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Ryan’s BBQ – 4 Dishes Knocked Up


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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4 BBQ Dishes Knocked Up


Here we go – another year disappears – and this time marked by the world famous, Ryan’s annual BBQ. Truly multi-cultured with Brits, Japanese, Filipinos, Russian, Italian, Australian, Finnish, Indian and the list goes on and on.

So for this event I usually try and knock a couple of dishes up that are international in flavour and origin. Theses four dishes were no exception.

Now here is a bloody good tip.

I bought a load of quart sized zip-lock bags. Throw in all the ingredients, pop them in your eski with some ice and hey presto you are marinading. So I prepped the below about 3 hours before going to the BBQ, threw them in the eski, and when we arrived and began cooking the meats and fish had had a good 3 hours of margining.


Ryans BBQ
First up is this salsa come salad. Spicy little devil this one – but also sweet, sour, salty, and again flipping spicy.
So in that zip-lock bag throw in;
– a whole pineapple, simply cut to cubes;
– a whole packet of finely chopped mint;
– a finely chopped chili padi;
– 2 teaspoons of brown sugar;
– 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar;
– 2 tablespoons of lemon juice;
– 2 tablespoons of lime juice;
– 4 Spring onions – just the green tops finely sliced; and
– A good pinch of salt & pepper.
That’s it. Simples right. Just keep it chilled and then serve her up. The got the major thumbs up from all who tried it, apart from Coatsey – the only one. But as he supports Tottenham we’ll ignore his views!
Ryans BBQ
Prawn with lime, coriander & tomato;
Again whack out a zip-lock and throw all this in, until you’re ready and then get this on the grill – lime slices and all. Should only take you 5- 10 minutes to cook, literally until pink on both sides and maybe a little charred.
– 30 or so prawns, with the heads cut off, but still in shell;
– 1 heaped tablespoon of ground coriander;
– a good glug of olive oil;
– 1 heaped tablespoon of finely chopped garlic;
– 10 small tomatoes cut in to quarters;
– 1/2 cup or so of finely chopped coriander;
– 3 limes cut in to thin slices; – 1/2 cup of lime juice; and
– a good pinch of salt & pepper.
Ryans BBQ
Wow this one disappeared as soon as it went out. Here is my scallop, with rosemary, and lemon dish. Again whack all the following in a zip-lock to allow the marinade, and then when ready whack it on the BBQ , leaving a sprig or two of the rosemary on top, and cook until the scallops are browning – should take about 5 minutes.
– I used about 30 fresh scallops – shelled and just the white bit;
– 1/2 cup of lemon juice;
– 1/2 cup of lime juice;
– 2 lemons cut in to quarters;
– 1 finely chopped chili padi;
– 1 heaped tablespoon of finely chopped garlic;
– a good glug of olive oil;
– 1 packet of flat leaf parsley finely chopped;
– 2 packets of rosemary – leave on the branch and just throw them in the zip-lock; and
– a good pinch of salt & pepper.
Ryans BBQ
Maybe saving best to last, as this really was absolutely delicious – even if I say so myself. These things disappeared before I could settle the serving plate down. In fact they were going grill to plate.
I went to Cold Storage and bought a whole lamb rack, then chopped it up with my cleaver to individual lamb chops. Well hello again my friend zip-lock, as yes all you need do is throw all the ingredients in as below, and when ready get these on the grill and cook until charred but not overcooked – promise me not overcooked!!!
– whole rack of lamb and then chopped in to individual lamb chops – I ended up with about 10 chops (not enough for the party actually);
– 2 tablespoons of ground turmeric;
– 2 tablespoons of paprika;
– – 2 tablespoons of ground all spice;
– 1 tablespoon of finely chopped garlic;
– 1/2 cup of lime juice;
– a good glug of olive oil;
– 2 lemons cut in to quarters; and
– a good sprinkle of salt & pepper.

Ryan’s BBQ – 4 dishes knocked up – Enjoy


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