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Yes, folks here comes yet another recommendation. The family has eaten here many times with family, and friends – so actually I am surprised it has taken me so flipping long to post about this great little restaurant Gourmet Plus on East Coast over at 117, Frankel Avenue in Siglap. It is a cracker!!!

Gourmet Plus on East Coast
Unassuming bistro – do not be fooled, for what lies within….

I have sat here and just had some beers. The owners even shut and allow me to sit and pop on wifi and do some work, nicely done Gourmet Plus on East Coast. And your food absolutely rocks guys and I have to say for a very reasonable receipt too. Bloody good work. Shall we have a look at some of that great work? I think we should.

Gourmet Plus on East Coast
Make way for the Iberico please!!!

BOOM – first up is the Iberico ham plate. A little rocket and some crusty toasted bread. What more would you want? Love this, so much so I think I might take all my clothes off to eat it next time ha ha – amazing!!!

Gourmet Plus on East Coast
Nice choice baby Jude

“I’ll have the fish and chips please Dad!”

“Nice choice Baby Jude.”

Yes absolutely delicious my friends – not greasy, crisp batter, succulent fish and tangy mayo. Real nice!

Gourmet Plus on East Coast
In comes Amy with her favourite

Now it’s my Amy’s turn. She always chooses this one, and I love the fact she does.

Deep fried, and breaded camembert with honey. Great choice AmyBoo. Scrumptious. Cheesy, sweet, fried overtones – come on!! I mean how can that not be absolutely spectacular.

Gourmet Plus on East Coast
I don’t think Oliver will be asking for “More please…”

Next up is Ollie’s and the massive Wagyu Beef Burger. Look at the size of this thing. Looks like it’s going to topple over at any minute. This was damn good though. Just so juicy and tender, some mango salsa, a little advocado and then the salty streaky bacon to give yet more oomph. A cracker for any burger restaurant, but this is nicely nestled in with the other deliciousness.

Nice one this Gourmet Plus on East Coast – seriously YUM!

Gourmet Plus on East Coast
A little ‘side dish’ for Daddy – well we all tucked in

Yep I was a tad hungry, so a little side dish to accompany my main (which I’ll get to).

“So the crispy duck confit please my good man!”

I’ll state now, not the very best I have had – BUT still bloody good. Beautifully crispy skin, a little butter-like fat and then the fall-apart so so soft meat. Real good. This is a great dish. But, what next I hear you cry? Saving the best to last…

Gourmet Plus on East Coast
Oh yeah baby – white fluffy clouds all around, indeed I am in heaven

Finding it hard to write now, with my trembling hands. This is a dish on the death-row list. I adore this, but because I am already married I can only flirt with this when I visit Gourmet Plus on East Coast. She is amazing, beautiful, witty, a real tasty little thing, great to be with, great to be seen with – all of the above.

This is the bone marrow with onion soup. Looks a little French Onion Soup right, it is sort of but with a great twist – let’s whack in some Balsamic Vinegar. That takes the soup to another level, it’s much darker in colour with a much deeper taste. It really brings out the onion flavour – just a WOW moment.

Then sprinkle a little salt on the bone marrow and scoop a spoonful of that wobbly gooey unctuous thing of beauty in your gob. And try not to tip the table over – you know what I mean fellas. Seriously if this doesn’t get you going, I suggest a trip to the Dr. This stuff is natures viagra – what a delicious combo. I will have this EVERY single time I go there!!!

Gourmet Plus on East Coast – you have to come to try, even if just for the bone marrow and onion soup, OMG. Come The Semi-Naked Chef says so. Enjoy!!!

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