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His Knibbs: One of the best ChillaxBBQ yet 2023


A dinner @ His Knibbs: Spanish and Portuguese going off all over the place…

You would have seen two ChillaxBBQ blogs for the crew cooking for David’s birthdays in the past two years. Well, this time it is His Knibbs who decides to take up the mantle and organise a rather special dinner for a few friends and family.

It’s Portuguese/Spanish from what I can surmise from the snippets of intel he has been releasing. It’s exciting. We can’t wait. Armed with a GIGANTIC bottle of bubbles, we go to experience A dinner @ His Knibbs.

A dinner @ His Knibbs

Here is the Master Chef hard at work. Adorned in Joe Bananas t-shirt. He’s a natural: His Knibbs.

I wore a rather bright shirt to this night. “Where did you buy yours?” Knibbsy asked me. “Guess!” I said. “Oh, I don’t know, Zara or somewhere like that!” Said Knibbsy. “No Guess!” I said. “I did!” said Knibbsy.

fullsizeoutput 30cff e1538275864161 His Knibbs: One of the best ChillaxBBQ yet 2023

I start snooping the pots and pans. Here is the starter. This rustic-looking dish is bubbling away, and there is some interesting green liquid sitting nearby too – more of this one in a minute. Ooooh, exciting! I asked him what the beans were.

He said “Cannellini!” I thought to myself, never heard of Lini beans and for sure that looks like more than a can!

A dinner @ His Knibbs

The kids were having fun too. Still awaiting the arrival of The Archers at the moment. Two more to come then!

A dinner @ His Knibbs

Here’s the four of them again! Jude spent most of the night chasing dogs round and round. Yeah, I think he seriously wants one!!!

A dinner @ His Knibbs

First up is His Knibbs homemade focaccia bread with sun-dried tomato. Brilliant. Served with some balsamic and olive oil. Salty, sweet, savoury all in one. Crispy and soft, all in one too. He’s started strong!

A dinner @ His Knibbs

Kids eat first – a selection of delicious sausages and burgers, with a rather spanking pesto and parmesan salad to boot. You lucky kids! Archers are now here too – full party.

A dinner @ His Knibbs

This one is getting a lot of attention from me. This is a pork shoulder dish that Knibbsy keeps getting in and out of the oven. The lid on, lid off. Bubble bubble. Reducing away. Things keep popping to the top – olives as you can see in this shot. Oh yes. This looks superb!

A dinner @ His Knibbs

MaterChef is plating up #1 – here comes that starter. Whoop whoop!!!

A dinner @ His Knibbs

And here she is. Sourdough lightly toasted, a drizzle of olive oil, and then the Cannellini bean soup. This has been slow-cooked, with added lardons and other secrets in there. Remember the green liquid. Well, that folks was a rosemary oil reduction. Flavour pops all over with this dish – seriously nice!

A dinner @ His Knibbs

Working ever so hard bless him. Everyone is banned from the kitchen too! Thanks again Knibbsy!

A dinner @ His Knibbs

And here is the main dish. Trying to remember, and also making a guess or two. OK, peas with lardon and butter. Parmesan mash. And that stunning pork shoulder stew. KNOCKOUT. Best thing! Fall apart meat. Salty, sweet, savoury – again flavour explosions everywhere.

Bottle of wine in there. Onions, cinnamon I heard too.Absolutely stellar!!! Amaze-balls. And yes Knibbsy it did indeed have some relationship to The Philippines dish Adobo. Quite incredible!!!

A dinner @ His Knibbs

MONSTER cheese board from The Archers. Holy cow. Yep, it’s somewhere under all the ripped bread – only about 8 blocks or so. Great work as always Chris at The Cheese Shop @ Joo Chiat. Never ceases to impress. Some crackers in here – good choices Lukey.

A dinner @ His Knibbs

Finally dessert. Now Mr Archer went very vocal on this that it tasted of nothing. Mr Knibbs defended saying he had never made it before. I think it looked seriously good. Loved the layers and the quenelle of cream. Simple when plated but looked good. I had a taste, it was there, but needed a little ‘lift’.

Luckily we had just had an Amaretto snifter served. I poured a little of that over and BOOM what a difference. There you go Knibbsy, it was like seasoning a main dish, just add alcohol ha ha. Real nice, but his strongest dish was that pork shoulder – DAMNED FINE it has to be said!

Dinner is done, well least the amazing fair from Mr Knibbs. We still had a monster cheese platter to come from Mr Archer. A cracker David, truly mate. Great work. A dinner @ His Knibbs was an awesome affair indeed. But for a breather, David goes and collects this game called ‘Speak Up’.

Sounds harmless. Designed for kids and parents. Again sounds harmless enough – just watch the video. I think ALL us adults had some pee stains on our pants and knickers when we got home. Hysterical!!!


So Dave and Marissa we cannot thank you enough. Adults and kids alike had a BALL thank you. We loved A dinner @ His Knibbs. Sorry, we had to depart when we did – kids were on their last legs, and yet another party today for Amy. It was a cracking meal mate, and such fun – especially that stupid game. Goodness me.

Seems we have Archer’s next in November. Then it will be my turn, and I’ll be turning my hand to fine dining away from ChillaxBBQ style. Should be interesting. If I do do that, I hope like we did at yours, that all – ENJOY!!!

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