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Jiu Tian Roasted Delights @ 727 E Coast Road Hawker


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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Jiu Tian Roasted Delights @ 727 E Coast Road Hawker


With Singapore’s hawker culture being added to Unesco list of intangible cultural heritage it really does make me want to keep calling out more and more the incredible food we have on our doorstep literally across Red Dot. I will keep eating away through our little island and will absolutely keep writing about the stalls, dishes and characters I meet.

We’ve been going to Ce La Vi Sky High Hawker as much as we can too, in fact, we’re off next week to see our mate, David Lim’s son cooking there. Remember Dave and Empress @ LTN Hawker in Siglap? Well, his son now has his own shop in Timbre+ and next weekend he is ‘on show’ with 4 other #ModSin Hawkers up the top of MBS – blog to follow.

But today it is not their turn. It is the turn of a new favourite of ours, well mine specifically. You know I love roast pork belly, even competing against the local Chefs with my own version. Well, this little gem across the road from our condo becomes my new BFF for this indulgence. These are the guys at;

Jiu Tian Roasted Delights @ 727 E Coast Road Hawker

Jiu Tian Roasted Delights @ 727 E Coast Road Hawker
Just look for this stall when you enter. We’re always chomping down from this stall now. Char Sui is delicious. Chicken rice, amazing. Wifey even had the winter melon pork rib soup and raved who about how good it was, super-refreshing. So this place gets a big vote on so many counts of Singaporean favourite foods. A roasty heaven!!!
Jiu Tian Roasted Delights @ 727 E Coast Road Hawker
But for today I am honing in on this beauty. It is heavenly roast pork, with delightful fragrant meat, moist as and with a crackling to die for. It is perfect roasted pork. Atop some delicious chicken rice (my preference), with a dark sauce that is a perfect bed-fellow. Add to that some soy with Chili Padi and chopped garlic to give some punch every now and then. It is a perfect dish. A filling lunch to set you up for the rest of the day. And all this for $3.50. Holy shit. Incredible food for an incredible price… WOW!!!

I cannot urge you enough to support your local hawkers. Recipes that have been handed down over decades make it some of the best food ever. The cultural melting pot that is in Singapore adds to that as well. You must have seen how good the food is here seen with locals beating the globally renowned 3* Michelin Chef Ramsay when he challenged some here to a cook-off and since then even hawkers receiving Michelin status. The humble roast pork and rice are some of those dishes here for me. It is timeless. It has everything going for it and these guys are making one of the very best in my humble opinion, Jiu Tian Roasted Delights @ 727 E Coast Road Hawker – ENJOY!!!


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