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Kilo Under Pressure: Best Chef in Singapore 2016?


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Kilo Under Pressure – the final write-up

The final write-up for yours truly was released today. Click here to get access to the web page. This is Kilo Under Pressure – the final write-up. Some great photos in here too, some that I had not seen before. Pretty damned good if you ask me haha. Next up comes a video of the night – apparently with me mic’d up too throughout the night – now that could be interesting.

So I hope you enjoy this write-up of my once-in-a-lifetime, buck-list adventure. Well done to the Kilo team yet again. So professional and so very cool. I love it. I hope you do too. Warm fuzzy proud moments I am having now about the experience.

Kilo Collective

So there you have it my friends the final write-up. A major big tick in the box for yours truly as that was seriously living a lifelong dream. Absolutely bloody amazing it was and again I cannot thank Javier and Josh enough for the chance, the laughs, and my family for sticking by me on this one as I disappeared for days on end to prep and cook.

What a chance. They’ll be doing Kilo Under Pressure next year, so any budding Chefs out there have a read and get applying when they launch 2017 – ENJOY!!!

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