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ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery – Just Add Green Stuff


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery – Just Add Green Stuff


Now we move to full lockdown the crew at ChillaxBBQ have been thinking (I know it surprised me too – especially as no alcohol was involved). All our events are obviously cancelled for the foreseeable future, but we still love to cook. We have come up with this concept and wanted to float it by you. ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery – Just Add Green Stuff. Yes, we will roast meats to your doneness preference at our place and pop in a taxi to your home in time for your lunch or dinner. It’s a little Hobson’s choice as you’ll get the meat, roast spuds and a baggie of gravy, hence ‘just add green stuff. Come on, you know us by now. We are a long way from doing any greenery and veggie options. So meat and roasts it is. It is what we’re good at after all #knowyourboundaries.

I am making a trial run of this with a friend this week over the Easter Weekend to see how the meat arrives from Siglap to Sentosa. 1.6Kg Wagyu Toma, from our mates at OrcaMarketing, with Roasted Spuds and Super-Beefy Jus (AKA gravy FFS). The plan is to send this smorgasbord in a taxi to your home just before you are ready to eat. So literally all you do is pop it on a platter, carve the meat, season and eat. We’ll also share some sea salt & Kampot cracked black pepper for you to sprinkle on the carved meat for that final season.

We’ll need 24-hour notice, and about 2 hours notice prior to when you actually want to eat. So for example, tell us Friday what you want to eat, and that you will want to be eating at midday on Saturday. Hey presto about 1145 on Saturday you should have a taxi arrive at your place with the goods. All you need to do is pay us, the taxi and then eat. That’s the concept for; ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery – Just Add Green Stuff. It’s a lock-down special for our friends and customer-friends. I did one for the family yesterday and it did make a great family lockdown dinner all sat together eating.

If you also want to be a guinea pig, or you are interested in this concept then please pop me a WhatsApp – I can also then advise how much we’re talking for a delivery. Next weekend is a practice run and to garner feedback session. If it goes well I’ll let you know if we are to move to more ‘production-grade’ for this little idea.

+65 9724 6236

ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery - Just Add Green Stuff
Here’s what I did yesterday for our family dinner. Easily enough for 4-5 people depending on your appetites haha. Clearly, if you add green stuff it will add more capacity too for feeding the populous. This is medium doneness as a gauge for you. I recommend getting a bamboo carving platter from SCANPAN, it’s a perfect size, it’s sustainable and it has a juice catching groove. It’s perfect for this style of serving and eating. You’ll see in the video too, that the SCANPAN fry pans are in use in a big way for the charring and butter basting!!!

CLICK HERE to watch some #foodpornvideo of the process behind it to cook to your desires individually.

ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery - Just Add Green Stuff
So here is a raw 1.6Kg Toma on the Bone. My plan is to cook to one doneness below what you order as it will still be cooking on its way to you in the taxi. So you ask for medium, I cook to medium-rare and when she arrives it will medium. They’ll be reverse-seared for doneness perfection and then pan-seared in some butter to get the crust and flavour crunch. You literally just need to carve as I do in the video, give a final season and eat.
ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery - Just Add Green Stuff
I really would not mind having this rock up at my house. Check that big-boy out. As I said, this one is a medium. It gets a little rarer nearer to the bone of course. As you can see I have carved and then sprinkled with the sea salt & Kampot cracked black pepper to then serve. Again, we’ll include this in the delivery for you to finish off at home. It’s a must final season to make this some of the best steak you’ll ever have I reckon.
ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery - Just Add Green Stuff
Easily enough to feed five hungry mouths, and believe me they were hungry and this was ALL GONE apart from the bone and the SCANPAN platter. The gravy will turn up in a zip-lock baggie. It will be hot, so just pop it in a bowl as you can see on our table. We just used the bowl for dipping. In fact, we really didn’t need plates, almost Medieval in our eating style today. And living room dining as we’re watching a film too over dinner – have to love Netflix in these troubling times right?!

So we are thinking, as a starting point for this idea;

1.6Kg Roast Wagyu Toma, Roast Spuds & Gravy

1-2Kg Roast Pork Belly, Roast Spuds & Gravy

1-2Kg Roast Rack Lamb ‘w’ Mint Sauce, Roast Spuds & Gravy

1-2Kg Roast Dorey ‘w’ Jalapeno Butter & Roast Spuds

(More options will follow if it works.)

Have a think about it folks. It’s literally just an idea at this stage, but I am liking the idea. Even more so if it works this weekend for my mate and his family. My big concern though is the transport time from my pan to your home so nothing it committed yet, it truly is a concept. This is not like walking from the kitchen to the table in a restaurant. ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery – Just Add Green Stuff coming to your house near you soon (potentially). Watch this space. I’ll let you know how Andrew and his family got on with it on Friday, and if they did or did not – ENJOY!!!

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