Kennett’s Kilo Under Pressure #2

Kennett’s Kilo Under Pressure #2

Starter anyone? Here is my first course that I am planning to do for 6th October. Singapore Roast Pork Belly with Apple Mustard Puree. This is Kennett’s Kilo Under Pressure #2. 4 hours slow cooking this puppy to get this amazingly moist pork belly with crackling to die for, and a secret marinade that packs a sweet sweet flavourful punch.

Kennett's Kilo Under Pressure #2

Singapore Roast Pork with Apple Mustard Puree

Kennett’s Kilo Under Pressure #2, went very well at practice today. My starter recipe is finalised in my eyes. Now just to get the boss signing it off. The kids and I just had some of this to taste test. Yummo. I really think you will love this on the night – ENJOY!!!

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