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2x Wagyu Sirloin Stuffed ‘w’ Cheddar, Wrapped ‘w’ Parma Ham

2x Wagyu Sirloin Stuffed ‘w’ Cheddar, Wrapped ‘w’ Parma Ham


OK, this is a little bit off the Bill Wallace Friendly radar, but we had a delivery of amazing meat from our ChillaxBBQ partner Butcher Box. Plus, you may have seen the Facebook about our mate Knibbsy’s food parcel delivery. So combine the two together and I had new ingredients to play with for dinner today and made up this little recipe. And, what a cracker it was according to my very own tastebuds and those of family K who wolfed this down. This is ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #15, AKA 2x Wagyu Sirloin Stuffed ‘w’ Cheddar, Wrapped ‘w’ Parma Ham. It’s a clever one and pretty simple to do to0 and looks absolutely superb when you. carve and plate this up. I think you may agree with that statement from the photo below.

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ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #15
Here is 2x Wagyu Sirloin Stuffed ‘w’ Cheddar, Wrapped ‘w’ Parma Ham. I plated it with 3x dips. The killer was some cheesy steak and Parma with. the Sriracha Mayo. Seriously though, how good does this dish look served up? This is intense with flavours all. over the place. Perfectly baked to medium too. What a cracker. Do you want to have a go? Read on then…
ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #15
2x beautiful Wagyu Sirloins from our mates at Butcher Box. I gave them a good tenderizing with my amazing tool (ooer) and a good sprinkle on both sides with sea salt (now I have some) and cracked black pepper. Thinly slice some Cheddar Cheese and lay it on one piece of one steak and bring the other steak on top like a sandwich.
ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #15
Carefully wrap this in the Parma Ham slices like the photo. It doesn’t need to meet underneath. It is literally for flavour, to keep the two steaks together and to stop cheese leakage. But also it looks damned fine too. Gove a drizzle with oil and another sprinkle of cracked black pepper – no sea salt needed as the Parma Ham is salty enough.

Pop that it an oven at 100 degrees for about 30 minutes, then crank it up to 200 for 15 minutes or so. You can stick a sharp knife into the thickest part of the steak. All the way through and then hold it to your top lip. If you feel a consistent warmth all the way through on the knife you are done. But, if there are any cold spots on the knife it is not cooked through yet so back in the oven for a little more.

ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #15
And here it is finished off and roasted. Seriously how good does that look. Almost like a Wellington, but without pastry and with different fillings and the like. OK it is not at all like a Wellington, I agree. But it still is a thing of beauty. Pop that on your carving board, and then watch the video. Have some tissues ready folks as this is #foodpornvideo

This really is a food heaven video CLICK HERE.

I popped this on my carving board and sliced her up to about 1/2″ thickness. Check out the meat doneness = perfect medium to medium-rare. It is #pink2pink due to the initial reverse-searing method of cooking (Sous Vide). It is crunchy with the crispy Parma Ham. The Cheddar has melted to a gooey unctuous food glue. It’s beefy and super savoury, it’s salty, it’s super-tender and crunchy all in one. I then tried it with a little Sriracha Mayo and OMG ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Recipes #15 became a new dish. WOW!!!

This is up there with one of my best creations. This will be a ChillaxBBQ serving option for those that want platters and not spoons.

This is 2x Wagyu Sirloin Stuffed ‘w’ Cheddar, Wrapped ‘w’ Parma Ham.

Wagyu Sirloin
2x Wagyu Sirloin Stuffed ‘w’ Cheddar, Wrapped ‘w’ Parma Ham – is a stunner. Easily enough for a family of 5. I served this will some potatoes that I had sliced to ‘chips‘ using a mandoline. I left the skin on. Gave them a quick boil in salted water. Baked them in the oven @ 200 for about 30 minutes and then added some oil, butter, sea salt & cracked black pepper. Hey presto, baked-potato flavour baked chips. Yummo!!!

This is a die die must try folks. Go on have a crack. You have more than enough time on your hands @ home now to do so. I am so. very happy with this brainwave recipe that popped in my head today. I really do love this one. Again, I think you will agree it is pretty simple to do, and ingredients are likely in a fridge or freezer so perhaps it does nearly qualify for Bill  Wallace Friendly? It is a stunner. It is a cracker. Flavour and texture sensation. Please try and send me some photos of your outcomes guys – this is 2x Wagyu Sirloin Stuffed ‘w’ Cheddar, Wrapped ‘w’ Parma Ham. Give it a go!


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