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Kennett’s Kilo Under Pressure #3

Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


Kennett’s Kilo Under Pressure #3


Here we go folks. This is what I am planning for the second course on 6th October. Kennett’s Kilo Under Pressure #3 is Hanoi Pho Bo. The worldly renowned soup from Vietnam. Fabled in Singapore at the likes of Long Phung on Joo Chiat Road. This is a tough one. This is generations hand down recipe stuff happening here. 8 hours just for prepping the stock.

Even a global battle between the French and Vietnamese for its origins. The French saying Pho is the sate as their dish Pot-au-Feu or Pot of Fire. You do indeed grill the vegetables before popping them in the stock. So maybe some validity.

Kennett's Kilo Under Pressure #3
Hanoi Pho Bo

Anyways wherever its origin is I don’t care. I just have so many memories of sitting at the Lake Hanoi, guzzling this soup with an icy cold beer, cracking on with some major people watching. It doesn’t get much better. I just hope my soup lives up to their expectation. Here she is folks, what you will enjoy as a second dish on 6th October is Kennett’s Kilo Under Pressure #3


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