boiling broth. And, of course, every time you cook some meat the broth is getting more and more intensely flavoursome too. Wow, I really do like this place.
Beef Broth
Here is that chap we think is Owner or Manager of Chaoniu Hot Pot. You can tell he is seriously proud of this place, so I am calling it out that he owns it. He would walk to each table and offer help. Here is explaining that actually, we should be cooking the meats in a certain sequence with the less fatty first so cheek, blade etc. moving to the sirloin last. Thanks for that fella we’re all over it. And we were. In a BIG WAY!!!
Hot Pot Katong
Amy is having a semi-coma for a second as she had to put down her iPhone so he could show us table-side. Another little quirk of this place is the use of the strainer as a cooking device, whilst still having the usual slotted spoon and ladle. A nice touch too.
Hot Pot
And we’re in full flow now. Personalised dips. Personalised bowls. More cow than you could shake a stick at. Chinese cabbage, sweet corn, mushroom and vegetable platters, fresh tofu, deep-fried tofu skin (funky), Chaozhou signature Vermicelli, 2x knife sliced noodles (incredible), and of course a couple of Tigers. Boys and girls they have wine and beer here. And to advise, an icy cold Tiger long-neck is $9++ – that’s damned good!!!

So there you go folks. It is a must visit. One of, if not my absolute favourite hot pot joint on Red Dot now. It’s seriously so very good. You have to try it and feedback to me. The food is super fresh. The broths are off-the-charts good. The meat is just stunning, so fresh and so sweet and tender. I’m getting hungry right now typing up this little blog. So to the guy that did our ‘induction’ if you are the Owner or Manager, be proud my friend as Chaoniu Hot Pot  is an incredible place – SHIOK!!!

Family Kennett had a super dinner for all the family and we will absolutely be back to Chaoniu Hot Pot very soon (and spend that voucher you kindly gave us ha ha). Anyone reading this, make sure you call ahead and book. Get there because you will 100%


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