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Bacon, edamame and cheese sandwich

Bacon, edamame and cheese sandwich

Yes, the usual food emergency occurred again today. We had had a lovely afternoon at East Coast Hawker on the beach. We arrived home to get Jude settled – yes this was a few years back that I created this dish. But then “Oh no, we have no food…” So I created this open sandwich, my bacon, edamame and cheese sandwich.

Bacon, edamame and cheese sandwich
Looks and tastes amazing – loving this!!!

My Bacon, edamame and cheese sandwich came out looking pretty damn good. It also tasted pretty damn good too. The kids loved it too. They wolfed down a whole 3/4 of a baguette plus toppings, can you believe it?

You’ll need;

  • 1 French stick;
  • 3/4 of a small pack of edamame. Shell them and cook for 2-3 minutes in some salty boiling water and drain;
  • 3 finely chopped garlic cloves;
  • 2 packs of smoky streaky bacon cut with scissors in to small pieces;
  • 2 cups of grated cheese – I used cheddar and mozzarella;
  • A sprinkling of grated parmesan cheese;
  • Sea salt and cracked black pepper; and
  • Olive Oil.

Here we go;

  1. Cut the French stick lengthways, but stop before going all the way through;
  2. Carefully open it to retain a ‘hinge’ and flatten it down;. An open sandwich;
  3. Drizzle this with olive oil and give a good sprinkle of sea salt and cracked black pepper;
  4. Toast the baguette on a baking tray;
  5. Get a frying pan on the heat and drizzle some oil;
  6. Add in the garlic and bacon and fry that off a wee while until the bacon starts to brown;
  7. In parallel have your edamame a boiling away a couple of minutes in that salty water;
  8. When the bacon is done take off the heat, and drain the edamame beans and add them in to the bacon, and stir it all through;
  9. Take the bread and spoon on the bacon, garlic, edamame mixture so all the bread is covered;
  10. Give the light sprinkling of the parmesan and then cover with the grated cheese mix;
  11. Pop it in the oven @ 250 until the cheese has melted and is starting to brown.

Out of the oven. Serve whole on a chopping board, with a knife for everyone to carve off a slice. It’s easy to do. It looks great. And believe me it tastes delicious. This was a new one for me, my Bacon, edamame and cheese sandwich. Have a go. It’s a cracker – I just know you will – ENJOY!!!

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